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Best AI Social Media Post Generators in 2024 (Facebook, Instagram, & More)

Best AI Social Media Post Generators in 2024 (Facebook, Instagram, & More)

AI social media post generators are revolutionizing the way brands and individuals create content for various online platforms. With the power of machine learning and natural language processing, these sophisticated tools can generate compelling posts, captions, and responses that resonate with audiences, streamlining the content creation process and enabling a level of productivity that was previously unattainable.

These AI tools are becoming more common and yet sophisticated every day, spurring time savings and deeper analysis in content creation, social media strategy, security, data processing, and more. For professionals in the social media space, the right AI writers and content generators can not only save substantial drafting time but can also facilitate a more consistent brand voice and message over time. 

This article will dive into the basics of AI social media post generators, key use cases for these tools, and the top options for free and paid AI post generators. 

What are AI Social Media Post Generators?

An AI social media post generator is a computer program that essentially writes your social media caption or content for you. AI, or artificial intelligence, refers to technology that allows computers to perform tasks that humans have exclusively performed in the past. AI has made substantial strides in generating written content that sounds nearly human. 

With the right inputs and prompting, some AI social media post generators can create captions that nail brand tone and communicate value. This capability can save marketers time and effort, allowing for more sophisticated messaging and in-depth optimizations. 

Without having to take the time to generate first drafts of every post, social media specialists can redistribute that time to diving into social media marketing metrics and analytics in order to strategize for the next batch of posts. 

Benefits of Using AI Social Media Post Generators

AI social media tools take time and practice to benefit from, but the learning curve is well worth it. Top AI social media post generators like Simplified can offer indispensable benefits for your productivity and effectiveness.

By leveraging high-quality AI tools, you can:

  • Save time on brainstorming and drafting.
  • Boost creativity by getting the ideas flowing on the page and adding to AI-generated topics.
  • Add brand consistency through the use of a brand book and static prompts concerning tone and writing style.
  • Grow strategically with more time to analyze social media metrics and adapt overall social media marketing plans accordingly.
  • Increase reach through quick translation into other languages.
  • Repurpose successful content using AI as an idea-generation tool with previous posts as a guideline.

AI Content Generator Use Cases on Social Media

Generative AI tools come in handy for countless uses on social media, some of which can completely transform your approach to content planning. Leverage AI post generators in the following ways:


One of the most common ways to use AI content generators is for social media captions. Regardless of the platform, social media captions are crucial for drawing attention from your intended audience. 

Merging thoughtful keywords with a message that speaks to your brand mission and tells your story can be tricky, but AI tools can help get the ball rolling on high-performing social media captions. 

Try Simplified’s caption generator


Hashtags make your content more discoverable, especially on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest. However, coming up with them can feel like a large drag on your time for little reward. 

Some AI social media post generators, like Simplified, can help you come up with plenty of hashtags to get your content into the right hands. 

Video Scripts

The age of social video marketing has fully arrived, with creators on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok seeing explosive growth from sharing engaging videos. As algorithms adjust and viewer trends shift, there are always new requirements to cater to in video creation for social media. 

AI tools like Simplified can take one step off of your plate by generating the script for your video content. Whether you’re a home goods brand creating educational content about interior design or a recipe creator sharing how-to videos, starting with an AI-generated script to operate from can alleviate some of the mental load of content creation and leave you with fresh ideas for every post. 


While video and visual content rule the day on many social platforms, channels like Twitter (now X) are still ripe for standalone, quick-hitting text. Striking a balance between meaningful and concise content can be a challenge for even the most seasoned writers, but AI post generators can efficiently craft posts for X within seconds. 


Not every social media professional is a graphic design wiz. Fortunately, thanks to new and constantly evolving generative AI tools, there’s no need to be. With the help of AI tools like the Simplified Image Generator, users can quickly create graphics that adhere to brand guidelines.

Simply type in a prompt and input your brand colors and fonts, and you’ll have a polished image ready to share momentarily.


Many social media marketers spend hours at a time crafting and editing videos to share on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube. While some styles of video do require a hands-on approach, there are many videos that AI tools can quickly create.

From how-to videos to brand announcements, the AI video designer in Simplified can create ready-to-share video content for a wide range of brand uses.

Product Descriptions

Creating social media content and ads to promote your products? The practice of writing product descriptions can begin to feel repetitive very quickly, resulting in tired copy and frustrating drafting processes. 

With the right prompts calling for uniqueness and specifying brand tone, AI post generators eliminate the lift of creating engaging product descriptions. 

Try Simplified’s product description generator. 

Best AI Social Media Post Generator (Free & Paid)

The idea of using an AI social media post generator is exciting for most marketers, but selecting the right one for your needs is key. 

