Getting Started With Simplified

Affiliate Program

You can become an affiliate of Simplified and start earning money in just a few clicks.

Simplified’s Affiliate Program

1. Register as an affiliate
Be among the first to earn revenue for referring new Simplified subscribers. It’s free to join – no fees and no minimum sales. You can sign up to become a Simplified affiliate here 🙂

2. Promote Simplified’s Paid Plans
Help expand Simplified’s global user base and empower modern marketers to do more with less! When your visitors click your link and subscribe to a Simplified paid plan, you make money.

3. Start earning
Earn 30% (for their first month) then 20% recurring commission for each new Simplified subscriber who signs up with your unique referral link. Plus, recruit other affiliates and get 10% commission from their earnings! We offer regular and flexible payment options with no limits on how much you can earn.

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