Test Your Logo With This Quick Exercise

Test Your Logo With This Quick Exercise

When you hear someone talk about a particular brand, a mental image of its logo forms automatically in our mind. This is because images are processed 60,000 times quicker than words in the human brain. Stressed about creating the perfect logo? Well, don’t be. In this blog we’ll help you test your logo with a fun and quick exercise. Before we get into it, here are a few basic concepts we should brush upon.

Why is a Logo Important for Brand Growth?

A business’s most significant symbol is its logo. An impactful logo is what makes your business into a brand. This is why your logo must communicate your brand’s narrative to your target audience. Although a logo may appear to be easy, there is a lot that goes into making a great one. As a result, it takes great ideas, research, and knowledge.

1. Creates a Strong First Impression

According to Finances Online, logos are the most recognized brand identifiers for 75% of people, followed by visual style, brand color, and unique voice. A logo is a brand’s visual representation. Well-designed logos make your business stand out. If done correctly, a logo attracts attention and creates a terrific first impression.

2. Gives the Brand a Personality

A strong brand identity creates a trustworthy brand image, making your company more desirable and well-liked. A logo appears on all of your marketing efforts, such as emails, landing sites, packaging, and business cards. Your logo is the foundation of your brand’s identity, which is critical for a business to become more visible and flourish. Color gives your logo personality. When you pick a color palette for your logo and branding, you want to elicit a specific feeling. The color red is associated with a brand that is loud, passionate, and youthful. Blue signifies tranquility and spiritual awareness, whereas yellow denotes happiness, friendliness, and vigor, among other things. Each hue appeals to a certain audience and draws them to your products.

Similarly, the font and typeface used in your logo communicate your company’s personality and ideals. Your font can differ based on the audience you wish to attract. A mature consumer base is conveyed through a dignified, classic typeface with simple style. A rounded typeface with gentle curves, on the other hand, is more suitable for a children’s brand since it appears energetic and easy-going.

3. Attracts the Right Consumers

One of a company’s main goals is to attract more customers via innovative marketing strategies. Your logo will be widely displayed on promotional materials and serves as a basis for all your marketing campaigns. Therefore your logo design, including colors and styling, should be consistent with your company’s mission and the products it sells.

4. Strengthens Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is earned through a company’s consistent delivery of value. It takes time to build brand loyalty, which eventually leads to recurring consumers. In fact, client acquisition costs five times more than customer retention. So, to lower your startup expenses, you should strive to enhance your brand’s consumer loyalty.

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Quick Logo Test Before Kickstarting Your Branding Efforts

Now that you know about the importance of branding, here’s a quick test for your logo that will determine how prepared you are to turn your business into a brand! This test was created by Kiki Bhaur, an entrepreneur and brand strategy developer. Let’s get started!

1. Draw a Horizontal and Vertical Line Through Your Logo.

Does one side draw all the attention? If not, then it’s balanced and meticulous! ✅

2. Place Your Logo in a Small, Wide and Square Screen.

Does it work with different proportions? If yes, then it’s versatile and practical. ✅

3. Pixelate and Blur Your Logo.

Does your logo retain most of its form? If yes, then it’s noticeable AND eye-catching. ✅

4. Resize Your Logo to 10% of Its Usual Size.

Is your small logo clearly visible? If yes, then it’s readable and clear. ✅

5. Make it black & white.

Is your black and white logo clearly visible? If yes, then it’s distinguishable and memorable. ✅

In addition to meeting these tests, your logo should also be relevant to your audience and industry. It should be color-blind friendly. Finally, your logo should have matching brand assets.

Wrapping Up

The business world is a fiercely competitive environment. So you should do everything you can to boost your brand’s recognition. Getting a professionally created logo that corresponds with your company concept is one of the simplest ways to establish significance and credibility. It’s an all-in-one platform that offers thousands of designer-made templates for restaurant logos, eCommerce logos, technology logos, fashion logos, and more. It’s as simple as drag, drop, done. Simplified’s online logo maker can help you instantly design a logo for every industry!

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