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10 AI Poem Writers That You Need To Know About

Does AI write poetry now? Well, technically, AI was designed to inspire creativity in people rather than replace it. So if you needed a quirky way to introduce yourself to a group or a poem for a friend’s special birthday, this would be a good place to start. With these AI poem writers, all you have to do is input a few details and hit enter!

AI Poem Writers That Are Available To You

Whether you need a quick bit of poetic inspiration for your design or for your ad campaign, these AI poem generators are extremely helpful. We’ve also tested them out for you and presented the poems generated by these AI programs below. Please note – each poem is written as is from the poem generator, including grammatical errors.

1. Simplified

Similar to Simplified’s Script and AI story generators, this AI writer feature also works based on a prompt that you enter. With Simplified, you can choose the language that you want to work in as well as the format that you want as your output.

So, all you have to do is enter a prompt, theme, or topic for the poem that you want to generate, if you want your poem in a specific format you can choose it now. Just include it in your prompt – for example, Write an Ode to a Summer’s Day. You could also ask for a Sonnet, a limerick, an elegy, or even a haiku.

Key Features:

  • Offers you the option of generating poetry in several languages
  • Gives you original, plagiarism-free poetry
  • Offers you poetry in different formats



Try free AI poem writer

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2. Sonnet Generator

This AI poem writer takes a simplistic approach to poetry. Its input options require you to choose between two broad themes – love or hate. You get to choose a main character for the poem and three aspects of this character that you like or dislike. Next, you choose the verbs that could be associated with this main character and adjectives for the same. At the end, you also have to choose a month of the year. And then you simply click ‘generate my poem’ and that’s it. You’ll be given a sonnet in just a few seconds.

Key Features:

  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • Can create poetry in a variety of formats from iambic pentameter to haikus, villanelles, limericks, and more
  • If you’re stuck for ideas, it also has the option of generating prompts
  • You could also sign off with a special pen name that’s generated for you by the Sonnet Generator



Here’s an example from Sonnet Generator –

Prompt we provided: Bird and words to describe one, what I admire about one, and what it does

A poem generated by the Sonnet Generator –

Ode to the Bird

(A Sonnet by Barty)

My stunning Bird, you inspire me to write.

How I love the way you fly, sing and chirp,

Invading my mind day and through the night,

Always dreaming about the cunning slurp.

Let me compare you to a sublime spoon?

You are more divine and more glorious.

Proud sun heats the charming peaches of June,

And summertime has the blessed aureus.

How do I love you? Let me count the ways.

I love your undreamed Colours, Flight and flight.

Thinking of your splendid Flight fills my days.

My love for you is the big delight.

Now I must away with an awesome heart,

Remember my nice words whilst we’re apart.

Pro Tip: The right AI generators can help in a number of different cases – even for catchy slogans and headlines.

3. Verse by Verse

Verse by Verse needs you to put in a bit more effort than the Sonnet Generator. It is an experimental program that’s run by Google (of course Google had to get in on the action). You need to create a rhyme scheme, opt for a syllable count, poetic form, add in the first line and the program takes care of the rest. From the lines it suggests, you can choose the options that resonate with you best.

Key Features:

  • Easy to navigate
  • Helps you create verses that are inspired by classic American poetry
  • Is not always coherent
  • An experimental program by Google
  • Needs a bit more effort than other generators
  • Requests you to choose three poets that inspire you i.e. ‘muses’



Prompt we provided – ‘Muses’ that were chosen – Emily Dickinson, Philip Freneau, Robert Frost

Quatrain format, 9 syllables, and ABAB rhyme scheme

A poem generated by Verse by Verse

A Winter’s Tale

Something like a balloon to convey,

Enhance each day an hour of spring,

Thou, by the snow’s ethereal way,

A little child, he had a French wing!

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4. Poem of Quotes

This program offers you a variety of poetry formats to choose from. Limericks, haikus, and free verse are among the options available to you. Just click on the option that works for you and then follow the instructions.

Key Features:

  • An easy, step-by-step system to navigate
  • Has plenty of formats and themes to choose from
  • Even has a tutorial on how to write a poem yourself if you prefer not to use the generator



The prompt we provided to Poem of Quotes – Thunder

The poem generated by Poem of Quotes


Lightning and thunder

the cold rain is coming down

they roar through the air.

5. Song Lyric Generator

This platform takes AI that writes poems to the next level and generates country songs! Keep the inputs family-friendly as you request prompts or feed in the details of a song you have in mind. At the very end, add the name of your artist. This program is an AI that writes poems in the form of country music lyrics in classic themes including lost love, country living, and wisdom on making choices.

