Affiliate Marketing Tools: The 20 Tools Every Marketer Needs (Free & Paid Options)

Affiliate Marketing Tools: The 20 Tools Every Marketer Needs (Free & Paid Options)
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The marketing world has certainly evolved dramatically over the past few years, yet one constant remains—affiliate marketing continues to be a powerful growth strategy for brands and businesses. With global spending on affiliate marketing projected to reach $15.7 billion in 2024, it’s clear that this marketing approach is still going strong. And if you’re thinking about diving into affiliate marketing, it’s not as simple as throwing up a few links and watching the money roll in. To really make it big, you have to leverage the right tools. Affiliate marketing tools can help streamline your processes, optimize your campaigns, and ultimately boost your revenue. 

In this blog, we’ll explore some of the most effective affiliate marketing tools available today, suited for various needs from link management to content creation, SEO, and more. Let’s get started 👏

1. Content Creation

Content is the backbone of any solid affiliate marketing strategy. If you want to captivate your audience and drive clicks, you need eye-catching, engaging material for all your affiliate marketing content, whether it’s social media posts, blog articles, videos, or anything else. Here are two fantastic tools that can help streamline the process and elevate the quality of your content.

Simplified AI Writer: To create written content for the website (Free)

Simplified AI Writer

Price: Simplified’s AI Writer has free and paid options. With the free version, users can create content up to 2,000 words per month. Paid plans allow up to 35,000 words per month, and start from $14 per month (billed annually).


✅ Forever free version

✅ 80+ AI writing templates

✅ Language support for 30+ languages

✅ Incredibly easy to use


❌ The free version has a word limit.

Main features:

  • Versatile content generation: Simplified’s AI writer comes with over 80 AI templates for creating a variety of SEO-optimized content, including Facebook ads, landing pages, YouTube descriptions, and more. There are also some unique AI writing templates like the AI speed writer, AI story generator, AI letter writer, etc.
  • AI content rewriter: This AI tool enhances and elevates your copy without altering its core message.
  • Long-form content generation: Simplified’s Long Form Writer is perfect for generating long-form content pieces, like reports, blogs, articles, and more.
  • Customization options: Customize your content by choosing from over 30 languages and more than 10 tones.
  • Real-time content collaboration: Collaborate on shared documents, giving feedback through comments along the way. Plus, you can easily keep track of different versions.
  • AI Chat for additional assistance: An AI ChatGPT alternative that gives answers to any questions, aiding in content research and planning. 
  • Content publishing support: Effortless scheduling and publishing of content across various social media platforms.

Besides the AI writer, the tool also has some excellent AI features for creating and optimizing videos, images, presentations, and more.

Interface and ease of use: The interface of this AI affiliate marketing tool is pretty straightforward and simple. Users can get started with a simple sign-up process, and navigate the well-designed dashboard to find the AI templates and tools that they need to start creating content. 

Our experience with Simplified: 

I tried out Simplified’s AI writer, and all I can say is that it has all the AI templates and tools you might need for your campaigns. I was able to create content fairly quickly and easily, optimizing it with built-in commands and a plagiarism checker. There’s also a media library for adding visuals to go with my text. Even while using the free version, I never felt restricted in terms of features.

User reviews:

G2 – “Simplified is an incredible AI tool for content creation. It helps me generate social media posts, blog articles, and marketing materials effortlessly. The platform’s user-friendly design and powerful features, like graphic design and text generation, save me a ton of time. I love how I can quickly create Instagram posts or draft blog intros with just a few clicks. Highly recommend it for anyone looking to boost their content productivity.” 

Capterra – “After using it for a few months, I find myself coming back to it more often and using it for a lot of my content creation. I’ve needed to ask support questions a few times and they got back to me very quickly and helped my find solutions. They are also very quick to improve the product and add new features!” 

Trustpilot – “Simplified has solved the biggest challenge in advertising: how to write more content in less time. It takes a lot of time to develop compelling text for ads, websites, blog posts, or any other words strung together intended to persuade the reader to take action. What’s more, you can write a lot of text quickly using Simplified.” 


Simplified offers a strong lineup of smart, AI-powered features that are well worth the price. If you are creating content, this affiliate marketing tool will make your life a whole lot easier with its AI-powered writing capabilities.

Narrato AI: For content collaboration and management (Paid, with free trial)

Narrato AI

Price: Narrato plans start from $44 per month, and each plan includes 4 user seats. Besides this, they also offer a custom plan and a 7-day free trial.


