Apple’s Branding Strategy & What Marketers Can Learn From It

Apple’s Branding Strategy & What Marketers Can Learn From It

Ever wondered why consumer expectations are through the roof when Apple launches a new product? Apple users have come to expect nothing less than great innovation and groundbreaking technology from their phones and PCs. This is cemented by Apple’s emotional branding strategy, which helps them form deep and meaningful customer relationships.

For the eighth consecutive year, Apple sits at the top of Forbes’ annual study for the world’s most valuable brands.

While this is incredibly impressive, it isn’t all that hard to believe. We are surrounded by Apple users everywhere we go. Even though the iPhone with the most storage space is more expensive than certain laptops. Yes, that’s right. It’s likely that your next phone will cost more than your computer. But still, Apple customers will very happily payout.

Talk about power.

Apple’s branding strategy for businesses in 2022.

But how does Apple command such an authoritative presence in the mind of the modern consumer? In this blog, we’re going to take a look at what makes Apple’s branding strategy so successful. Hopefully, then, you will be able to apply some of the lessons you’ve learned to your own brand!

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5 Biggest Lessons From Apple’s Branding Strategy

#1: A logo that’s simple yet impressive

While the current logo is minimal in design, the first Apple logo was much more intricate. Designed by Ronald Wayne, it depicted Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. It was illustrated with the quotation, “Newton… a mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought”.

Evolution from Apple’s first logo to today’s minimalist logo. Inkbot Design

In 1976, Rob Janoff designed the first logo we’d recognize today. Although, that Apple logo was filled with a rainbow. It’s been through several color changes since then but has remained in its current monochrome form since 2007.

The simple design is elegant, and the apple represents wonder and creativity, the innovative aspect of the brand.

#2: Being consistent with brand values is key

Regardless of where you encounter their brand, Apple’s message is always consistent. Their commercials, marketing initiatives, customer service, products, and aesthetic all represent the same ethos.

The outcome? Their logo has become synonymous with simplicity and class.

Apple Iphone GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

When we see the logo, we feel all of the emotions we associate with Apple. And it all happens in the blink of an eye. Consistency has that kind of power.

As a marketer, you should ensure that your brand values are consistent across all touchpoints. As with Apple’s branding strategy, it’s clear that, when it comes to brand communication, everything counts. Social media, customer service, emails, web design, landing pages, and your logo. Every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to boost brand recognition.

Consistency is the key to fixing your brand in the minds of your prospects.

Apple’s branding strategy is built on consistency.

#3: Sell emotions, not products

Thanks to its co-founder, Steve Jobs, Apple’s emotional branding strategy is the foundation of its unrelenting success. Since the company was launched in 1976, it has prioritized the development of a community of loyal customers.

Because they maintain a veil of secrecy over their brand’s inner workings, the buzz surrounding their product releases is unmatched. Each launch generates conversations among techies and laypeople alike.

Apple uses premium exclusivity when advertising new product releases. Its careful attention to product aesthetics has enabled the brand to be linked with luxury in the eyes of its customers. And that is exactly what many of its users are paying a premium for. Apple products are status symbols based on emotion rather than necessity.

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#4: Creating customer-centric experiences

So, how is the customer experience a part of Apple’s branding strategy? That’s simple. Apple prioritizes the consumer in everything they do.

Business Yield

Through its branding strategy, Apple has positioned itself as an innovative company, embodying its “Think Different” slogan. Take, for example, their ‘Shot on iPhone’ ad. It not only demonstrates the iPhone camera’s incredible capability, but also includes engaging videos taken by actual users.

The ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign effectively combined human emotion with genuine product advantages. This was achieved by giving customers the chance to be a part of something big. And it was. The first segment of the campaign was seen at least 6.5 billion times! The campaign emphasizes Apple’s emotional branding pillar. It strengthens their connection with the viewer by showing how their products fit into people’s lives.

#5: ‘Glocal’ Branding

Whether you’re in Delhi, Milan, London or Beijing, you’ll recognize the iPhone’s standard design, simplicity, and ease of use appeal. But while their products and the Apple experience are global, they embed subtle local elements that are significant to customers. That means Apple’s global branding strategy is designed to be flexible for global and local marketing, hence ‘GLOCAL’.

For instance, to reflect Parisians’ architectural inclinations, one Apple Store in Paris is housed in a Haussmann-style structure. In Japan, the ‘Mac vs PC’ campaign was adapted to highlight product disparities in a gentler. Since direct-comparison advertising is frowned upon in Japan, it was made more subtle as opposed to the Western version.

Advertisements that make consumers relate to the brand identity form one of Apple’s biggest branding strategies.

‘Glocal’ marketing campaigns have led to Apple being able to maintain its brand identity while driving growth in over 100 countries.

How Can You Take Your Brand To The Next Level?

Your brand is a promise to your customers. An assurance to deliver a high-quality product or service every time they engage with your business. So, it’s important for your brand identity that your marketing remains consistent.

The goal isn’t to be like Apple. Instead, take another look at what Apple does well. Then come up with new methods that will help your brand achieve the same goals. The best way to do this is to create a brand kit. This will ensure all your content and marketing materials look consistent across the board. Generate the perfect brand kit for free and speed up your branding design in an instant with Simplified AI!

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