1. Simplified

Simplified is on a mission to consolidate your social media efforts into one streamlined tab. Robust AI capabilities on this platform allow users to generate videos, images, infographics, blog posts, video scripts, and social media captions. 

Effortlessly drop the AI-generated content into the social media scheduler and viola! You can even prompt your AI assistant to generate content directly from the social media calendar

Key Features: 

  • AI capabilities include:
    • Image generator
    • Meme Generator
    • Blog post writer
    • Caption writer
    • Script writer
    • Social media caption writer
    • Content rewriter
    • And more!
  • Other social media management tools include:
    • Seamless integration with calendar and scheduling tools
    • Powerful templates for each type of content
    • External client approval
    • Four unique content views for easy scheduling and strategy
    • Social analytics dashboard with customizable reports
    • Inbox management for all social channels
    • Real-time collaboration across social team
    • Chrome extension to allow easy sharing from anywhere


  • Social Media Free – Includes AI!
    • 3 social channels
    • 1 user seat
    • 30 queued posts
    • Post scheduling capabilities 
    • Analytics
    • Social media AI
  • Social Media Pro: $17/month (or $11/month if paying yearly!)
    • 7 social channels 
    • 1 user seat
    • Unlimited queued posts
    • Approval workflows
    • Brand book
    • Planner
    • Unified Inbox
    • Ability to add social channels and seats for extra charge
  • Social Media Agency: $199/month ($159/month yearly)
    • 70 social channels
    • 10 User seats
    • Unlimited queued posts
    • 7 brand books
    • Bulk scheduling
    • Team spaces
  • Social Media Agency Plus: $399/month ($319/month yearly)
    • 200 social channels
    • 20 user seats
    • 20 brand books
    • All “Agency” capabilities

No more switching between tabs and constant copy-pasting to take advantage of AI content generators. With Simplified, everything you need for a strategic and well-rounded social media plan across multiple platforms is all in one tab. 

Create images, videos, templates, memes, scripts, and robust strategies using Simplified AI – then schedule, edit, and publish the content without switching tabs. 

Get started today!

2. Narrato

The AI Content Genie by Narrato is a great choice for boosting your content on social media without sacrificing quality. It works like an AI autopilot, generating fresh content for your blog and social channels using your website link and preferred themes. If you want to add a personal touch, you can easily edit the posts, replace the images, or include videos or GIFs. When you’re ready, the platform allows you to publish directly to your desired channel.

AI content Genie

Narrato offers an extensive collection of AI social media post creation templates, in addition to its other features. With Narrato, you can easily generate posts from various sources like notes, URLs, and themes. There is also a Twitter thread generator and an AI meme generator for added fun. Furthermore, Narrato provides over 100 AI templates for crafting emails, blogs, ad copy, and enhancing SEO.

Key Features

  • Narrato offers on-demand, engaging social media and blog posts every week.
  • For each post, you’ll find suggested images and editing choices.
  • The platform provides a comprehensive social media scheduling tool that integrates with your social media accounts to publish content automatically.
  • You can work on multiple projects simultaneously, generating content for different websites and themes.




4 user seats, additional users @$9/user/month



4 user seats, additional users @$19/user/month


This plan is based on custom needs and you will need to get in touch with a rep from Narrato for further details.

3. Semrush

Semrush is an online marketing toolkit designed to make digital marketing simpler and more effective. The suite of Semrush tools includes keyword research tools, SEO ideas and tracking, competitor analysis, social media management, and more. Their AI social media post generator prompts users to enter their website URL, select a news story, and choose their intended platform, purpose, and tone of voice. 

Key Features: 

  • Tone selection
  • Relevance through a chosen trending story
  • Brand-specific message based on your website
  • Platform-specific posts
  • Built-in cover image selection
  • Additional AI writer tool with blog generator, sentence expander, and content rewriting tool


  • For AI social media post generator: Free for up to 20 posts per day!
  • For AI writer tool: Free for your first 1500 words, or $25/mo for unlimited words
  • For SEO tools, content marketing toolkit, and more: Plans for $129.95, $249.95, and $499.95 monthly.

4. Hootsuite 

social media scheduler tool

Hootsuite is a social media management platform with integrations with various channels and tools including calendars and schedulers, analytics, suggested post times, social listening, advertising capabilities, and engagement tools. The AI content creation feature, nicknamed OwlyWriter AI, generates captions and posts ideas in seconds based on short prompts or even URLs. 