✅ 100+ AI templates and tools for content creation

✅ AI content autopilot and bulk generation

✅ Powerful SEO tools

✅ Content publishing support


❌ No forever free plan

Main features:

  • AI content assistant: The AI writing assistant comes with 100+ AI templates for planning and creating everything, like blogs, social media posts, website copy, product descriptions, video scripts, and more. There’s also an option to create custom AI templates for your unique needs.
  • AI content repurposing tool: This AI tool helps transform existing content into new formats for publishing on other channels. You can turn your product comparison videos into blog posts, user reviews into social media posts, the possibilities are endless. 
  • AI bulk content generator: Generate product descriptions, landing pages, social media posts, and more in bulk, using the bulk-generation enabled AI templates on Narrato.
  • AI Content Genie: Narrato features an AI content autopilot that creates fresh social media and blog posts every week, based on relevant themes and your website URL. 
  • AI SEO tools: Besides an AI keyword generator, Narrato offers an AI SEO brief generator that provides key SEO suggestions for better content optimization.
  • Custom AI templates: Create your own AI templates for any type of niche content you need. Save your frequently used prompts as reusable forms for quick and easy generation.
  • Custom brand voices: Generate AI content in your own brand voice. Save custom brand voices for various channels on Narrato and apply them during AI content generation for a more personal touch.

Besides these features, Narrato also comes with content publishing support, so you can publish content to any social media channel or CMS directly from Narrato. It also has powerful project management  and content collaboration features to manage your affiliate marketing campaigns better. 

Interface and ease of use: Narrato offers an easy-to-use interface, perfect even for those new to AI content generation. Navigating the platform is very smooth and intuitive, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by the wide array of features available.

Our experience with Narrato: 

What really stood out to me about Narrato was the sheer range of AI tools and templates on the platform. It has some pioneering tools that you won’t find on other AI content and marketing platforms. I love being able to customize my marketing messages to my brand voice. Keeping track of projects was also pretty easy, with folders and calendars,

User reviews:

G2 – “Narrato comes fully loaded with dozens of marketing-specific templates that save time and keystrokes to quickly output or repurpose relevant content types including emails, social media posts, blogs, web pages, white papers, etc. The built-in integrations to WordPress and popular social media platforms also allow us to seamlessly schedule, post, and track our content directly from the platform. In addition to content generation and publishing, we use the SEO Brief to ensure our content is optimized for specific keywords, the brand voice feature to ensure proper tone and messaging , and AI Chat/Writer to research topics and optimize content.” 

Capterra – “Narrato AI has been the most useful addition to my toolkit, giving me all the necessary AI content creation tools to enhance my marketing efforts and open new doors for success. I’ve been able to create amazing content with Narrato’s suite of 100+ AI templates, SEO tools, and other useful AI tools. No struggle to come up with content ideas. I especially love its long blog article generator.” 


Narrato streamlines everything, so you don’t need to juggle multiple content creation and marketing tools in your affiliate marketing efforts. Whether it’s keyword research, image generation, plagiarism checks, or simply enhancing your content, everything you need is right there.

2. Website and Hosting Setup

Getting your website right is crucial for affiliate marketing success, and for that, you need to choose a reliable hosting provider. The right web hosting service can dramatically affect how efficiently your website runs and how effectively it converts visitors into affiliate sales. These are some website hosting services to consider to get your affiliate marketing website up and running –

Flippa: To buy an existing website or domain (Free)


Price: You can start buying websites and domains on Flippa, completely free. For exclusive listings, in-depth insights, and other services, you can opt for the Premium plan starting at just $49 per month.


✅ Quality listings

✅ Genuine buyers and sellers

✅ AI matching


❌ Risk of scams

Main features:

  • Large collection of web assets: The vast selection on Flippa offers potential buyers a great opportunity to find desired listing at a good price.
  • Vetted sellers: Flippa ensures quality and transparency by conducting thorough vetting. There are also due diligence services available at an additional cost. 
  • AI matching: Receive personalized notifications for the best deals that match your interests.
  • Watch list: You can set alerts for the type of listings you’re looking for, and get relevant listings delivered straight to your inbox. 
  • Deal room: Handle negotiations, documents completion and more

Interface and ease of use:

One of Flippa’s main strengths is its user-friendly interface. The website is very intuitive, making it incredibly easy to navigate and use.

Our experience with Flippa:

One great advantage of using Flippa to buy your next affiliate marketing website is that it broadens your reach, allowing for connections with people globally and improving the chances of securing a great deal. Plus, it’s user-friendly and secure! I had a pretty positive experience using this affiliate marketing tool.

User reviews:

G2 – “Large number of buyers/sellers from across the globe. So visibility that one gets by listing say a website on Flippa is far greater than other portals in this niche. Also, key statistics like Google Analytics data and transactions through Stripe and PayPal are verified and buyers can gauge the same right from the listing.” 

Trustpilot – “Everything was smooth and transparent, and had follow through and I’m completely satisfied” 


Flippa offers a well-organized and professional method for purchasing websites or domains, giving you expertise, visibility, and assistance every step of the way.

