Defining Brand Aesthetics in 2021 Using Mood Boards

Brand building is one of the key components of a thriving business. It’s an essential but often overlooked part of the marketing process. It involves understanding your brand story, discovering your unique value proposition, and creating a visual identity or brand aesthetic that attracts customers.

Building a brand is an ongoing process that involves recognizing and understanding your customer’s needs, delivering superior products, and maintaining brand consistency across all touchpoints. 

A brand aesthetic helps determine your brand’s vibe and story. It communicates your brand’s personality and helps create a memorable visual identity that customers associate with your business. So the question is, how do we digitize brand building? By brand mood boards!

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What Is a Mood Board?

brand mood board

Creating a brand mood board or an inspirational board can be a helpful tool in building brand aesthetics because it allows you to visually communicate the overall look, feel, and personality of your brand.

A picture mood board can help you establish a cohesive visual identity for your brand by gathering together a collection of images that represent the desired aesthetic. You can use the mood board to experiment with different color schemes, typography, imagery, and other visual elements to find the right combination that conveys your brand’s unique personality and values.

The observer may get a sense of the concept’s general vibe or feel from these graphic depictions. They are very helpful to illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, industrial and interior designers, and other creatives in their creative processes.

It’s also feasible for a mood board to be purely text-based if the goal is to aid writers in understanding a certain writing style they wish to use. You may use these boards to obtain ideas for future color schemes and shape selections.


brand mood board colors

It refers to the vibe your business represents. Choose bright colors to represent a playful and fun vibe. However, use natural earth tones to represent a relaxed and chill vibe. For the brand aesthetic mood board, use your existing color palette. If you want to know about the right combination of colors, learn about color theory. 

Branding is about more than the logo; it’s about your visual identity. The best way to define your brand is through color. Color is at the core of a brand. It affects how people see the world and how we interpret it. 

Color is used by brands to evoke emotions and give products life. The combination of the right colors can affect mood and behavior when used in marketing. 

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creating a brand mood board

 Photographs and other graphic designs can showcase your imagination. Make an image album for your photograph. When utilizing the same image on many platforms, you can adjust it to match the requirements of each device by using the image resizer.

Graphic design is a solid foundation for any brand. Infuse your brand messaging with graphic design that speaks to your target audience. Bring your brand to life with high-quality visuals and compelling copy.


brand mood board

Text is crucial for presenting your vision. Using certain terms and fonts helps customers grasp your brand’s goals. Try using interesting font styles, quotes, and newspaper or magazine clippings.

Text is used not only for the content of the brand. It is used on brand logos as well. Your brand’s text is an essential element of the logo. The text will be used to promote on social media, business documents, and other communication pieces. 

Unique, compelling, and memorable text logo designs for brands will make the brand identity stand out. Brands use text to represent their company and its products as well as they can while also conveying their values and tone of voice.

How To Create A Mood Board

  1. First, in order to focus your attention on an interior design job, you could focus on the style, materials, or color. Sit down with an industry book or magazine, let your eyes wander, and take note of what strikes a chord with you if you are not yet attracted to a specific concept. You will have some motivation shortly.
  2. Second, take your first sources of inspiration, then push yourself to think creatively to discover more. Scenes from movies, magazine fashion shoots, vintage images, artwork, fabric and color swatches, architecture, items, and clothes may all serve as inspiration for mood boards. 
  3. A clean, modern sans-serif typeface will have quite different implications than an old-style serif font, and this makes it a terrific instrument for you to display certain keywords or pertinent statements. Do not ignore typography either.
  4. Lastly, choose images and samples that work well together when curating, adding some variety to show off your creativity. Discard everything that clashes in favor of a color scheme that flows. 

Consider eye-dropping five important colors from the images into swatches if you are creating a digital board. To achieve the same effect when creating a physical board, get real paint and fabric swatches.

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Final Step

The final brand mood board is up to you. Using merely text or photos can make your mood board boring. Therefore, choose carefully. Ask yourself if each item on your mood board represents your brand.

Show it to colleagues for a product launch, a recruit during an interview, a possible client, or a designer you want to hire. It is a professional technique to help them grasp your ideas and can help establish your brand identity through design.

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A key part of brand building is mood boards. Mood boards are like a digital mood ring: they reflect the mood and aesthetic of the brand and can help you create a richer customer experience. Ensure that the color, images, and text reflect your brand. 

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