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How to assign conversations to team members on the Social Inbox

Simplified’s Social Inbox tool is a feature that is built to streamline communication with customers and keep your team extremely organized, all at the same time.

1- Begin under the Social Media tab and then select the inbox button on the left hand side menu.

2- Select a notification, either a conversation, message, or mention.

3- In the center you will see a complete history of conversation with this user. On the far right side you will see more details about the conversation, it’s resolution status, when the conversation was created, and when it was last edited. Below that you will see the users profile information and a button to take you directly to their profile on the social media platform.

4- On the bottom right hand side you will see a section labeled “Assignees”. You can select the round icon which will open a complete list of all of your team members. Find the team member you’d like to assign the conversation to and then select the button next to their name that says “Assign User”.

5- Now your team member will be notified of the assignment. You can remove an assignment by hovering your mouse over their icon and then clicking the “X” button.

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