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Choosing The Best AI Text Generator: Simplified (Free Forever) vs Kafkai ($348 paid annually)

Choosing The Best AI Text Generator: Simplified (Free Forever) vs Kafkai (8 paid annually)

Good content is vital for your marketing efforts; however, it can be quite time-consuming, and quality content can be quite expensive. Moreover, generating content in bulk can really be difficult for a budding company or a solopreneur. Fortunately, there’s a brilliant solution: AI text generator programs.

AI content generators are the perfect alternatives to a team of copywriters. These programs use artificial intelligence technology that mimics natural human language to create high-quality and engaging copy.

For example, popular AI writer Kafkai can generate 900-word unique articles in a couple of minutes, helping you save a ton of work, time, and money.

Now, we’ll be comparing two popular AI Copywriting Programs – Kafkai and Simplified AI writer. We’ll be taking you through the details today. So, you don’t have to be worried if you’re new at this.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Kafkai and Simplified AI

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Now that you’ve been acquainted with what both the AI Copywriting tools have to offer, let’s look at the most essential features of these programs in order to find out which one works best for you.

Usability: Which AI content generator offers the best UI/UX?

Both AI Writers are super easy to navigate due to their simple user interface. Additionally, both Kafkai and Simplified have zero distractions, which is a huge win in terms of efficiency. In fact, the best part is that generating high-quality copy is extremely easy; all you have to do is follow the on-screen prompts, and you’ll have the copy ready in a few minutes.

There are, of course, differences as well. For example, Kafkai has a green and white UI which is easy on the eyes. Especially if you’re spending a few hours on the platform. Additionally, there are only a few essential tabs on the menu bar, which prevents any confusion.

This AI Text Generator also has 39 categories under the general tab. So, you can zero in on your niche almost immediately. Although it is one of the most convenient AI Copywriting tools when it comes to navigation and bulk copy generation, it does have its issues. For example, generating a single copy takes over an hour, and it only creates articles.

Simplified’s AI Writer, on the other hand, can generate a copy in a few minutes. Of course, while it doesn’t generate full-fledged articles, it does offer a massive range of copy categories, making it an extremely versatile tool for any business.

Furthermore, it has a bright user interface with clean fonts that makes navigation easy. The combination of the black & yellow theme makes the buttons and tabs pop.

Additionally, two cool UX features give Simplified that extra edge over other AI Copywriting tools:

  • Firstly, navigating the platform is simple as all the tabs are broken down by convenient AI Copywriting templates and categories.
  • Secondly, Simplified is expected to launch a light mode in addition to their gorgeous dark mode.

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Organization: How well can you manage your workflow?

When it comes to project management and workflow coordination, Simplified is definitely on point. This platform not only allows you to create multiple projects but also enables you to save the AI-generated copy and the overall project for future use. With its focus on efficient project management, Simplified enhances your workflow, ensuring a streamlined and organized approach to your tasks.

Simplified also has a robust “playground” feature that helps with workflow management. Here you can create new projects and choose the AI copywriting templates. Additionally, you can add the generated copy to a favorites tab that you can access on the dashboard.

Unfortunately, Kafkai does not have workflow features. It has a rather simple generate tab with multiple niches that are easy to find. Additionally, it has a “my articles” tab where it stores all the articles.

On the other hand, Simplified does help users stay on top of their work with a separate projects tab. So, you can stay organized regardless of whether it’s ad copy, blog intros, or social media captions.

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Pricing: Which is the more affordable AI Text Generator?

Simplified is definitely more affordable than Kafkai. Not only does Simplified offer a range of payment plans for Individuals, budding businesses, and corporates, but they also offer a free forever plan.

This freemium plan also allows the user to buy extra credits with its pay-as-you-go-along feature. Simplified also offers an enterprise option for big corporations with specific needs.

Kafkai, on the other hand, only caters to individual users and offers four expensive payment plans based on the number of articles. However, they do offer a free trial with a credit card that does offer 25 free articles. Unfortunately, it only lasts for 3 days.

So, let’s look at how the pricing plans for the two AI copywriting platforms compare side-by-side.

Free Forever Plan

Free Forever Plan

Simplified’s Free Forever Plan is for everyone!

kafkai vs simplified - kafkai logo


Starting at $29 per month

PackagesSimplified’s PricingKafkai PricingWhat’s the difference?
Free Forever Plan$0 Free Of CostN/ASimplified’s Free-forever plan is for everyone!
Small Teams$10/Month
Writer: $29/Month – 100 Articles
Newsroom: $49/Month – 250 Articles
Printing Press: $129/Month – 1000 Articles
Industrial Printer: $199/Month – 2500 Articles
Kafkai only offers individual plans. However, there are multiple plans based on a number of articles.
Businesses$30/Month Yearly:$24/MonthN/ASimplified caters to not only to budding entrepreneurs but also big corporations. It has affordable plans for various stages of business.
EnterpriseTalk to us for the best plan for your enterprise!Custom & Billed YearlySimplified offers a custom plan designed for your company’s needs. Get in touch today!

It’s quite clear from the above table that Kafkai’s pricing plans are quite expensive and suitable for businesses looking to churn out articles in bulk. However, Simplified’s pricing plans cater to not only Individuals and small businesses but also corporations.

Collaboration: Is it good for teams?

Unfortunately, Kafkai does not offer any tools or features that support collaboration between colleagues. Simplified, on the other hand, was built with collaboration and teams in mind. Not only allow you to add your teammates to the common workspace, but you can also invite them to edit and comment on a specific file.

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AI Copywriting Templates

AI Copywriting Templates are the types of copies generated by AI Copywriting tools. Moreover, depending on the platform, you’ll be able to find templates like Article intros, social media copy, digital Ad copy, and even full-fledged blogs.

While both Kafkai and Simplified help save a ton of time and money, there are differences when it comes to the AI Copywriting Templates. Firstly, Kafkai does not offer any copywriting templates. It purely generates articles.

Changing tones: Experimenting with various content tones are essential for any business. Especially during the initial stages when you’re just trying to figure out your brand voice. So, it’s extremely important for a Copy AI tool to have this function. For example, Simplified’s AI Text Generator offers various tones. Hence, from informative to conversational and empathetic, the sky’s the limit.

Kafkai, on the other hand, does not offer any tones. However, it does automatically change its tone based on the niche you pick.

Intuitiveness: Simplified is extremely intuitive and can make your life super easy. In fact, all you need to do is type in your company’s URL and the tool will collect the necessary data and produce multiple variations of the required copy. Moreover, you don’t have to manually type in any company info. Unfortunately, Kafkai does not come with intuitive features, and you are required to type in a seed paragraph before generating a copy.

Simplified’s Unique Templates that you won’t find on Kafkai: While Kafkai doesn’t offer any copywriting templates, Simplified does offer unique templates like a Review responder, Hashtag generator, and even a sentence expander.  You’ll also find a template to respond to customer reviews.

Simplified's AI template page Kafkai vs Simplified:

To Wrap up, both AI Text Generators have their strong points. However, Simplified does offer versatile features that make it a super useful tool for any business.

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