Bluehost: To host the WordPress website (Paid)


Price: Bluehost’s web hosting plans start from $2.95 per month.


✅ Low-cost web hosting

✅ Free SSL

✅ Yoast SEO enabled


❌ Slow loading times

Main features:

  • WordPress partnership: Bluehost works collaboratively with WordPress to provide a great hosting platform for WordPress websites.
  • Cloudflare CDN: Enhances your website’s speed and performance. 
  • Website caching: Server-level caching speeds up your website by loading web pages faster.
  • Security: Bluehost offers SSL certificates, CodeGuard backups, and SiteLock to protect your site from search engine blacklists.
  • Easy setup: Easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder and WordPress themes for quickly setting up your website. 

Interface And Ease Of Use:

The user interface is pretty decent, featuring a simple design that allows anyone to easily host a site and understand the basics of website hosting.

Our experience with Bluehost:

Bluehost offers an impressive package, including essentials like subdomains, SSL certificates, and custom emails for free. Plus, you get a free domain for one year and a free CDN service to enhance your website’s performance. In my experience, hosting a website with Bluehost’s services is a breeze, even if one has no prior experience in web development.

User reviews:

G2 – “Bluehost is one of the leading web hosting service providers made it very affordable for general people to start their own website or blog. They are serving the world of internet with their wide range of services for more than 2 decades now. Therefore, Bluehost is trusted by many people for their consistency in what they do and loved because of the low cost of their services. I loved their web hosting services because of low cost, excellent service and ease of managing a WordPress blog from their cPanel.” 

Capterra – “My overall experience is good, I didn’t get any huge type of hosting related problems yet. This hosting provider was able to help me perfectly and grow up my business. Bluehost presents itself so professionally, If someone asks me that hey what is the best host provider? I can tell them about Bluehost.” 

Trustpilot – “Great hosting for getting WP sites spun up and running quickly. The stage and deploy system is a little tricky to figure out, but a breeze once you understand it. Pricing is a little confusing at first as well. Servers are fast and reliable so far. Great for anyone needing an easy to use WP setup that feels like a VPS only when you need that level of access.” 


Using Bluehost, you can easily create your own websites and potentially earn a good income from them. Plus, there’s no need to stress about website security—Bluehost offers SSL and malware scanning features as added services.

Hostinger: To build and host your affiliate website (Paid with 3 months free)


Price: Hostinger plans start from $2.99 per month, plus 3 months free with each plan.


✅ Affordable pricing

✅ Multiple data centers

✅ Daily and weekly backups

✅ Free CDN, SSL, and automatic website migration


❌ Limited disk space

Main features:

  • Better website performance: Latest technologies like NVMe storage, Lite Speed Web Server, and a global CDN to ensure best-in-class performance. 
  • 99.99% uptime: Every Hostinger plan comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Security features: Free SSL, malware scanner, automatic backups, distributed denial-of-service protection, and IP+country blocking. 
  • Specialized hosting services: WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, email hosting, and cloud hosting.

Interface and ease of use: Hostinger’s control panel, called hPanel, is modern, user-friendly, and intuitive. The initial setup process helps you get your website up and running smoothly.

Our experience with Hostinger

Setting up a website on Hostinger is a breeze with its user-friendly interface. Given its affordable pricing, the performance and speed are also quite impressive. I believe, it is the perfect choice for anyone looking to establish their online presence while enjoying affordable domains and excellent hosting plans.

User reviews:G2 – “Their packages include products and services like website builder, domain assistance, email hosting, etc. The pricing is cheaper than other hosting sites. But what I love about them is their amazing customer support, every query gets replied to within minutes! Their website makes hosting management easy and allows fast deployment.”

Capterra – “I am using Hostinger since 2016. It has been awesome since then. Its the first choice for shared web hosting. because of NO-DOWN-TIME and affordable price for what it offers.” 

Trustpilot – “I am extremely satisfied with Hostinger’s services. Their user-friendly interface made setting up my website a breeze. The performance is outstanding, with fast load times and reliable uptime. Their customer support is always available and helpful. Hostinger offers excellent value for money with a range of features that meet all my hosting needs. Highly recommend.” 


Hostinger offers excellent uptime and wesbite performance, setting a high standard in the industry. It’s user-friendly and straightforward to set up, striking a perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and robust features. Plus, they provide website building tools that cater to both beginners and advanced users. This combination, along with their speed-focused technology and impressive 99% uptime, makes Hostinger a compelling choice for any affiliate marketer.

3. Keyword Research and SEO Optimization

Keyword research and SEO optimization are absolute game-changers when it comes to nailing affiliate marketing. Choosing the right keywords and SEO best practices can be the difference between your content getting noticed or getting lost in the noise. So, we’ve selected some great affiliate marketing tools that offer in-depth research and analytics on keyword competition, search volume, and SEO that help you optimize your website and content accordingly.

