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10 Ideas For Impactful Presentation Openings

Yet another PowerPoint Presentation to crack at work? Whether you aim to impress your bosses or clients, an exciting presentation helps you stand out and create a strong impact. 

A good presentation usually starts with a great opening and enables you to grab the attention of your audience right from the beginning. But coming up with good openings can often be a difficult task. 

Worry not. In this blog, we’ll take you through 10 ideas for opening your presentation with an impact, showcasing the power of AI presentation maker, and how you can start a presentation with Simplified.

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10 Innovative Ideas For Impactful Presentation Openings 

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If you are looking for a fresh perspective on how to start a presentation, here are a few ideas you can definitely try. 

1. Open With A Joke

Boring openings seldom leave an impression. One of the best ways to break the ice with your audience is to use humor. Introduce the talking point of your PPT with a joke. This builds a positive and relaxing repo and grabs attention during the entire presentation. 

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2. Engage Your Audience

A good way to attract attention is by asking questions and making your audience participate. Start with simple questions related to your topic, like, ‘How do you travel to work every morning’ or ‘How many of you take the metro to work.’

Then follow your question with a statistic like ‘x% of the population takes the metro to work’ and induce your problem statement along with what the presentation will tackle.

This is an interactive way to tell your audience about the topic that you will discuss with them during the presentation. 

3. Use Impactful Visuals

Engaging visuals that are hard-hitting or compelling, including graphical charts, infographics, or videos, will help your audience comprehend your idea faster than just plain text. 

A good PowerPoint Presentation Opening for global warming or climate change would be a strong visual on the effects of the same as compared to just plain statics. 

4. Try A Strong Quote 

Sometimes, when you don’t have strong visuals, or you are short on time, you can use a strong quote by someone famous. Make sure the quote is relevant to your presentation topic.

This will help make it more credible and drive home the message you are trying to bring up. 

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5. Go Bold With Headlines 

A shocking claim or a stat can capture attention in seconds. Make sure that you check the source of the information, it should be credible and reputable.

This kind of stat creates a super strong impression and takes your audience back to the opening during the entire presentation. 

6. Ask A Provoking Question 

A strong question for the opening of a presentation will help you set the course of the presentation. It’s super interactive, and it also makes your audience curious about the topic of discussion.

Note that the questions you ask should align them with the main message of your presentation and not lead to opposing opinions. 

7. Tell A Story 

Storytelling is one of the most impactful forms of communication. When you wish to grab attention right from the beginning, start your presentation as a story and keep at it throughout the PPT.

Adding a personal touch or bringing in personal experiences also adds more value to your overall impression. 

8. Build Some Intrigue 

If you get your audience to start thinking, they will start paying more attention to the thought you are selling. Using a single word, a single number, or fact can help build a lot of curiosity and encourage them to discuss further. 

9. Stimulate Personal Emotions 

Getting personal with your audience and their emotions will help them relate to the core message of your presentation. Bringing in their perspective will help them visualize the benefits of what’s being talked about in your PowerPoint Presentation. 

10. What, How & Why 

In the opening of a presentation, talk about ‘what’ the presentation is, ‘why’ this particular presentation, and ‘how’ you plan to tackle with the same. 

This will give your audience a clear definition of everything that your PPT includes in brief and help them get ready for the discussion. 

Create A Strong Presentation Opening With Simplified 

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Creating a deck or presentation from scratch takes time, energy, and skill that we don’t always have. Now that you know how to begin a presentation, impress your clients with dazzling designs, and give yourself a break by letting Simplified AI Presentation Maker do the magic for you:

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Simplified’s AI Writing template helps you how to begin a presentation and designs slides in minutes! All you have to do is select the topic you wish to talk about, click on “Generate,” and let the magic happen.

The Simplified AI Presentation maker will automatically generate a stunning customizable presentation in seconds for you, and the AI copywriting tool will help you write the content.

Presentation Visuals

You can also explore Simplified’s wide range of royalty-free stock assets for videos, GIFs, and photos and attach them to your presentation for FREE and make it attractive. 

You can also make your presentation look prettier by choosing font styles and colors and using animations and transitions to make it interactive. It’s all customizable! 

Explore Ready-To-Use Templates 

Whether you’re creating a fundraising proposal, brand deck, or retail marketing presentation the AI Presentation Maker will help you get unstuck from content to design with AI-generated presentations, complete with images and copy, in a matter of seconds.

Collaborate & Share 

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You can collaborate with your team and also share and download the presentation within seconds. 

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