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10 Proven Strategies To Amplify Twitter Engagement in 2022


Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, with over 321 million active users every month. Meaning, this platform has a ton of opportunities to offer for any business if you know how to engage your audience. If you get likes and comments on your posts regularly, your account is super engaging and you’re offering value to your followers. Engagement is what matters— more than the number of tweets or followers.

If you feel your brand isn’t there yet, this guide will help you increase Twitter engagement, get noticed, and build a community of people who connect with your brand values.

10 Proven Strategies To Increase Twitter Engagement

1. Find out the top influencers in your niche

Twitter is a big network! So, it’s important to research— who is making your audience click? You can look up your competitors, blog profiles, and news outlets in your industry to find out the right type of content for your audience. Go through their feeds and make notes on which tweets get the most attention. You can take inspiration and learn to make more relevant content for your audience. Or you may also reach out to the top influencers in your niche and collaborate. You will get gems for tips and practical guidance.

Knowing your target audience and your competition is extremely important before you can get a strategy to boost engagement on Twitter.

2. Offer value to your audience

Now that you know what makes your audience retweet, give them the same or more value! As a growing brand, it’s your responsibility to share information relevant to your niche. This can be inspirational content, entertainment, or even your key learning in scaling your business. You can retweet content by other important figures in your industry or share links to information pieces and blogs.

As a brand, every tweet counts to make an impression in your user’s mind. A good percentage of your users can unfollow businesses within a month if there is no strong engagement. Therefore, do not post random content unless there is a strong value attached.


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3. Keep your tweets short and smart

Twitter has increased the character limit to 280, but that’s not great if you want engagement. Shorter tweets get much more attention than longer sentences on Twitter.

So if you want to increase Twitter engagement, it’s best to keep your tweets between 80 to 110 characters. This would mean that you create concise copy that says exactly what is needed. Smaller tweets have greater chances to be retweeted, giving users enough space to add their own thoughts.

There are plenty of ways to go beyond characters on Twitter. Share your website link, including the bestselling products or services, when a sale is coming. You can also share valuable information pieces as blog links from your website. This way, every engagement you get will directly reflect in your website and in turn, also affect sales.

Make sure that you use shortened links to give a professional look. Attach appealing images that can make your audience click. Use an attractive color palette with red, yellow, or blue. What’s even better is to share videos! Animation and product tutorials has the potential to get more views and engagement than your regular post.


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5. Know the best time to post on Twitter

When you’re competing with over 3.5 million tweets every minute, timing matters! As you research your target audience and influencers, you must note down the peak hours of activity. This can vary according to your geographical location and your niche.

It’s best to test different timings to find out the sweet time window for your brand. In general, it’s good to schedule tweets before time. This would also help you make edits if required. Use the content scheduler by Simplified to organize your Twitter posts in one place.

6. Engage directly with other users and customers

The simplest way to increase Twitter engagement is by talking to your audience and customers. Give out likes, comment more often and follow similar brands like yourself. The simple law of reciprocity will make sure that you get what you give!

When you retweet and comment on others’ posts, you also get visibility. This increases the chances of you getting noticed. Acknowledge your customer’s comments by actively engaging with them. Let them know that you care, and support.


7. Use hashtags relevant to your brand and industry

The right use of hashtags can help make your strategy bulletproof. They allow you to reach a wider audience outside of your direct network.

Given the open nature of hashtags, you must use them only when relevant. Use one or two hashtags that are directly associated with your brand or an exclusive campaign. You can also tap into trending topics and conversations on Twitter with hashtags. With correct usage, you can reach your relevant audience and engage them with your content.

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Twitter is the go-to social media platform to find “What’s happening.” The best part is that everyone gets to be a part of the conversation and capitalize on hot topics to gain visibility.

Twitter shortlists the most happening events based on your location and industry. The trending topics can change every day, giving you a ton of options. Go ahead and choose a conversation where you can add value to your target audience. This step is a great way to increase Twitter engagement and sharing good content on these subjects can enhance your brand image as well.

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9. Organize giveaways

Looking for the ultimate way to increase Twitter engagements? Whether you are a small business or an upcoming brand, nothing can get more traction than free goodies. These simple tips will ensure a successful campaign:

  • Begin with a purpose for the giveaway. Do you want to increase followers or generate leads? Accordingly, you can frame the rules to participate and control action.
  • In most cases, you can ask participants to follow your account and favorite your post. Also, ask them to comment about their reasons to enter the giveaway. A strong incentive will keep their morale high to participate.
  • Make the prize relevant to your business. This will help you win some loyal customers as well.

10. Use polls to increase Twitter engagement

Kill two birds with one stone— use twitter polls. First, it will spike up your engagement as people can vote with just a click. Second, it helps the Twitter algorithm boost your post and fetch you more visibility.

While using polls, make sure that you choose relevant topics. Asking questions will help you know your users better. You can also ask them about your products, services, and what can be improved. Or, you may also ask questions on trending topics related to your industry.


You can use Twitter Analytics and Google Analytics to check your engagement level and how it affects your brand.

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