Ahrefs: For in-depth keyword research and competitor analysis (Paid)


Price: Ahrefs plans start from $129 per month. You can sign up for Ahrefs Webmaster Tools and enjoy free limited access to both Site Explorer and Site Audit.


✅ Pulls data from 9 search engines

✅ High-quality keyword research

✅ Site analysis

✅ Ease of use


❌ ‘Power user’ seat limitations

Main features:

  • Keyword explorer: Search which keywords are performing well on Google, and 8 other search engines. Get related and matching terms, keyword difficulty score, search volume, and traffic-potential score for each keyword. 
  • Domain analysis: Understand the SEO improvements you can make to your website.
  • Track important metrics: Key metrics domain rating (DR), traffic value, backlinks, and more. 
  • Rank tracking: Track how well your content ranks for specific keywords over time. 
  • Backlink analysis: Get a detailed backlink profile for your page and identify any broken links.

Interface And Ease Of Use: The interface and dashboard are very user-friendly. Thanks intuitive design, even newcomers can get up to speed fairly quickly.

Our experience with Ahrefs

There are many SEO tools in the market, but what sets Ahrefs apart are the top-of-the-line features for keyword research and competitor analysis. Keyword Explorer saved me hours of guesswork by uncovering thousands of relevant keyword ideas from its massive database. This makes it easier to create SEO-rich content that enhances the website’s visibility and ranking.

User reviews:

G2 – “The best thing about Ahrefs is it’s own search engine capability and how accurate data it gives on Google search. The way it provides us the ranking, keywords, competitor’s website performance, backlink profile, advertising analysis, and so on is commendable. We’ve been using this tool for over 5 years and couldn’t be happier than ever. Ahrefs has made our marketing efforts a lot easier than ever. It requires a little bit of initial setup and implementation.” 

Capterra – “Is definitely one of the big SEO tools in the market. Although it is pricy, Ahrefs is definitely a must if you’re into backlinking campaings. They have unique features that are very useful to perform outreach campaigns.” 

Trustpilot – “I love Ahrefs because it offers a complete SEO toolkit with data for backlink analysis, keyword research, competitor analysis, and site audits. It has a great UX/UI and it makes it easy to use for both beginners and professionals, helping more than just improve website visibility and organic traffic. I have been using ahrefs for more than 8 years and it’s one of my go-to tools for research.” 


For affiliate marketers looking to do SEO, we highly recommend Ahrefs. It makes it super simple to find relevant primary keywords, as well as LSI keywords. With its comprehensive SEO and keyword research features and user-friendly interface, Ahrefs is an ideal affiliate marketing tool. 

Ubersuggest: For keyword ideas and SEO analysis (Free)


Price: With Ubersuggest’s free version, you can get keyword overview for 3 search terms every day. The paid plans start from $12 per month. There’s also a 7-day free trial.


✅ Gives great keywords and content ideas

✅ SEO and competitor analysis

✅ Ease of use

✅ Inexpensive


❌ Involves a bit of a learning curve

Main features:

  • Keyword research: Get plenty of suggestions, along with SEO difficulty metrics and search volume estimates. The tool also gives keyword ideas in the form of prepositions, comparisons, questions, and related keywords. 
  • Site audit: Identify the problems affecting your website and get recommendations for improvement.
  • Competitor analysis: Keep a close eye on your competitors’ SEO tactics to boost your business success
  • Backlink checker: Discover who’s linking to your website or to your competitors’ domains.
  • Ranking tracking: Monitor how your URLs rank in search engine results for specific keywords.

Interface and ease of use:

Ubersuggest offers a simple layout and straightforward interface that keeps users from getting lost. It’s incredibly easy to find keywords and their search volume data. However, with so much information, it might take a little time to fully get the hang of it.

Our experience with Ubersuggest

The granular level look at search data was incredibly helpful for creating a thoroughly researched keyword list. Plus, there’s no need to implement anything before I started using it, so it’s as easy as getting keyword ideas from Google Keyword Planner (if not easier).

User reviews:

G2 – “The granular and in-depth data on keyword research and website performance. We use this tool for our marketing purposes (SEO and PPC,) and couldn’t be happier using it. We still use Google keyword planner, but UberSuggest has some additional features that set them apart. Moreover, you don’t need to implement anything before using it.” 

Capterra – “UberSuggest is a comprehensive SEO tool that offers a variety of features for keyword research, SEO analysis, competitor analysis, and content ideas. One of the biggest pros of the tool is its comprehensive keyword research capabilities, which provide users with a wide range of long-tail keywords, related keywords, and questions that users search for.” 

