10 ChatGPT Prompts for Crafting Killer Marketing Campaigns

The world of content is moving fast. AI technology has helped us reach the next level in content creation. ChatGPT is one such tool that has become a boon for today’s writers. It’s not only super fast but also gives practical results. But that only happens when you enter the correct prompts. In this blog, we will look at some of the best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2023.

What is ChatGPT, and what can it do for modern marketers?

ChatGPT is an AI-driven tool developed by Open AI. It operates in a very user-friendly manner. All you have to do is enter a prompt that is as descriptive as possible. The AI looks around the internet to find the most relevant answers and gives you the response that would best answer your question.

Launched in November 2022, ChatGPT has been a great success! It can give far better results than previous versions of the GPT model. Using it will make you feel like you are speaking to an extremely wise person who can enact any situation and provide the most informed response.

ChatGPT, like many other AI tools, is constantly evolving. Depending on the words you enter, it can respond to your prompt in a variety of ways. Having said that, it’s extremely simple to use and comes in handy whether you’re just brainstorming or planning a full-fledged marketing campaign.

10 ChatGPT prompts for marketing campaigns you must try now!

Crafting the perfect ChatGPT prompts can help you create excellent marketing campaigns. And yes, it may get complicated to come up with the best prompts at times. That’s why we created this list: to help you create amazing copies in seconds.

1. Create the best headlines

Headlines are probably the most important part of your campaigns. Whether you want to create an awesome blog post or write effective ad copy, the headline can make or break it.

ChatGPT Prompt: Create <20 witty> headlines for a <commercial copy on heart health>

The ChatGPT prompt for a great headline should essentially contain two modifiers.

  • Firstly, the type of headline you want. For example, “compelling,” “serious,” “witty,” “funny,” etc.
  • Secondly, add the board concept to your subject. There’s no need to be creative here!

2. Writing an ad copy for Facebook

Facebook ads consist of the headline and the body copy. You can follow the previous prompt to get some great ideas for headlines. You can follow up on any of the given headlines as well. also a similar prompt for the ad copy, describing the tone and subject matter in simple words.

ChatGPT Prompt: Within 150 characters, write five descriptions for the <product/service/brand>. Keep the tone light but informative. It must include a call to action at the end, mentioning <add a call to action>

3. Write email newsletter headlines

Email marketing is a tough nut to crack without the right content. The entire newsletter can go to waste if the headline doesn’t nail it. Use the template below, replacing the words in the brackets as necessary.

ChatGPT Prompt: Create a crisp headline for an email about <topic> in a <convincing> tone.

4. Create awesome YouTube scripts

It’s amazing how free ChatGPT prompts can also create detailed scripts for your YouTube videos. However, there are many parts to the prompt. Use the template provided below.

Create a YouTube video script for the topic <add topic> and it should contain <10 pointers> as follows <add the required pointers>

You will first get the outline of the video, including YouTube titles and short summaries of each section. Copy and paste them to expand on each section and complete the script.

5. Create complete blog posts

Blog posts have become increasingly important as more and more brands want to connect with their audience. Blogs must be informative, but the language must be light and conversational. Creating a blog from ChatGPT can be a long series of prompts.

ChatGPT Prompt 1: Create a blog post outline titled <Add a title> An introduction, four main points, and a conclusion should be included in the outline.

ChatGPT Prompt 2: Write 200 words for the introduction, four main points, and conclusion. Take a position on each of the main points, then cite a statistic to back up your position and an example to illustrate it.

ChatGPT Prompt 3: Now, instead of the text that annotates the beginning of each section, replace it with a compelling headline.

ChatGPT Prompt 4: Now, choose an image to represent the overall blog post, as well as one for each of the four main sections.

Lastly, you can also ask the bot for a list of citations as necessary for your blog.

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6. Create accurate product descriptions

Writing a product description is the easiest thing to do with ChatGPT. All you have to do is enter the product or service name, brand name, and description type.

ChatGPT Prompt: Write a product description for<brand/service/product>. Write in a <fun and upbeat tone>

Add the details of the product for an accurate description.

7. Write copy for your website

A website copy will contain several parts, from the banner to the footer. You can ask ChatGPT to write multiple results for different sections. If you are unsure about what to include- you can get an opinion from ChatGPT, asking “What should I include in my webpage about <topic>”

Subsequently, you can ask to expand on each section. For example,

ChatGPT Prompt: Write <8 headlines> for a website that talks about <topic> Write in <an upbeat tone using British phrases>

8. Write LinkedIn posts

There are a variety of LinkedIn posts that you can create with ChatGPT prompts. You can ask the tool to summarize a topic for you or create content from scratch.

ChatGPT Prompt: Create a short summary of <topic>. Keep it informative but relatable to <young audiences who are looking for new jobs.>

Fun fact: ChatGPT can revise the response with any additional information that you may have missed out on initially. For example, in the above screenshot, the tool does not give the best response for LinkedIn in the first prompt. However, on asking to rewrite for the job-oriented platform, the tone changes considerably to suit the target audience.

9. Create the best Instagram captions

Add a theme or focus to your Instagram posts. Mention a few details about your brand’s voice or style. You could change these terms to be more fun or informative, depending on the tone of your brand.

Create three Instagram captions of 100 words each for a <kid-centric brand featuring their latest winter collection. Write in a friendly, non-sales tone.>

10. Write full-fledged newsletters

Email marketing has become an important medium for connecting with your audience. AI works best when you ask for an outline and then ask to fill in the details of that outline, similar to the ChatGPT prompts for writing blogs. You can do the same with your newsletters.

ChatGPT Prompt 1: Make an outline for a [monthly] newsletter for [business owners]. The outline should be divided into three sections: an introduction, a main point, and a conclusion with a call to action.

Include your newsletter’s cadence. Add your target audience so AI knows who the newsletter is for. In this case, we are sending a monthly newsletter to business owners.

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