Key Features:

  • It is an easy-peasy way to generate country song lyrics
  • Just type in the details of the song you want to create
  • At the end of the form, just click generate



The prompt we provided – Things you miss, title, a place in the USA, physical characteristics of the place, etc.

A poem generated by the Song Lyric Generator

Always Stay Warm, Lucy

I grew up overshadowed by the vast River

Couldn’t catch the eye of no city girl

Here I am devoted to Lucy

How I love the way you look in your white jeans

Can’t believe I let the smog cloud my eye

Where the vast River stand

And the Warm Sea surround

I’ll ride my Reliable truck with you by my side

There’s a whisper in the Alabama breeze

Reminding me of The sea

That whisper builds

That whisper cries

The sea in the morning skies

You appear on the horizon

Brushing that curly hair from your eyes

The city folk with their fancy gadgets

Cement River like grey tombs

Don’t have nothin’ on our way of life

Just listen to the chirp

Don’t live your life like an A unhappy

Today might feel a time to be like an A unhappy

But that ain’t no way to lead a life

You know, there’s a lot I drive by in my Reliable truck

Folk who is messing up

Always stay Warm, Lucy

Always stay Warm

In Alabama, when I was a child

I met a Warm man

“How can you be so Warm?” asked I

Here was his wise reply

Don’t live your life like an A unhappy

Today might feel a time to be like an A unhappy

But that ain’t no way to lead a life

Met an old lady who lived like an A unhappy

“What happened to her?” asked I

Here was his wise reprise

Don’t live your life like an A unhappy

Today might feel a time to be like an A unhappy

But that ain’t no way to lead a life

That lady’s gone now

It’s sad really

Word is, she had curly hair once

Little Lucy, keep your jeans white

Always stay Warm, Lucy

Always stay Warm

Chirp, chirp, chirp

Chirp, chirp, chirp…

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6. Vogon Poetry Generator

‘Vogons’ are characters introduced in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, they are known to write the third-worst type of poetry in the universe.The Vogon Poetry generator is a basic program that offers limited functionality. You enter a series of blanks in response to specific questions and it generates a poem with those words. The poem’s format is more or less fixed with minor variations depending on the words you choose. It’s not often grammatically correct either.

Key Features:

  • A basic poetry generator program
  • With an easily navigable platform
  • Limited lyrical ability
  • Gives you a fixed poem with limited nuance and often ill-fitting parts of speech



Prompt we provided to the Vogon Poetry Generator – Specific descriptors to various questions

The poem generated by Vogon

See, see the warm sky

Marvel at its big white depths.

Tell me, Bertha do you

Wonder why the Comfortable ignores you?

Why its foobly stare

makes you feel pea.

I can tell you, it is

Worried by your wiggleet facial growth

That looks like

A ugh.

What’s more, it knows

Your cheese potting shed

Smells of onions.

Everything under the big warm sky

Asks why, why do you even bother?

You only charm Chickens.

7. AI Poem Generator

A straightforward poem generator, this AI-powered program uses Open AI to produce rhyming verse for you. All you need to do is enter a prompt that conveys what you want your poem to be about. Then you just click ‘generate.’

Key Features:

  • An incredibly straightforward program
  • Uses Open AI to create verse
  • Instantly creates a short verse



The prompt we provided: Summer Skies

The poem Vogon generated

In the heat of summer, we set our eyes high,

To marvel at the hues of the vast summer sky.

A canvas of blue, stretching ever so wide,

Where dreams take flight and worries subside.

As the sun blazes forth, golden rays ablaze,

The sky puts on a show, in vibrant summer haze.

Whispers of clouds, like cotton candy tufts,

Float gently above, with whimsical fluffs.

The sky adorned with birds, soaring way up high,

Their melodies carried on warm breezes that sigh.

From larks to swallows, a symphony of flight,

Filling the air with a harmonious delight.

And when the day bids farewell, and dusk takes hold,

The summer sky turns into a tale yet to be told.

Colors transform, a remarkable sight to see,

A blend of purples, pinks, and hues of majesty.

As twilight descends, a sky of stars appears,

Twinkling with secrets, and forgotten hopes and fears.

Constellations dance, mapping journeys unknown,

Guiding lost souls, as they roam and meander alone.

With every passing night, the summer sky unveils,

A cosmic wonderland with celestial trails.

A galaxy of wonders, waiting to be explored,

By dreamers and stargazers, forever awe-inspiring and adored.

So let us bask in this summer’s gift to the eye,

Gaze upon the canvas that stretches up high.

Underneath its vastness, let our spirits arise,

In the magic and beauty of summer’s endless skies.