Trustpilot – “This is the best deal for anyone who is doing the SEO on their own website. Besides having all of the software tools that the other three big similar companies have at half the price, they have incredible education and webinars. Here is the big kicker: They have given me stellar email support for every question that I wasn’t able to find in my own research. How great is that?” 


Ubersuggest is quite affordable compared to other SEO tools. The free features are incredibly handy if you’re just starting out. And even if you need more advanced SEO functionalities, like keyword suggestion filters, you won’t have to break the bank.

Yoast SEO: For on-page SEO optimization on the website (Free)

Yoast SEO

Price: Yoast SEO offers a free WordPress plugin with all the basic SEO featured. If you want advanced and AI-powered features, there’s a Premium plan, priced at $99 per year. 


✅ Easy to use

✅ Catches SEO mistakes

✅ Extensive set of features in the free version

✅ SEO report on dashboard


❌ Doesn’t take LSI terms into account

❌ Inaccurate keyword density

Main features:

  • Real-time content analysis: Watch how your content fares in terms of SEO as you craft it. Yoast assigns an SEO score to each piece, grading your content on a scale (0-100).
  • Keyword optimization: Yoast suggests which keywords to include in your content to enhance your SEO score.
  • Title/description optimization: Get personalized recommendations on optimizing your meta title and description.
  • Sitemap generation: Yoast creates an XML sitemap for your website automatically, which helps search engines index your content more efficiently.
  • Readability analysis: This tool will review the length of your paragraphs and sentences, provide feedback on your use of transition words, and alert you to any instances of passive voice.
  • Premium features: Yoast SEO premium comes with AI tools, automatic redirects, real-time internal linking suggestions, and other great features. 

Interface and ease of use:

Yoast SEO provides an easy-to-use interface with practical suggestions that help enhance your content and boost your website’s visibility. I loved the traffic light system, which guides users in effectively optimizing their posts.

Our experience with Yoast SEO

Beyond keyword research, SEO optimization is crucial for driving organic traffic. I found Yoast SEOWordPress plugin to be tremendously useful by guiding me on how to optimize the articles, create sitemaps, and obtain better readability scores. 

User reviews:

G2 – “This tool is very easy to use even non-technical persona can esaily manage it We can easily update meta title and description among webpages using this tool. It helps to improve the overall SEO score by inserting proper headings, keyphrases and hyperlinking among content of the page.” 

Capterra – “In the SEO community, Yoast is a well-known tool. On-page SEO is effective with them. I appreciate the fact that it offers guidance on title tags, meta headers, H1s, and other elements. This plug-in can perform just about anything and is nearly a jack of all trades.” 

Trustpilot – “If you’re looking to improve your SEO on WordPress, Yoast is your solution. An easy-to-use platform and personal guide to help you level up your search engine rankings. I highly recommend it!” 


Yoast is an impressive affiliate marketing tool for SEO that boasts a user-friendly interface and clear SEO instructions. Seamlessly integrating with WordPress, Yoast also helps with on-page SEO elements such as titles, meta descriptions, and more. Yoast is great overall, but the premium features might be a bit too expensive for a small website owner. That said, the free version still provides plenty of value.

4. Design and Media Creation

As a marketer, you know that your audience’s engagement hinges on the visual appeal of your content. Designing high-quality images and creating compelling media can enhance your posts and promotions to a great degree. To bring your creative ideas to life, give these user-friendly design tools a try –

Canva: To create graphic designs for content and promotions (Free)


Price: Canva is a free affiliate marketing tool for graphic designing, but there are paid plans that offer additional features and an extensive library of design elements. These paid plans start from $12.99 per month.


✅ Extensive template and designs library

✅ AI-powered graphic design tools

✅ Easy-to-use


❌ Not many advanced design features

Main features:

  • Versatile templates: This affiliate marketing platform for graphic designing comes with a massive library of templates for any type of content you might need for your affiliate campaigns, from videos and social posts, to infographics custom graphics, and more.
  • Drag-and-drop design tool: Create your designs in just a few clicks with the drag-and-drop feature.
  • Magic design tools: Canva also comes with a host of AI-powered magic design tools, like the AI image generator, Magic Eraser, Magic Grab, Magic Switch, and more. 
  • Customizable brand kit: Canva’s brand kit feature is fantastic whether you’re managing affiliate marketing for one brand or several. With this tool, you can add the brand’s logo, fonts, and color palettes, so that it’s easier to access these elements while designing. This ensures you maintain brand consistency in all your designs for a project.

Interface and ease of use:

The Canva interface is user-friendly and simple, so the entire process of designing and creating materials for affiliate marketing campaigns takes less than half the time it would otherwise.

