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12 Best Marketing Project Management Software to Supercharge Your Campaigns in 2024

12 Best Marketing Project Management Software to Supercharge Your Campaigns in 2024

Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to manage campaign requests, to-do lists, and quarterly goals all at once? If you are, it might be time to consider using project management software for marketing.

Whether you work for a startup, agency, or enterprise, chances are you’re dealing with complex marketing campaigns. Without the right software, you could waste a lot of time searching emails for important information. Sound familiar? 

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Worry not. We’re here to help you. To seamlessly navigate the dynamic world of best marketing project management software, we’ve compiled a list of the top 12 tools that supercharge your campaigns in 2024.

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What is Marketing Project Management Software?

Marketing project management software is a specialized tool designed to help marketing teams plan, organize, execute, and track their projects efficiently. 

What is Marketing Project Management Software?

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Key features of project management software for marketing typically include:

  1. Task Management: Enables teams to create, assign, and track tasks related to marketing projects. 
  2. Collaboration Tools: Facilitates communication and collaboration among team members, allowing them to share updates, files, and feedback in a centralized platform.
  3. Project Planning and Scheduling: Provides tools for creating project timelines, setting milestones, and scheduling tasks. 
  4. Workflow Management: Supports the creation of workflows automation to define the sequence of tasks and approvals within a project. 
  5. Document and File Management: Offers a centralized repository for storing and managing marketing assets, documents, and files.
  6. Reporting and Analytics: Provides reporting features to track project progress, team performance, and key metrics.
  7. Accessibility: As teams are often dispersed, good marketing project management software is accessible from anywhere, allowing team members to collaborate seamlessly, whether they are in the office or working remotely.

Let’s dive into the 12 best marketing project management software available.

1. Simplified


Source: Simplified

Simplified stands out as a crucial ally for marketers seeking efficiency, collaboration, and seamless campaign management. It is an integrated suite that encloses project management, social media scheduling, and analytics, providing a one-stop solution for marketers. 

Its intuitive interface, robust features, and collaborative workspace make it an ideal choice for teams of all sizes.


Source: Simplified


  • Optimize your team’s workflow for efficiency
  • Generate and tailor tasks to meet your requirements
  • Tag, assign, provide comments, and promptly respond
  • Tailor your boards to align with your specific needs
  • Commence effective project management swiftly with a powerful and intuitive interface
  • All-in-one platform for project management, social media scheduling, and analytics.
  • Seamless integration of analytics for data-driven decision-making.


Simplified offers a Free Forever plan that is available to everyone with lots of features. However, the Pro plan starts from $6 per month.

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2. Trello


Source: Trello

Trello remains a staple for its intuitive card-based system, making project management a visual and collaborative experience. With customizable boards and task cards, Trello is ideal for teams aiming to enhance project visibility. However, it may become overwhelming for larger projects.


  • Intuitive card-based system for easy visualization.
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Wide range of integrations for extended functionality.
  • Track changes, comments, and updates across boards.


Trello offers a free trial, free plan, and paid plans starting at $5/user per month.

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3. Asana


Source: Asana

Asana is a popular project management tool known for its versatility and ease of use. It is an excellent collaboration tool for team communication. Asana is adaptable to various workflows. The Advanced features may require a premium subscription.


  • Kanban Boards and Calendar Views to manage complex marketing projects.
  • Robust task tracking and project timeline features.
  • Versatile and adaptable to various workflows.
  • Mark tasks with priority levels for focus.
  • Access Asana on iOS and Android devices for flexibility.


Asana offers a free trial, free plan, and paid plans starting at $10.99/month per user.

4. Wrike


Source: Wrike

Wrike stands out with its powerful project planning and collaboration tools. It aids in sharing and collaborating on documents within the platform. However, The interface may be less intuitive for some users.


  • Powerful project planning and collaboration tools.
  • Interactive Gantt charts for precise project timelines.
  • Real-time collaboration for distributed teams.
  • Connect seamlessly with third-party apps.
  • Generate reports to track project and team performance.


Wrike offers free and paid plans starting at $9.80/month per user.

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5. Monday


Source: Monday

Monday offers a highly customizable platform, making it a versatile choice for marketers. You can streamline processes with automated actions. However, the pricing may be on the higher side for small teams.


  • Highly customizable platform to adapt to unique needs.
  • Visual timeline tracking for effective project planning.
  • Real-time collaboration and communication features.
  • Receive updates and notifications on project changes.
  • Easily find and filter tasks for efficient management.


Monday offers a free plan and paid plans starting at $8/user per month.

