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Introduction to Teamspaces

Teamspaces are a great way to organize and share content with your team and create smaller workspaces within your overreaching workspace. They are a great way to save time, organize and share content with your team and manage several clients, projects and teams. Let’s walk through setting up a team space.

1- Begin on the homepage. On the left hand side you’ll see a menu and there you will find access to your team space.

2- You can create a team space, much like a workspace, by clicking the plus icon or the “Create” button.

3- In this window you can write in the name of your team space, the description of this team and purpose of this workspace, choose a color and even an icon to identify this team, and then use the dropdown to decide if you want your team space to be open, closed, or private.

4- Now simply hit the “Create” button and you are ready to get started adding relevant documents, folders, templates, anything that the team needs to complete their tasks.

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