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Get Inspired: 8 Event Email Invitations Examples & Templates That Make an Impact

Crafting an enticing event invitation can be a daunting task. We’ve all been there—staring at a blank screen, grappling with words and graphic design, hoping to create an invitation that will ensure a packed event. 

Yet, more often than not, our invitations end up neglected, lost amidst overflowing inboxes, or deleted. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

But fear not! We’ve got you covered! 

Our article presents eight impactful event email invitations (examples & templates) to ensure a successful turnout.

Whether it’s a conference, gala, product launch, or social gathering, our handpicked event invitation email templates will inspire you.

Say goodbye to lackluster RSVPs and hello to a thriving guest list!

What Are Event Email Invitations, and Why Are They Important?

email invitations
Source: Google

Event email invitations are digital messages sent to individuals or groups to invite them to an event. They serve as a crucial email marketing tool and help event organizers to communicate important details, generate interest, and encourage attendance. 

Here’s why event email invitations are important:

  • Effective Communication
  • Increased Attendance
  • Cost-Effective
  • Tracking and Analysis
  • Personalization
  • Convenient RSVP Management

What Is An Event Invitation Email Template?

An invitation email template is a pre-designed framework that simplifies the creation of visually appealing event invitations. By using templates, event organizers can save time, maintain consistency, and ensure a professional look for their invitations. 

Here are the key elements of an event email invitation template:

  • Compelling subject line
  • Event details: Name, date, time, and location
  • Clear call-to-action (CTA) for RSVP 
  • Additional event information
  • Consistent branding and appealing design
  • Social sharing buttons 
  • Contact information for inquiries
  • Personalization with the recipient’s name

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8 Impactful Event Email Invitations (Examples & Templates)

1. Apple: WWDC23 Invitation 

apple wwdc23 invitation
Source: Apple

Once again, Apple sets the standard for impactful and unforgettable event invitations. Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2023 event email invite stands out with its captivating simplicity and straight-to-the-point message. The black background, rainbow-colored ring resembling the loop building at Apple Park, and subtle VR/AR hints create intrigue. Clear information, elegant design, and a compelling RSVP prompt make it irresistible. This is a perfect business event invitation email sample.

2. Harry Potter Fan Club: Warner Bros. Tokyo Studio Grand Opening Invitation

harry potter fan club
Source: Google

The event email invitation for Warner Bros. Tokyo Studio’s grand opening is impactful, with a mysterious purple color scheme evoking intrigue and magic. Moreover, the captivating images in the email template clearly showcase the studio’s grandeur. A clear call to action to book tickets ensures a straightforward process, encouraging immediate action.

3. PETA: Town Hall Meeting

peta town hall meeting

peta town hall meeting
Source: town-hall

peta town hall meeting
Source: town-hall

The event email invitation for PETA’s Town Hall Meeting is designed to deliver a clear message about saving animals’ skin. With a powerful image of a fox and storytelling, the invitation creates an immediate impact, evoking empathy and concern. The inclusion of the date and time of the event, along with a clear CTA link, ensures recipients have all the necessary information to participate in the webinar. 

4. LinkedIn Cannes Lions Broadcasts

linkedIn cannes lions broadcasts
Source: linkedIn

linkedIn cannes lions broadcasts
Source: linkedIn

linkedIn cannes lions broadcasts
Source: linkedIn

LinkedIn’s email invitation to join Cannes Lions broadcasts effectively conveys the message and encourages the audience to join the event. It is a great business event invitation email sample. The template utilizes light and warm pastel colors, creating an inviting and engaging atmosphere. It prominently mentions the date, time, topics, and names of the B2B marketing leaders (speakers), generating anticipation for the event. Moreover, the inclusion of a clear “Register” button simplifies the signup process.

5. The Victorian Atlanta: Climbing Aroids Workshop 

the victorian atlanta climbing aroids workshop
Source: selzy

The Victorian Atlanta event email invitation for the Climbing Aroids Workshop is impressive in several ways. The template effectively highlights the date, time, and venue details at the top, ensuring recipients are well-informed. Engaging images of the workshop capture attention and offer a glimpse into the experience. Transparent pricing information and a clear call-to-action for payment simplify the registration process. The tasteful combination of monotone and earthy color schemes adds sophistication and visual harmony to the invitation.

6. Retail Global: 80s Block Party Invitation

Retail Global’s 80s Block Party email invitation captures attention with a captivating black background and neon elements. It clearly presents essential event details like the venue, date, and dress code. Highlighting the party’s key features – DJ, food, drinks, and entertainment – creates excitement. Lastly, the invitation provides a clear call-to-action (CTA) link, inviting recipients to learn more about the event.

7. Gurl Museum Day: Immersive Experience Tour Invitation 

The Gurl Museum Day Tour email invitation stands out as impactful for several reasons. The inclusion of artists’ images creates relatability and generates interest. An attention-grabbing discount, featured prominently, incentivizes attendance. The top section clearly mentions the date and time. Moreover, there are links to check photos of previous tours. In addition, the consistent color theme with contrasting shades adds visual appeal. 

8. Tydo: Unofficial After Parties

The Tydo: Unofficial After Parties email invitation stands out for its exceptional qualities. It effectively communicates the date, time, and venue of each party, accompanied by dedicated RSVP links. The invitation invites recipients to explore all the events through a compelling call to action. The creative use of colorful graphical icons enhances the visual appeal, resulting in an impressive and engaging email invitation.

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Why Should You Review Event Invitation Samples?

Reviewing event invitation samples offers several benefits for event planners and organizers:

  • Inspiration and Ideas
  • Understanding Audience Appeal
  • Adaptation to Different Events
  • Time and Resource Efficiency
  • Avoiding Mistakes

How to Write a Formal Invitation Email for an Event? (Sample)

If you are looking for a formal invitation, here’s a business event invitation email sample:

Subject: Invitation to [Event Name] – Save the Date!

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

You are invited to [Event Name] on [Event Date] at [Event Location]. 

Experience [brief description of the event] and contribute your expertise to its success. Please find the event agenda attached. 

Kindly RSVP by [RSVP Date] using [RSVP Link]. For further information, contact [Business Email/Phone Number]. 

We look forward to your presence at [Event Name]. 

Thank you. 

Warm regards, 

[Your Name] 

[Your Title/Position] 

[Your Organization/Company]

How to Invite Influencers to Your Event Email? (Sample)

Subject: Join Us as a Special Guest at [Event Name]

Dear [Influencer’s Name],

You’re invited as a special guest to [Event Name]. Showcase your expertise during a dedicated session on [relevant topic] and connect with industry leaders. RSVP by [RSVP Date] to secure your spot. Details and agenda are attached.

Join us for an influential event that creates connections.


[Your Name] 

[Your Title/Position] 

[Your Organization/Company]


Crafting impactful event email invitations is crucial for ensuring a successful turnout. With the help of these 8 event email invitation examples and templates, you can captivate recipients and make a lasting impression. 

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  • Increases event turnout and RSVPs

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