Pro Tip: The key to using programs like an AI script generator effectively is to keep your prompts simple and as descriptive as possible.

8. AI Poet

AI Poet is an absolutely uncomplicated platform that you can use to generate poetry. This tool uses technology to create poetry almost instantly. All you have to do is enter a prompt, this could be a word, a phrase, or an entire sentence. It then gives you two or three verses based on the prompt. You can copy and paste the text, delete it, or choose to summarize it.

Key Features:

  • Is a straightforward program that you can use to generate poetry almost instantly
  • It has both free and paid options

Pricing: It has both free and paid options. You can pay as you go starting at $5 or the Pro version is $4.99

The prompt we provided to the AI Poet program – Clear blue skies

The poem generated by the AI Poet program –

Clear blue skies, expansive and bright

Stretching forth endlessly, a wondrous sight

Like a canvas unspoiled, serene and pure

A reminder that beauty is always sure

With each passing moment, a new hue unveiled

A symphony of colors, in harmony prevailed

From shades of blue to hints of pink and gold

A wonder to behold, a spectacle to unfold

Clouds may come and go, but skies remain

Ever-changing yet constant, a peaceful refrain

A symbol of hope, of endless possibility

A reminder to embrace life with humility

So let clear blue skies, lift your spirits high

Let them remind you to dream, to reach for the sky

For beyond the horizon, lies a world of wonder

A world that’s yours, to explore and ponder.

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9. Staccato

To try this service you need to first sign up with your email address. You’ll then be able to try the service for free. It’s ideal for musicians and poets who are looking for inspiration or need to get out of writer’s block. With AI technology, this platform analyses the patterns and structures existing in poetry as well as lyrics to give you the ultimate AI experience.

Key Features:

  • Offers different plans so you can choose one that works for you
  • Includes song analysis features
  • Works with any genre

Pricing: The Pro plan gives you unlimited access to all of Staccato’s lyric tools as well as its AI instruments. This begins at $14.99 per month. With the ‘Lyrics’ plan, you can access all its Lyric tools at just $7.99/month. For $11.99/ month the Music plan gives you access to the platform’s AI Instrument. You can get a free trial and bill annually to reduce costs.

Pro Tip: AI programs are most helpful to get you out of difficult spots. So if you can’t get a sentence to sound right try a program that could help you with rewriting content.

10. Poem Analysis

Poem Analysis makes it quite straightforward to generate poetry. All you have to do is enter a prompt and choose the tone, form, theme, and length that you want the poem to be.

Key Features:

  • Can generate poetry in over 10 different languages besides English (including Ukrainian and Dutch)
  • You can choose the kind of poem you generate by selecting the emotions and themes in your verse
  • You can also decide the length and type of poetry you want to generate.
  • Once you have zeroed in on all these options just check the captcha box and generate a poem!

The goal of this platform is to share their love of poetry with the world and have a database of over 4,000 poems sourced from over 1,000 poets! This platform also analyses poems.

Pricing: The basic version appears to be free, you can join the Poetry+ level for an ad-free experience. It is worth noting that Poem Analysis supports several charitable causes.

The prompt we gave to the Poem Analysis website was – An Autumnal Evening

The poem generated by Poem Analysis –

An Autumnal Journey

In the golden embrace of an autumnal eve,

Where whispers of promise gently deceive,

I venture forth on a path unknown,

In search of beauty, for my heart to own.

The air is crisp, infused with amber and gold,

Leaves pirouette, as adventures unfold,

I walk with purpose, guided by the light,

Contentment fills me, as day turns to night.

Through wooded groves and rustling trees,

An orchestra of colors dances on the breeze,

Each step I take, a symphony of sound,

Echoes of nature’s wonders all around.

I come upon a clearing bathed in dusk’s glow,

Where fiery sunsets paint a vibrant tableau,

The canvas aglow, with hues so divine,

A masterpiece woven between earth and sky.

As darkness creeps in and stars ignite,

My heart fills with hope, shining so bright,

For even in twilight’s mysterious hour,

Beauty unveils its captivating power.

An autumnal evening, it whispers tales untold,

Begging for wanderers to be brave and bold.

In this adventure, amidst nature’s grace,

I find solace, in this tranquil space.

And so I wander through this season’s reign,

Witnessing beauty that knows no refrain.

For in the tapestry of life’s great parade,

Autumn sings its praise without ever fading.

Create With Simplified

Even the best poets can struggle with writer’s block and an AI that writes poems is one way to pull yourself out of a rut. Simplified makes this easier by giving you an easily navigable platform that puts your ideas into verse.

Wax Poetic With Simplified’s AI Poem Writer

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