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How to bulk upload content to calendar

If you plan your content on spreadsheets, it’s really simple to bulk upload all of those posts into Simplified’s content calendar.

You’ll start off on your content calendar and in the upper right-hand corner, next to the big yellow new post button, you’ll click the down arrow button. You can select bulk schedule posts and a screen will pop up and is going to give you guidance on how to organize your current spreadsheets so that Simplified’s content calendar can import it quickly and easily.

You’ll need to make sure that your spreadsheet has four columns and that the data is organized. Next, you’ll select your target account or social channel and you can select from any of your linked channels by clicking the down arrow button and then selecting the account that you would like to import for . Then, if you toggle the switch on to automate on you can automate your publishing time and all of your posts will automatically be scheduled for the preset time. That is a part of your queue.

Now, go over to your spreadsheet and make sure that it’s organized into the four columns and that your data is arranged correctly. Have column with your dates with the year first, then the month, then the day. Then have your times, your message or caption, and then have a link for the posts to download your spreadsheet. You’ll go to file download and then you’re going to select a CSV file or you can drag and drop your CSV file right into the square. When it is attached click next.

Now there’s a list of all of your different posts that you’re importing and you can of course tweak and make edits by clicking the three dots and then editing or deleting your posts.

When you click edit, this is where you will add any images. You can drag and drop images from your local drive or upload from our media library. Any of your projects, uploaded assets, stock images, and even gifs.

Once you’re ready and happy with each of those posts, you’ll just click on the import button and they will all drop right into your calendar. And there you go!

Simplified is the first AI-powered design platform built by people who want to make marketing accessible and easy. Create your monthly content calendar in 5 minutes. Write blogs, Facebook ads, website copy and more in seconds. Powered by AI. All for free.

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