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6. Airtable


Source: Airtable

Blurring the lines between spreadsheet and database, Airtable is a flexible tool for marketers. You can switch between different views like grid, kanban, and calendar. But, it may not be as powerful as specialized project management tools.


  • Flexible, combining spreadsheet and database functionalities.
  • Customizable grids and kanban-style boards.
  • Wide range of templates for different project types.
  • Utilize formula fields for advanced calculations.
  • Add blocks to enhance functionality, such as charts and calendars.
  • Connect with various third-party apps and services.
  • Access Airtable on iOS and Android devices for convenience.


Airtable offers a free plan, and paid plans starting at $20/user per month.

7. ClickUp


Source: ClickUp

ClickUp’s all-in-one platform offers customizable project management features. It is a versatile solution for marketers looking to streamline their processes. You can monitor project and team performance through dashboards. However, advanced features may require a learning curve.


  • All-in-one platform with customizable project management features.
  • Task management, goal tracking, and integrations in a single interface.
  • Flexible and adaptable to various project types.
  • Automate repetitive tasks for efficiency.
  • Visualize tasks and deadlines in a calendar format.
  • Access ClickUp on iOS and Android devices for flexibility.


ClickUp offers a free plan, and paid plans starting at $7/user per month.

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8. Hive


Source: Hive

Hive offers a blend of project management and collaboration tools. It is a comprehensive solution for marketers seeking a unified platform. You can monitor project progress through customizable dashboards. It may be more feature-rich than necessary for simpler projects.


  • A blend of project management and collaboration tools.
  • Gantt charts, action cards, and chat for a comprehensive platform.
  • A centralized hub for project-related activities.
  • Seamlessly connect with third-party apps for added functionality.
  • Manage tasks directly from your email with integration.
  • Facilitate real-time communication with built-in chat.


Hive offers a free trial, free plan, and paid plans starting at $12/user per month.

9. Teamwork


Source: Teamwork

Teamwork’s project management software caters to marketing teams to enhance collaboration and productivity throughout the campaign lifecycle. You can set and track project milestones for progress. You need to explore a lot for advanced features.


  • Robust project management features with task lists and milestones.
  • Time tracking for accurate project evaluation.
  • Collaboration tools for seamless team communication.
  • Visualize project timelines with interactive Gantt charts.
  • View tasks and deadlines in a calendar format.
  • Capture and organize project notes in digital notebooks.


Teamwork Projects offers a free plan and paid plans starting at $5.99/user per month.

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10. Basecamp


Source: Basecamp

Known for its simplicity, Basecamp provides a user-friendly interface for project management. You can organize work into separate projects for clarity. It may not scale well for larger projects or teams.


  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Excellent for smaller teams with straightforward project needs.
  • Centralized communication hub for team collaboration.
  • Create task lists for effective task management.
  • Facilitate team communication with message boards.
  • Provide clients with access to transparent collaboration.


Basecamp offers a free trial and a paid plan at $99/month flat.

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11. Kissflow


Source: Kissflow

Kissflow Project is a cloud-based project management tool that emphasizes project automation and workflow optimization. It provides a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of marketing campaigns. However, it has an average interface compared to other marketing project management software.


  • Easily generate apps by dragging and dropping forms.
  • Utilize real-time analytics for automated processes.
  • Effortlessly manage processes and workflows without the need for coding.
  • Scale up to handle extensive data volume and complexity.
  • Automated task assignments, reminders, and notifications.
  • Collaborative workspace for seamless team collaboration.
  • Monitor workflow progress with visual dashboards.


Kissflow offers paid plans starting at $10/user per month.

12. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Source: Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is one of the best marketing project management software, thanks to its cloud-based platform, which facilitates efficient planning, project tracking, and collaboration for your marketing team. The user-friendly interface ensures seamless adoption, particularly for newcomers to the software. Integrations with non-Zoho software, like Zoom, are limited.


  • Easily track employee activities with a timeline view.
  • Log billable and nonbillable hours using employee timesheets.
  • Visualize your workflow with simple Kanban boards.
  • Share and collaborate on documents within the platform.
  • Manage and track software bugs within projects.
  • Add custom fields to tailor task information.
  • Access Zoho Projects on iOS and Android devices for flexibility.


Zoho Projects offers a free plan, and paid plans starting at $5/user per month.


Choosing the right marketing project management software is crucial for marketers looking to excel in 2024. Whether you prioritize visual collaboration, comprehensive ai writing planning, or integration with social media scheduling, the options above provide a range of solutions to meet your specific needs.

As the creative marketing landscape evolves, investing in the best marketing project management software is an investment in the success of your campaigns. Among these options, Simplified stands out as a holistic project management software for marketing, empowering marketers to streamline their workflows and supercharge their campaigns.

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