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How To Remove Audio From Video

Simplified also provides such a tool that allows you to remove audio from your video with just a few clicks. The AI Video App from Simplified provides advanced AI technology to ensure a seamless and efficient editing process. Here’s how you can use a Simplified tool remove audio from video.

Steps to Remove Audio from a Video

1. Access the AI Video App:

  • To get started, log in to your Simplified account and navigate to the dashboard.

  • From the dashboard, locate and click on the AI Video app to enter the video editing section.

2. Open AI Video:

  • Once you’re in the AI Video section, you’ll see various options for video editing.

  • Click on AI Video to proceed with using the video editing tools.

ai video app


3. Select Quick Tool:

  • Within the AI Video app, there are multiple features you can use.

  • Find and click on the Quick Tool option to access fast and straightforward video editing features.

click on quick tool


4. Choose Remove Audio:

  • From the quick tool options presented, select Remove Audio. This tool is specifically designed to strip audio tracks from your video files.

Click on Remove Audio


5. Upload Your Video:

  • You will see an option to Drop here or browse to upload your video.

  • Click on this area to either drag and drop your video file or browse your computer to select the video you want to edit.

upload video for audio removal


6. Processing:

  • After uploading your video, the tool will automatically process it.

  • Within a few seconds, the audio will be removed from your video. The processing time may vary slightly depending on the size and length of your video.

Video ready without audio


7. Download Your Video:

  • Once the audio has been successfully removed, a download option will appear.

  • Click on the Download button to save the newly edited video to your device.

download video without audio


8. Optional Editing:

  • If you wish to make further changes to your video, click on Open in editor.

  • This will take you to a more advanced editing interface where you can trim, add new audio, adjust video settings, and more.

open in editor


For more resources and tutorials on using Simplified tools, users can visit our Simplified Academy or explore our Help Center.

Additionally, be sure to check out our YouTube channel for more tips, tutorials, and insights on how to maximize your use of the AI Video app and other features offered by Simplified. Happy editing!

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