The Link Between Design and Marketing

The Link Between Design and Marketing

The main goal of both design and marketing is to tell a story in the most compelling way possible*.* And in today’s tech-heavy society, we all know how important aesthetics are. This is why having a great design team is crucial for any marketing department of any business.

The Link Between Design and Marketing

The value of a design team

If marketing is a machine, which many can agree it is, designing is one of the cogs that keep the machine running smoothly. Attempting to market a brand without strong visuals and design fails to effectively spread the message that a brand wants.

Although fashion is one of the most influential industries built on design, it serves myriad purposes in other industries as well, such as marketing. Design plays a vital role in keeping brands relevant, through creative marketing techniques.

The Link Between Design and Marketing

With the ever-evolving trends in the industry, it is important for marketing teams to stay on top of what is currently trending. Most of these trends are visual in nature, but we are not just talking about logos, images, and page layouts. Design goes beyond the superficial and helps in creating a connection between the audience and a company.**

It is the design team’s job to develop content that speaks to consumers on a subconscious level. Not only does this keep the audience invested but also helps in building a brand and establishing its presence.

Ways in which design complements marketing

Some of the primary ways in which design enhances marketing are:

1. Boosting conversions

What is the purpose of marketing? To get those clicks to convert into sales! Great design makes these conversions a reality by creating content that elicits an emotional response from the customer. All of the visual cues that come to mind when a person thinks of a brand, from its signature colors to its overall vibe, must be carefully curated by a solid design team.

2. Increasing visibility

Most people these days are hooked on their smartphones. Day after day we scroll through endless content like our life depends on it. Now when you’re scrolling, what makes you click on a particular post or blog post?

It is the design. Maybe the picture got through to you in some way or the typography (font) intrigued you and made you click on that particular post.

3. Enhancing a brand’s image

Great marketing has the power to instill a strong feeling in the viewer, and they can tell how much effort has gone into it. A thoughtful design can make the difference between becoming a household name or being forgotten.

Many companies, in a bid to save money, take up the job of designing themselves and apply whatever basic knowledge they have. They don’t employ a professional, and this weakens their marketability. Simplified is the answer to this conundrum. No matter the skill level, whether you’re a professional or non-professional designer, anyone can produce top-notch content using our platform!

Therefore, design and marketing go hand-in-hand, and the two need to collaborate effectively to widen the reach of brands and improve their sales. So the one takeaway for everyone reading is to never ever downplay the role design plays in marketing.

Simplified is here to elevate the design game for every business. Check out our amazing array of features, and become a design pro yourself!


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