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How to make Reels

Instagram reels are a great way to incorporate video content for your brand and grow your instagram presence. To create them, begin by opening an Instagram Stories artboard. On this page you can browse amazing professional designed templates or you can start from scratch.

A static story will turn into a video by simply adding animations using the animation icon. You can use different animations for texts on each page to give variety and add interest. You can start your Reel with a cover page to grab attention of your audience and lastly, make sure to end with a call-to-action page.

Your reel should be anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds long. You can check the time of your reel and watch the video by clicking on timeline view and adjusting the length of each art board to your liking. You can also make your cover page a little shorter and your tip pages little longer to give your followers a chance to read.

When you download the video, make sure it’s in MP4 format and that you download all the pages and you’re now ready to upload to Instagram!

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