Key Features: 

  • Repurpose tool helps your top-performing content go further
  • Integration with other Hootsuite workflows
  • Hashtag generation
  • Trend and upcoming holiday awareness
  • Inputs can be subjects, URLs, or detailed prompts


  • Professional: $99/month, billed annually
    • 10 social accounts
    • 1 user
  • Team: $249, billed annually
    • 20 social accounts
    • 3 users
    • Departmental organization
    • Social calendar sharing
    • 1 vanity URL
  • Enterprise: contact for pricing
    • 50 social accounts
    • 5 users
    • Approval workflows
    • Unlimited vanity URLs
    • integration

5. is a generative AI platform with use cases ranging from email marketing and blog drafting to social media posts and sales copy. It doesn’t integrate directly with any social media channels or schedulers, but it does generate many variations of possible copy to get you from a blank page to a fully scheduled social account. 

Key Features: 

  • Specified tool for Instagram captions
  • Freestyle tool where users can input desired post type (LinkedIn post, video script, etc.)
  • Range of 9 tones to choose from, or enter a custom tone
  • Variety of languages to choose from for both input and output


  • Free plan
    • 1 seat
    • 2,000 words in chat
    • 200 workflow credits
  • Pro: $36/mo, billed annually
    • 5 seats
    • Unlimited words in chat
    • 500 workflow credits
  • Team: $136/mo, billed annually
    • 20 seats 
    • Unlimited words in chat
    • 3K workflow credits
  • Growth: 1,000/mo, billed annually
    • 75 seats 
    • Unlimited words in chat
    • 20K workflow credits
  • Scale: $3,000/mo, billed annually
    • 200 seats 
    • Unlimited words in chat
    • 75K workflow credits

6. Buffer

social media scheduler tool

Buffer is a social media toolkit aimed at small businesses. With tools to help save you time and grow your audience organically, this platform includes capabilities around scheduling and analytics. Buffer’s AI assistant is primarily geared towards written content and specifically social media captions. 

Key Features: 

  • Suggested hashtags
  • Content translation to other languages
  • Publishing capabilities
  • Existing post repurposing 
  • AI assistant directly in composer
  • Rephrase posts for ideal tones for each social media platform
  • Request rephrasing for content that doesn’t sound right yet


  • Free plan
    • AI assistant
    • Landing page builder
    • Publishing tools
  • Essentials plan: $6/month for 1 channel
    • All free features
    • Engagement tools 
    • Analytics reports
  • Team: $12/month for 1 channel
    • Essentials features
    • Unlimited team members and clients
    • Draft collaboration tools
  • Agency: $120/month for 10 channels
    • Team features
    • Custom access and permissions

Read more: Hootsuite vs Sprout Social vs Buffer vs Later

7. Google Bard

With real-time access to internet material and Google search, Google Bard is a sophisticated content generator that comes in handy for creating unique content for your social media channels. 

It doesn’t integrate directly with social media channels or social media schedulers, so using Bard will require some copy-pasting and a few extra steps. Bard is still under development and gains capabilities constantly. 

Key Features: 

  • Robust language translation
  • Access to real-time internet searches and relevant information
  • Ability to create scripts, captions, and other written material
  • No image integrator or AI designer
  • No integration with social platforms

Pricing: Free

8. SocialBee

social media scheduler tool

SocialBee is a robust social media management platform with scheduling and publishing capabilities. Using AI, SocialBee can help users generate a content strategy, draft social posts, and analyze performance on social media channels. 

Key Features: 

  • Text and image creation
  • RSS feed integration to turn blog posts into social media content
  • Customized content for each social platform
  • Categorization capabilities for topic tracking
  • Repurpose tool for high-performing content
  • Browser extension available 


  • Bootstrap: $24/month, billed annually
    • Up to 5 social profiles
    • 1 user, 1 workspace
    • Analytics of 3 months of data
  • Accelerate: $40/month, billed annually
    • Up to 10 social profiles
    • 1 user, 1 workspace
    • Analytics of 2 years of data
  • Pro: $82/month, billed annually
    • Up to 25 social profiles
    • 5 workspace, 3 users per workspace
    • Analytics of 2 years of data

Use the Best AI Social Media Post Generator 

Social media professionals today have the advantage of several powerful AI tools to choose from. The constant evolution of these tools is exciting, and further improvements seem inevitable. However, not all AI social media post generators are equally effective or helpful.

To make the most of your time and effort toward your social media strategy, use Simplified. With a full suite of AI tools ranging from hashtag generators to video designers, Simplified can jumpstart your social media content and boost engagement across platforms. 

The social media calendar and scheduler tools within Simplified mean that you can create and schedule your posts across various platforms, all from a single tab. Eliminate the back-and-forth and cut down on overwhelm when you use the most powerful AI social media tool. 

Try Simplified AI Social Media Post Generator Now!

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