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How To Create A Collaborative Workspace!

design collaboration on simplified

A great design team requires creative collaboration. And with remote work becoming more of the norm, designers from various locations can work together! But this can make real-time meetings quite the hassle.

We at Simplified understand your stress and came up with something to make it easier: a Collaborative Workspace!

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What’s the benefit of a collaborative workspace?

collaborative workspace

(Source: @austindistel on Unsplash) Discuss ideas and get a more hands-on feedback on your work

  • Faster Communication: With product launches and deadlines to keep in mind, prompt updates are necessary to keep your design team on track. Not only will real-time comments help you get feedback from the clients more efficiently, but they can save you loads of time by making last-minute changes so much simpler!
  • Active Execution of Ideas: A vision that is inefficiently implemented can lead to design fails. By answering queries and giving necessary input, you can unify your brand vision.
  • Unrestricted Workflow: No one wants to have their creative effort gone to waste, with the final piece not meeting certain standards. The ability to have multiple team members communicate their expectations and keep checks on the progress makes for highly efficient progress.

Not to mention, the workspace is open to all team members, 100% remote, and comes with design tools available for everyone to use.

How do I create a workspace on Simplified?

simplified design workspace

Now that you know the importance and value of a collaborative workspace, let’s see how to make one on Simplified!

Firstly: Login to your profile on our website.

simplified login page

Secondly: Click the drop down arrow next to your Display Name and Email.

simplified login process

Thirdly : Select the option “Create Workspace.” You can name it whatever you want! For example, “John Doe’s Workspace” or “Simplified Workspace” and get started.

Fourthly: Now, on the “Invite your teammates” page, enter the email addresses of people you wish to give access to and include in your workspace.

share a workspace on simplified

Finaly: Click “Send Invite”!

And boom! You will be redirected to your home page where you can start collaborating! You can:

  • Start with a template
  • Start from scratch
  • Or continue working on existing projects in “My Projects”

How to make use of a collaborative workspace!

(Source: @wocintechchat on Unsplash) Collaborative edits can help you capture the creative flow, real-time!

Get Talking!

  • The comment section of your project helps keep everyone’s ideas in one place, and allows them to be accessed by all of the team members.
  • Collecting reactions and input from multiple members keeps everyone on the same page.
  • See what’s working or what’s not – in real time.

You also have access to features such as: Edits, Add-ons, Feedback, Suggestions and so much more!

Innovate and Inspire!

  • Found an interesting design on a website? Share the link with your teammates in the comments!
  • Researching your competitors can also be a great source of inspiration for your collaborative workspace.

To sum it up:

Simplified gives you the option of making your design workspace more collaborative. This takes away all the hassle of updating each individual team member at different times.

Accountability and transparency in your project can make the work more focused. Not only will you save time, but the team will also feel more responsible as a whole for the quality of the final product.

Most importantly, your final design can be completed with active participation from all team members, instead of waiting on individual approvals before submitting to the client.

Remote work has now become a preferred option for many people. It’s not just for freelancers anymore! With a collaborative workspace, coordinating with your colleagues has never been simpler.

And there you have it: remote collaboration, Simplified. Create your workspace now!

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