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How to collaborate in long form writer

There are a couple simple ways to edit and collaborate with team members on your copywriting projects! Begin by choosing the AI assistant and then selecting long form writer. You can work in this space and all your work saves in real time.

All your team members within your workspace will have access to this document and by clicking this share icon in the upper right hand corner you can simply enter the email addresses of the team members or clients you wish to send to to view and make edits and changes.

And there you go! In just one simple step sharing your long form writing with team members is seamless. Simplified is the only AI writer that gives you options for collaboration.

Simplified is the first AI-powered design platform built by people who want to make marketing accessible and easy. Create your monthly content calendar in 5 minutes. Write blogs, Facebook ads, website copy and more in seconds. Powered by AI. All for free.

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Simplified is an all-in-one design platform, powered by AI assistant Loki. Design, scale, and publish images, videos, and more— at lightning speed. All the content-creation tools you’ll ever need, in one app.


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