Our experience with

I tried Canva to create a few marketing materials, and the design experience this tool offers is seamless. The best part about this tool, in my opinion, is that it does not require a huge learning curve, which means that anyone can do graphic designing. There are options to use one of the pre-made templates to create your designs, or start from scratch. I also found that Canva lets you embed affiliate links to visuals, so that it is automatically attached when you publish/share the content on specific platforms. 

User reviews:

G2 – “Canva makes creating and editing visual content an effortless and fun-to-do task. The bouquet of intuitive tools and resources makes it a one-stop solution for all my graphical content problems with no to little hassle solution.” 

Capterra – “Canva is a fantastic platform that democratizes design, making it accessible to everyone. Its user-friendly interface facilitates a smooth design process, boosting productivity and creativity. It’s an indispensable tool for creating marketing materials, and AI presentations.” 

Trustpilot – “Absolutely superb tool! It’s a life changing website for graphics, video, audio and so much more for novice and amateur creators.” 


Rather than juggling multiple tools, you can rely on Canva’s user-friendly interface to quickly complete any tasks for your affiliate campaigns.

Simplified image generator: To generate unique images for content (Free)

Simplified image generator

Price: With Simplified, you can generate AI images for free. For advanced AI design features, the plans start from $12 per month.


✅ User-friendly experience

✅ Customization options

✅ Free-to-use


❌ No pre-fed image style options

Main features:

  • Text-to-image generation: Generates images from simple text prompts. 
  • Image customization: Use elements, icons, and lively animations to enhance your AI-generated visuals.
  • Image download: Download your AI-generated images in JPG, PNG, PDF, or SVG, format.
  • Unique AI design tools: Simplified offers tons of other unique AI tools for visual content creation like Scribble-to-Art, Generative Fill, AI image upscaler, AI Font generator, and more. 

Interface And Ease Of Use: Simplified AI image generator is easy to navigate, catering to all users regardless of their technical skills. Its straightforward design makes the image generation process a breeze, so you don’t need any complicated technical know-how to get started.

Our experience with Simplified AI image generator

Simplified’s AI image generator is incredibly fun to play with. I can create any image out of my imagination, in any style, by entering a few simple text prompts. Adjusting the output after generating the image is also pretty easy, with in-built image editing tools on the platform. 

User reviews:

G2 – “This AI image-generating website has quickly become an indispensable part of my creative toolkit. What I love most is its diverse range of styles that cater to any project or mood, providing me with the flexibility I crave. The user-friendly interface makes the entire process a breeze, even for those less tech-savvy. But it’s the impeccable image quality that truly sets Simplified apart, consistently delivering impressive, high-resolution visuals that bring my ideas to life with stunning clarity. Whether you’re a designer, marketer, or content creator, Simplified is your secret weapon for taking creativity to new heights. Don’t miss out on this remarkable tool!” 

Capterra – “Simplified is a brilliant assistant to my content creation needs. I love the provided templates and being able to customize my own images with their software.” 


Simplified makes AI image generation a breeze. Forget about technical jargon or spending hours on tutorials. With just a few simple text prompts, you can bring stunning visuals to life straight from your imagination.

Imagify: To optimize images for faster website loading (Free)


Price: Imagify lets you optimize 200 images for free every month. There are also paid plans that start from $5.99 per month. 


✅ Supports variety of image formats

✅ Bulk optimization of images

✅ Easy to use


❌ Images stored on server

❌ Doesn’t support lazy load feature

Main features:

  • Optimizes images in a variety of formats: Helps speed up your website by compressing all the common image formats, including PNGs, JPGs, GIFs, and PDFs.
  • Avif conversion: Converting your images to Avif can make them lighter, which can help improve your Core Web Vitals.
  • WebP conversion: Imagify converts your images to WebP format, optimizing them for improved performance automatically.
  • Smart Compression: Imagify compresses each image to maintain the perfect balance between quality and performance, giving you beautifully optimized images every time. 
  • WordPress integration: With our plugin, you can compress all your images automatically on WordPress.

Interface and ease of use:

Imagify is incredibly user-friendly, with an interface that simplifies the process of resizing photos.

Our experience with

Regularly compressing images used to take up a lot of time, but Imagify has made this process quick and easy. I was able to compress various image formats, plus, it also allows for image resizing. The best part about this tool is that I can conveniently use it directly on my WordPress to manage image sizes.

User reviews:

G2 – “What I like most about the tool and the platform is the simplicity with which the features are explained and how clear it is for the end-user to understand and navigate.” 

Trustpilot – “The plugin easily shrunk my photo’s saving me seconds on my page loads. Support was great, I emailed, asked a couple of questions which were answered quickly and clearly.” 


Having a fast-loading site is crucial nowadays, and Imagify helps us hit that goal by keeping website images the right size, without ever losing quality.

