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The easiest way to split videos quickly and easily

Splitting video clips allows you to have more precision when you’re making videos and gives you the creative freedom to make all the design choices that you want.

1- Begin on your video art board. Don’t forget that simplified has an extensive and amazing video library with thousands of stock videos for you

2- To begin the editing process, open your timeline view by clicking the arrow in the bottom toolbar.

3- The timeline view gives you a breakdown of second by second of your video sequence. To trim your video, come to the three dots of your desired video element and then click adjust.

4- Now, find the place in your video that you want to split and then select the split layer button. This will split your video into two different elements as if you have two entirely different videos on your art board.

5- When splitting videos, you now have more control over adding or removing certain parts of the video. Remember by clicking and dragging the ends of your video clip, you can either increase or decrease the video clipping.

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