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How to reply to messages in your inbox

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1- Log in to your Simplified account with your email or Google/ Facebook login.

2- Go to the Social Media section.

3- Click on Inbox in the left-hand sidebar menu.

4- After entering the inbox section, choose the social media platform through which you would like to read and respond to messages (Keep in mind that if the platform displays this symbol 🚫, it indicates that the Inbox feature isn’t available for that specific platform).

5- When the messages are displayed, click on the one you want to read and respond to.

6- Now you’ll see something like this:

7- At the bottom of your screen, you will find a dropdown menu to choose the option of sending a message or leaving a note. (It’s the option located to the left of the AI assistant).

8- Click the Message option to respond to messages or mentions in your inbox.

Or choose the Note option. Notes are handy for setting reminders, jotting down important ideas, or tagging your colleagues who share this workspace using the “@” symbol.

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