5. Landing Pages and Conversion Optimization

Your affiliate marketing landing pages are the first interaction that potential customers have with your product or service. A well-designed landing page can significantly increase conversion rates, turning visitors into buyers or leads. To achieve this, you need tools that help you create, test, and optimize your pages effortlessly. Here are some of our recommendations – 

Instapage: To create and optimize landing pages for higher conversions (Paid)


Price: Instapage offers 3 paid plans, which start from $79 per month. There’s also a 14-day free trial if you want to test out the tool before starting. 


✅ 500+ landing page layouts 

✅ A/B testing

✅ AI content generation


❌ It’s a bit expensive

Main features:

  • Drag-and-drop editor: Easily design and personalize your landing pages with various colors, styles, and fonts.
  • Wide selection of templates: Find several useful landing page templates and layouts designed for different industries.
  • Landing page conversion optimization: Boost your landing page conversions by turning more leads into customers with the help of A/B testing and Heatmaps.
  • AI content generation: Use AI to create headlines, CTAs, and paragraphs for your landing pages from directly within the Instapage builder.
  • Built-in AMP support: This makes sure your landing pages look great on mobile devices.
  • Thor Render Engine: This technology ensures fastest page load speeds in the industry. 
  • Integrations: It integrates smoothly with email marketing, CRM, and more.

Interface and ease of use:

Creating professional-looking landing pages for your affiliate marketing campaigns will be a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, which saves both time and resources.

Our experience with Instapage

The best thing about Instapage is that it lets you create high-converting landing pages without coding or a developer. With its drag-and-drop editor and numerous templates, I could create some beautiful landing pages. The A/B testing function is also very efficient, giving me real-time insights about which images, layouts, and copy work best with audiences.

User reviews:

G2 – “If you have ever worked with a landing page builder, Instapage is similar, but a bit more user-friendly. My favorite part about them is the customer service is FANTASTIC! I ask lots of questions, and always get extremely prompt and helpful answers, often even with screen recorded demos.” 

Capterra – “Excellent customer service (they always help when needed) and I also love the perk of A/B testing my landing pages to make sure they convert higher. I use Instapage for everything, it’s a critical part of how I run my business.” 

Trustpilot – “While the instapage pager builder is very intuitive and well working, the customer service is even better.” 


Instapage is a fantastic tool for affiliate marketing, perfect for brainstorming, designing, and scaling landing page creation. It’s incredibly user-friendly, especially for those who aren’t familiar with coding. The interface is intuitive and simple to navigate.

Dorik AI Website Builder: To build a website if starting from scratch (Free)


Price: Dorik offers a free plan, using which you can create up to 5 websites. The paid plans start from $15 per month. 


✅ Easy to build websites

✅ Budget-friendly


❌ Prone to unknown bugs

Main features:

  • 80+ templates and 250+ UI blocks: Pre-made templates and UI blocks to create your website.
  • No-code drag-and-drop editor: Build your website by simply dragging and rearranging components. 
  • Components: Choose from a variety of website components, like images, image sliders/galleries, subscription/contact forms, blogs, payment buttons and more. 
  • Revenue generation features: Implement paywalls, create user portals, and integrate with Stripe so that only your paying customers can access your content.

Interface and ease of use:

Dorik’s AI-powered website builder features an intuitive interface that requires no coding at all. You can set up your website by simply dragging components.

Our experience with Dorik

I found Dorik AI to be quite user-friendly for a website builder, with a sleek interface that makes navigation and implementation a breeze. Despite offering so much, keeps things simple when it comes to integration. This makes it a fantastic choice for both professionals and beginners who want to create stunning websites without needing extensive coding knowledge. 

User reviews:

G2 – “I don’t know how to code and I didn’t have the budget to hire someone to do that for me, I tried multiple website builders but none of them were free then I stumbled upon Dorik and it changed my life I was able to put up a website in merely two hours and everything was very user friendly.” 

Capterra – “Dorik is a great tool for website design without any code knowledge. You can focus on your content and branding without worrying about technical details. it’s very easy to use and intuitive. If you don’t want to design from scratch, their templates are lovely and there is variety for all needs. You can customize them to your liking.” 


Dorik’s user-friendly website editing tools and an impressive free tier make it an excellent choice for building personal websites.

Unbounce – To create and optimize high-converting landing pages (Paid)


Price: The Unbounce plans start $74 per month. 


✅ High-level customization

✅ Split testing feature

✅ Beautiful landing page templates


❌ Existing landing pages created outside of Unbounce can’t be split-tested.

Main features:

  • Landing Page creation: Use the Unbounce landing page builder and other handy tools on the platform to craft perfect landing pages.
  • Sticky Bars and Pop-ups: Draw in potential customers with interactive pop-ups and eye-catching sticky bars.
  • A/B Testing: Continuously test and enhance your landing pages for better performance.
  • Reports & analytics: Measure and track the effectiveness of your landing pages.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement: Increase conversions by matching your landing page content to visitors’ search queries.
  • Smart Traffic: This AI-powered tool directs traffic to the most relevant landing page automatically.
  • AMP Landing Pages: Build AMP landing pages that can load up to 85% faster on mobile devices.
  • Lead Form Builder: Design and integrate forms into your landing pages effortlessly.

