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10 Tips To Create Google Ads Headlines for 2024

10 Tips To Create Google Ads Headlines for 2024

First impressions play a big role in attracting potential customers, and that’s why it’s important to understand Google ads headlines.

Headlines are the first thing that potential customers will see and getting it right can be the difference between them clicking on your ad or not. Read on to learn how you can write killer Google ads headlines yourself!

What are Google Ads?

Launched as Google AdWords and later renamed Google Ads is a service that helps you promote your business or brand online and increase traffic, sales, views, etc.

Google Ads works on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, meaning the advertiser (you) pays per click on your ad. It’s a popular advertising tool as it allows you to create your own ads and campaigns on a budget.

A Google Ad is made up of three parts:

  • Google ads Headline
  • Display URL
  • Google ads Description

What are Google Ads headlines?

It appears above the description of your ad, basically like the title of your advert. Google Ads headlines are larger than the description or URL in your ad, making them the center of attention.

It has a maximum length of 30 characters and is the most prominent part of your ad.

So, writing an eye-catching and effective headline is key to attracting customers tell a potential customer what your product, service, or offer is all about.

The importance of awesome Google Ads headlines

Here are three points to highlight the importance of Google Ads headlines:

  • Headlines are the most noticeable part of your Google ad and are what most people will see first. This means that your headlines will determine whether people click or not.
  • This is where you can highlight what is special about your business, brand, service, or product.
  • If your headlines aren’t written well, they can make your entire campaign less effective.

Five Catchy advertising headlines examples

1. Headline for music streaming service

Source: Google

2. Headline for customer service system

Source: Google

3. Headline for a freelancing service

Source: Google

4. Headline for mattresses

Source: Google

5. Headline for an online store

Source: Google

Tips on writing Google Ads headlines

To make your Google Ads headlines shine, we’ve gathered 10 tips for you to remember.

1. Use your keywords.

Your Google Ads headlines are the first thing potential customers will notice. Keeping that in mind, you want to make sure that you have used your keywords effectively to create a catchy ad headline.

Source: Google

Make sure you’re clear about what you are offering because this will make the reader more likely to click on your ad.

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2. Remember the character limit.

Google Ads headlines have a limit of 30 characters. Exceeding this will mean your headline will not be fully visible. Choose your words carefully and make sure you are making the most of your headline space!

3. Don’t make false claims.

There is nothing a potential customer hates more than reading ridiculous and bogus claims. Instead of making wild promises you can’t keep, be realistic in your Google Ads headlines.

4. Be conversational.

People like being addressed and feeling like you’re talking to them personally about what you’re offering, so make your Google ads headlines more conversational.

Source: Google

Use this to your advantage by including words like ‘you’ and ‘your’. You can even ask a question or ‘speak’ to the viewer to give your copies a more personal and conversational tone.

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5. Answer a question or provide a solution.

Your headlines should provide value to the person viewing them since that’s what’s going to make them click to find out more. Catchy ad headlines try to answer a common question or provide a solution to a problem to prove their value to potential customers.

6. Convey emotion.

Humans are driven by emotions, so if you want to create catchy ad headlines, you need to know how to harness their powers.

Emotions like anger, jealousy, excitement, and fear can all be used to create effective Google Ads headlines. If your headline resonates with your potential customers, they’re much more likely to click on it, to see what you’re offering.

7. Use numbers or statistics.

Using numbers, prices, or statistics in your headlines is a great way to make them stand out.

If at all relevant, try to add special characters like $ and %, as these will catch the eye of your potential customers as they’re scrolling. If you have a special offer price, make sure you include it in your headline copy to lure customers in.

Source: Google

Like this Google ad for mattresses, the headline mentions the date of the sale (12.12) and the percent of the discount.

8. Show your strengths

You can state your unique selling point (USP) to create catchy ad headlines that make potential customers want to click.

9. Offer discounts.

A surefire way to grab attention is to offer discounts right off the bat. This is particularly effective too if you offer discounts for first-time buyers!

10. Include benefits

Since most people will glance at your headline before they decide to read the description or even click on your ad, it needs to be perfect!

Source: Google

With Nordigen’s Google ad, it’s first mentioned what you can do with the app (have free access) followed by a guaranteed benefit in the description.

In conclusion (+ FREE Google Ads Headline Generator 👇🏼)

With all these tips and examples, you now have an idea of how to ace your Google ads headline. However, if you want to create headlines in seconds, use Simplified’s Google Ads Generator.

With Simplified, you can write any type of marketing or ad copy in an instant! It’s SEO-friendly, complete with over 10 tones and 25+ languages, more than a thousand ready-made templates, and it’s free. Moreover, your copies are checked for spelling mistakes and grammar errors with the tool’s Grammarly integration.

You wouldn’t have to worry about anything with Simplified. All you need is your idea and Simplified can create content tailored to your needs.

Writing that converts – try Simplified today.

Simplified is the Best Free AI Google Ads Headlines Generator Copy Generator for any kind of business. Try it and see for yourself.

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