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Choosing the best AI Text Generator: Headlime ($708 paid annually) vs Simplified (Free Forever)

Choosing the best AI Text Generator: Headlime (8 paid annually) vs Simplified (Free Forever)

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming the way businesses operate. Marketing in automation is all about using software to automate mundane tasks. It speeds up processes, helps to save on costs, and augments the overall operations of your business. This is especially true for generating engaging content in a short span of time. As a result, new AI text generators are rapidly cropping up, also known as AI copywriting tools.

As per Harvard Business Review’s research, the next massive, world-changing developments in AI are expected to revolve around language.

In today’s post, we will compare two AI copywriting solutions, Simplified and Headlime, based on their ease of use, features, and pricing–to help you decide which one may suit you or your brand’s needs best.

Simplified vs. Headlime

AI Technology: GPT 3
Free Trial✅Free Forever✅Only 20 credits
Built for teams
Customer Support
Organizing: Folders
Premium Community
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Mobile FriendlyComing Soon
Multilingual Coming Soon
VideosComing Soon
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After this brief side-by-side comparison, it’s now time to delve into the details of what each AI writer offers.

Usability: Which AI text generator offers the best UI/UX?

At first glance, both Headlime and Simplified look appealing and fairly easy to navigate.

Headlime offers a bright white and green theme. The AI copywriting platform has two main tabs: Library and Projects. The library is a list of templates that users can choose from. It’s worth mentioning that Headlime doesn’t provide a Search Bar for users, and it’s a long scroll to find the template you want.

Simplified, the most advanced platform for copywriting and content creation offers a black color scheme with yellow accents. The interface is designed to be extremely user-friendly, making it difficult to miss important buttons. Additionally, Simplified’s AI writer lays out defined categories for the multiple AI templates offered. It also lets users search and find any template they want within seconds. If that wasn’t enough, the platform will soon allow users to switch between dark and light modes!

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Organization: How well can you manage your workflow?

Most of us would agree that one of the most important considerations while picking a platform is its ease of use. Therefore, we have evaluated both Headlime and Simplified’s workflow management and handiness for you. Let’s take a look at how these platforms fared.

  • Simplified’s AI copywriting solution is straightforward, easy to navigate, and lays out all the copywriting templates in categories.
  • Headlime’s AI text generator has a small learning curve for new users. The library and projects distinction and internal navigation can be slightly tricky and requires a lot of clicks. For a user to start working on their project, they first need to create one, save it, and then open it to start working. In contrast, on Simplified’s free AI tool you can generate content, and it automatically gets saved as a project.

Pricing: Which AI copywriting tool is more affordable?

Simplified has a wide selection of pocket-friendly plans for individuals, from small teams to enterprises. On the other hand, Headlime offers only two, and the structure is slightly tricky. Therefore, we have created this side-by-side table to help you understand better.

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Free Forever Plan

Free Forever Plan

Simplified’s Free Forever Plan is for everyone!

Simplified vs Headlime - Headlime logo

Small Teams

Starting at $35 per month

PackagesSimplified’s PricingHeadlime PricingWhat’s the difference?
Free Forever Plan$0 Free Of CostFree Trial without credit cards for 20 ‘credits*’Simplified’s Free forever plan is for everyone. Headlime, however, offers limited usage in its free trial. After that, users can buy a 7-day trial with full access to all tools and features for just $7.
Small Teams$10/Month
$59/mo for individual use
$399/mo for 3 members
Simplified’s plan for small teams offers a concession if you buy the yearly plan as opposed to Headlime plan which stays the same regardless of a monthly/yearly purchase. Headlime does not offer all its features or its whitelabeled experience in the Individual Plan.
Businesses$30/Month Yearly:$24/MonthRanges from:
$2793/mo for 21 memeber to
$13,167/mo for 99 members
Simplified caters to each person and has plans for everyone and for every business stage.
EnterpriseTalk to us for the best plan for your enterprise!No enterprise plans (based on the Headlime website)Simplified offers a custom plan designed for your company’s needs. Get in touch today!
*credits are the currency for creating content on Headlime- 1 credit lets you generate 1-10 unique characters. If you run out, you can purchase new credits ($10 buys you 200 credits)

Collaboration: Is it good for teams?

Create a team for collaboration in Headlime, and you must have the Business version, starting at $399/mo. The free AI software, Simplified, on the other hand, was built for teams.

With Simplified’s AI copywriter, you can add your team members to the workspace and even specific documents. For example, if you’re working on a project, you can generate the results and then invite your team to a shared review document. But, that’s not all! Your team members can also leave comments in real-time with Simplified, which makes it very collaboration-friendly.

AI Copywriting Templates

Simplified and Headlime use OpenAI’s GPT-3 AI technology to generate SEO-friendly content from sentence rewriting to blog ideas. While both AI text generators provide a number of AI content templates for their users, there are some notable differences in their functionalities.

  • Selection of Content Templates: Headlime provides a limited number of content templates when compared to Simplified. To add to that, Simplified provides some unique content templates such as Hashtag Generator, Quote Generator, and Amazon Product Listing, to name a few.
  • Intuitiveness: Unlike Headlime, on Simplified, you don’t need to give a detailed description of your brand, product, or company. Simplified’s powerful AI engine gathers all necessary data from your website and processes it to provide tailor-made content for you.
  • Changing Tones: Simplified gives you the power to generate content in any tone as compared to Headlime’s limiting 9 options. From happy, to eager, to contemplative, all you need to do is type the tone, and the AI text generator works its magic.

There you have it, a detailed overview of how the two AI text generators, Headlime and Simplified, compare to each other. We hope this blog helped answer some questions and decide which one’s more suited for you.

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