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How to create a link in bio

With Simplified, you can create a link in bio web page to drive traffic from your socials, track and analyze clicks, and grow your following.

1- Begin on the homepage and then select Link in Bio. To state it simply, a link in bio is a mini web page built into a link. This help followers discover more about your business, products, or brand.

2- So first, we want to establish our unique link. I would recommend using your business or brand name here.

3- Now that we’ve done that, we can begin setting up our profile. We will begin with entering the links already associated with our business and brand. So go ahead and type in your Instagram, Facebook, email, and any of the links you see in this list here. Under “other links” I recommend including links to specific pages. For example, if you have a web page that you want to drive customers to, in this example, I have a free health assessment quiz on my website, so I’m going to include a direct link to that. I can give the link a title, paste in my URL, and even include a cover photo. I can adjust the order of these links by using this dot icon here and dragging either up or down.

4- Next let’s talk about the appearance tab. This is the fun design part of this process where you can alter the background of your page. You can upload a specific image, choose a gradient or solid color. You can adjust the color of your text as well as the style and shape of the buttons. You can even customize the color and boarder of the buttons! You can choose to put your social links either at the top or bottom and whether you’d like to include a share or simplified logo.

5- Next let’s come to the settings tab. Here we will input the profile name, so the name of your brand or business. You can include a bio that gives a brief description of your brand. You can also include SEO keywords that will help boost your profiles searchability, and a GTM Id if you have one. Below this you will see a section labeled “Danger Zone”. This is where you can permanently delete your link in bio, just be careful here!

6- And lastly let’s come to the analytics page. So the goal of a link in bio is to convert followers into customers. These followers can discovered your highlighted content and easily engage with your brand or business. This analytics page will help you track clicks on those links we entered on the first tab, both the “other links” and the “social links”. It will also give you data about page views! You can see a set f data based on a preferred date range by using this button here and then selecting your dates.

7- Now I can use this share button in the upper right hand corner to include this link on one of these profiles or I could also use the copy icon to copy and paste anywhere. Then, when someone clicks this link, this is what they will see!

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