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What Are Hashtags And Why Businesses Need Them In 2024

Whether you open Instagram for two minutes or two hours, it’s impossible not to come across the hashtags plastered across all its posts. In this guide, we’ll cover what hashtags are, why creating a hashtag strategy is essential for social media marketing, and how you can create free hashtags online. With Simplified hashtag generator, you can start generating engaging Instagram hashtags instantly… for free!

What Are Hashtags?

Hashtags are like Google Maps for social media – they help you find the information you want by cutting through the digital clutter. Instagram hashtags help you deliver information to your target audiences and also assist you in finding relevant conversations using keywords.

Hashtags are created using the symbol # in front of a keyword or keywords. For example, AUDI USA’s Twitter account used the hashtags #SpeedGoals and #WantAnR8 in one of their wildly successful social media campaigns.

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4 Reasons to Use Hashtags for Your Business

1. Improve Brand Visibility

Hashtags are a crucial component of social media campaigns. They help your targeted audience find your brand online faster by entering the keywords most relevant to the conversations they want to have. The consistent use of a trending hashtag can also bump up your brand’s visibility on social media channels, especially Instagram hashtags.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

When Instagram or Twitter users find a hashtag that they like, they click on the hashtag to show every post tagged with the chosen hashtag. This keeps you, and your audience continuously informed on the latest discussions happening around the hashtag and gives you a chance to join the conversations. Used in a strategic way, utilizing these hashtags can increase your brand’s organic CTR.

3. Inspire Action

Hashtags are not just placeholders in your social media strategy – they are active agents that drive your marketing campaigns to reach more people. Moreover, creating a unique hashtag compels users to incorporate the hashtags in their own social media channels, which increases brand awareness. For example, Domino’s has used the hashtag #letsdolunch to inspire audiences to promote the brand while offering discounts on their pizzas.

4. Hashtags Keep Evolving

This point is most important to understand for your hashtag strategy – hashtags are evolving every day! There is no set limit to the number of times a hashtag can be used on Instagram. Therefore, new posts are added every day to the same hashtags, and your brand can benefit from tapping into these existing hashtags. Too busy to keep track of trending hashtags? Don’t worry! Simplified’s free hashtags generator will automatically pull the most optimized hashtags for your business!

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Wait – Are Hashtags Relevant in 2024?

Definitely! Hashtags are still going strong in 2024 and can be a great tool to connect with your target audience and promote your content effectively. It’s all about being strategic and creative with how you use them. By including relevant hashtags, you increase your chances of engaging with the right people online.

When it comes to your practice, hashtags play a crucial role in connecting with potential patients. On Instagram, users actively search for and follow hashtags that align with their interests. So, if your target audience is brand-new moms, they’re likely to follow hashtags like #newbornfeedingtips or #parenting.

Think of Instagram as a filing cabinet for hashtags. When someone searches for a specific hashtag like #fashiondesign, your post will only show up if you’ve used that hashtag. So, if you want to grow your Instagram audience, it’s important to use relevant hashtags that are closely related to your content and appeal to your target audience.

In today’s Instagram landscape, it’s no longer about spamming your posts with a bunch of popular hashtags. Quality matters more than quantity now. Instagram values posts that are valuable and relevant to its users. That’s why it’s essential to focus on using hashtags that are directly relevant to your content and your target audience’s interests.

Instead of going for the most popular hashtags with millions of posts, try using niche hashtags with fewer posts. They might have a smaller audience, but it’s likely to be a more engaged and interested one.

Hashtags For Every Platform

Here’s a quick rundown of the optimal hashtag usage for the most popular social media channels:

  • Instagram – 3-5 hashtags per post
  • Twitter – 2-3 hashtags per tweet
  • Facebook – 2-3 hashtags per post
  • YouTube – 4-5 hashtags per video
  • LinkedIn – 2-5 hashtags per post

Dos and Don’ts of Creating High-Converting Free Hashtags

Are you ready to boost your followers? Before using Simplified hashtags generator, keep these simple tips in mind for the best results!

  • DON’T combine more than 3-4 words for a hashtag – keep it short and punchy.
  • DO use the hashtags generator for creating title case hashtags. For example, take a hashtag strategy cue from KFC:

  • DON’T copy hashtags from your competitors – original hashtags are the way to go!
  • DO use trending hashtags, but make sure your entire social media campaign doesn’t rely on them. You can find a list of trending hashtags in 2024 here.

  • DON’T make your hashtag entirely about your brand. The goal is to boost engagement with your audience, so use the hashtags generator to create hashtags that your audience can’t resist using!

How to Use Simplified’s Free Hashtags Generator

TIP: You can also pick and choose the hashtags you like from the tool and edit them according to your brand’s tone!

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How Do I Know If My Hashtag Strategy Is Working?

You’ve done the research, selected your keywords, and created hashtags using Simplified’s hashtags generator. Next, how do you track and quantify the success of your hashtag strategy?

3 Tools to Measure Hashtags Performance

1. Command Analytics & Stats for Instagram

Command will track every hashtag you’ve used with your Instagram posts.

2. Sprout Social

Sprout Social offers thorough reporting for Instagram, including an analysis of the hashtags users use most frequently as well as those that garner the most engagement.

3. Iconosquare

Iconosquare lets you schedule posts, get in-depth analytics, track comments and respond to them directly within the app.

Simplified helps you generate relevant, catchy hashtags for your posts in seconds.

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