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Choosing The Best AI Text Generator: Simplified (Free Forever) vs Snazzy AI ($300 paid annually)

Choosing The Best AI Text Generator: Simplified (Free Forever) vs Snazzy AI (0 paid annually)

Although there are many copywriting and content marketing tools in the market, there are very few out there that use artificial intelligence technology to assist writers in creating high-quality, engaging content consistently. Additionally, these AI text generator can come up with unique copies in seconds, helping businesses save a ton of time and money.

What’s more, these Copy AI tools also have a range of templates that can be helpful in creating different types of copies for your brand. However, do they all measure up equally?

Today, we’re going to be comparing two advanced Copywriting AI Tools – Snazzy AI and Simplified AI writer; if you haven’t heard of them, don’t worry; we’ll be talking about everything in detail today.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

BasisSimplifiedSnazzy AI
AI Technology: GPT 3
Free TrialFree Forever
Built for teams
Customer Support
Organizing: Folders
Premium Community
Shopify, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, Brandfetch, Storyblock

StoryChief,, PoweredLocal, ClickSend
Mobile FriendlyComing Soon
Multilingual Coming Soon
VideosComing Soon

Now that we know what both the AI Copywriting tools have to offer, let’s jump in to look more closely at which one works the best for you.

Usability: Which AI content generator offers the best UI/UX?

When it comes to usability, both AI interfaces are easy to navigate with minimal distractions. Most importantly, the steps to generate are simple and the application will take you through the process by offering simple prompts.

Snazzy AI offers a bright, white & blue theme, with a side panel of AI template categories. The only issue is that the different templates are in dark grey text on a grey background. So, you might have to squint to find the template you want to use.

Simplified AI Text Generator has a clean user interface that makes it hard to miss the buttons and tabs. Additionally, it has a sophisticated black and yellow theme that’s easy on the eyes. Apart from this, you’ll also find two cool UX features that give Simplified an edge over other Copy AI tools.

  • Firstly, navigating the app is a walk in the park as the tabs are broken down by AI Copywriting templates and categories.
  • Secondly, Simplified will soon have both dark and light modes. So, you can set it based on your preference. Pretty cool, right?
Simplified's AI template page
Source: Simplified

Organization: How well can you manage your workflow?

Both Snazzy AI and Simplified let you create different projects and save the AI-generated copy. However, Snazzy AI only allows you to access saved projects. Simplified, on the other hand, offers a much more robust workflow management with their ‘playground’ feature.

Once Simplified AI Assistant has generated the copy for your project, you can save the document and even ‘favorite’ it. ‘Documents’ and ‘Favorites’ are tabs at the top of the page, so they are visible and easy to access at all times.

Similarly, Snazzy AI has a view saved tab on the left-hand side of the dashboard where it stores all the projects under the template category name. For example, Product descriptions, Google ads, and more making it quite difficult to keep a track of specific projects.

However, using Simplified to manage your workflow is much easier than Snazzy AI, whether it’s captioning for social media, a Facebook ad campaign, or even a blog outline.

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Pricing: Which is the more affordable AI Text Generator?

While Simplified and Snazzy AI pricing plans may look similar – they aren’t. Simplified has a variety of pricing plan starting from small teams to enterprises while Snazzy AI offers only two. Of course, both have a freemium option that allows you to use it for free and pay as and when you need it.

Let’s take look a closer look at how pricing for the two AI copywriting platforms compares side-by-side.

Free Forever Plan

Free Forever Plan

Simplified’s Free Forever Plan is for everyone!

Simplified vs snazzy ai - snazzy ai logo - ai text generator

Business Plan

$49 billed monthly

Free Forever Plan$0 Free Of Cost$0 with limits Simplified’s Free-forever plan is for everyone!
Small Teams$18/Month
N/ASnazzy AI lacks plans for small teams and the next available plan after the free plan is the growth plan. Which is more suitable for businesses as it be expensive for small teams or solopreneurs.
$30/Month Simplified caters to each person and has plans for everyone and for every business stage.
EnterpriseTalk to us for the best plan for your enterprise!N/ASimplified offers a custom plan designed for your company’s needs. Get in touch today!

It’s clear from the table above that Snazzy AI pricing plans lean more towards businesses in their growth stage. And may not be suitable for small teams or solopreneurs. Especially, since the pricing for the business package is quite expensive. While Snazzy AI’s Starter package is free, it has a restriction of only 5 content generations a day.

Simplified’s thought-through pricing plans, on the other hand, cater to everyone: entrepreneurs, small businesses, corporates, influencers, and even for personal use.

Collaboration: Is it good for teams?

Unfortunately, Snazzy AI does not come with any tools that support collaboration between colleagues. You’d be hard-pressed to find even the most fundamental collaboration features like commenting or providing suggestions. This, of course, isn’t to say that Snazzy AI does not have its fair share of brilliant features.

Snazzy AI, however, does have a share option that allows you to share the link to your work with your teammates. In order to edit it, they’ll have to copy it onto a third-party document app like Google Docs and work on it.

Simplified, on the other hand, was built with teams in mind. So, you’ll be able to find a bunch of features that can help you collaborate with your teammates easily. For example, the AI copywriting tool can let you add your coworkers to your workspace. Everyone added to the workspace can then be invited to view, edit and even provide feedback on a specific document.

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AI Copywriting Templates

So, what are AI Copywriting Templates? Well, AI Copywriting Templates are essentially the various kinds of copy that are generated by an AI text generator. For example, blogs intros, blog outlines, email subjects, email copy, social media captions, Google Ad copy, and even full-fledged articles. The sky is the limit when it comes to using AI copywriting templates.

Although both Snazzy AI and Simplified are extremely convenient tools that save time and money, there are some differences when it comes to their AI Copywriting Templates.

  1. Changing tones: Experimenting with a bunch of content tones is extremely important to any brand. And it happens to be a huge feature of the majority of the AI writers out there. For example, Simplified’s AI writer offers all sorts of tones. From contemplative, conversational to eager and empathetic – you’re in control. Snazzy AI, unfortunately, does not let the user control or change the tone of their copies.
  2. Intuitiveness: Unlike Snazzy AI, on Simplified, you can skip explaining about your company in detail. Just type in your company’s URL, and Simplified AI assistant will collect all the data while you kick back and enjoy the ride. Most importantly, the copywriting AI can produce multiple versions which are excellent for brainstorming.
  3. Simplified’s Unique Templates that you won’t find on Snazzy AI: While both Snazzy AI and Simplified offer 30 copy templates, Simplified offer unique ones like Hashtag generator, Amazon product listing, Review responder to respond to customer reviews, Quote generator for Social Media, Instagram copy based on feelings, and sentence expander when you hit the infamous writer’s block.

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