Interface And Ease Of Use:

The user-friendly interface allows you to create fantastic landing pages without needing to know anything about HTML.

Our experience with Unbounce

One of the highlights of using Unbounce for me was definitely the page builder. I loved how I could move text blocks and images freely around the page, which made it super easy to get creative with my designs. Plus, Unbounce’s robust A/B testing features allowed me to experiment with various elements on the page, helping me understand what truly resonates with my audience.

User reviews:

G2 – “Unbounce is a fantastic tool for creating landing pages, forms, and more. The drag and drop feature is particularly useful, as it allows us to easily copy and paste elements from different pages and share templates across different pages.” 

Capterra – “Unbounce is a complete landing page builder and works great for testing new marketing campaigns.” 

Trustpilot – “There are certainly a few landing page editors out there, but Unbounce is by far my favorite. I can spin up a page in minutes, easily tweak the messaging so it’s customized for each campaign, and integrate to my marketing automation system (Marketo) with ease. I like that everything I need or want to do can be accomplished in a few clicks.” 


Unbounce is a great solution for any affiliate marketer. The possibilities for creating landing pages are almost endless—you can add pictures, Google tracking, dynamic word inserts, webhooks, email notifications, and more. 

Managing and optimizing affiliate links is another critical aspect of affiliate marketing. There are affiliate marketing tools that can let you cloak long, messy URLs into neat, branded ones, making them more appealing and easier to share. Plus, you can set up redirects, track clicks, and monitor performance all in one place. This way, you’re not just throwing links out there, but smartly ensuring that every link is working correctly, tracking properly, and optimized for maximum profitability. These are some of our recommendations for affiliate links and management – To find affiliate programs and manage relationships (Paid)

Price: pricing plans start from $500 per month. 


✅ Well-designed dashboard

✅ Excellent customer support


❌ Paid add-ons

Main features:

  • Discovery platform: Select products and enterprise brands, retailers, and SaaS brands to work with.
  • Cross-device tracking: Provides affiliates with the tools to track customer interactions across devices, making sure credit goes to the key points that influenced their purchases.
  • Flexible payment processing: Get paid through BACS, direct transfer, or PayPal in any currency you prefer.
  • Reporting and alerts: Stay on top of changes with our real-time campaign reports. Get custom SMS and email alerts to keep you ahead.

Interface And Ease Of Use: offers an easy-to-use interface with plenty of features to help you manage and track affiliate marketing campaigns. You can quickly switch between “reports,” “brands,” and “content” to access deals, tracking links, and content, discover new brands, and view your campaign performance with just a few clicks.

Our experience with

One of the things I loved most about is its user-friendly dashboard and wide range of features. The platform made managing and tracking my affiliate marketing campaigns so much easier. It also provided detailed analytics and real-time reporting on these campaigns.

User reviews:

G2 – “What I like best about is its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. The platform allows me to easily manage and track my affiliate marketing campaigns, providing detailed analytics and real-time reporting. Additionally, offers a wide range of integration options, making it seamless to connect with various affiliate networks and partners.” 

Capterra – “Impact Radius has all the essential features that an affiliate network should have. This makes it easier to earn online with affiliate marketing. The platform makes payments on time and solves your problem within 24-48 hours via tickets.” 

Trustpilot – “Impact’s affiliate and creator platform for advertisers is one of the best in the market – continually providing interesting and innovative updates. I genuinely feel like I can build a world-class partner program on this platform.” 

Conclusion: provides powerful affiliate marketing tools, with excellent campaign tracking, partner management, and analytics capabilities. Although there’s a bit of a learning curve, the customer support team is dependable. On the downside, its high cost might not be the best fit for those new to affiliate marketing.

Shareasale: To find affiliate programs and track performance (Free)


Price: The ShareASale affiliate network platform is free to join. 


✅ Active affiliate marketing platform

✅ Great UI

✅ Timely payouts


❌ Website is a bit outdated

Main features:

  • New programs each month: Each month brings over 260 new programs, featuring everything from popular household brands to unique niche retailers.
  • Merchant search: Find and join relevant affiliate programs using filters, popular searches, and a marketing calendar highlighting seasonal events and upcoming holidays.
  • Transparent reporting: Find out which merchants are performing the best, quickly fix broken links, and set up your own tracking for extra insights using aff-tracking.

Interface and ease of use:

The interface may feel a bit outdated and not the easiest to use, but the large number of affiliate programs and timely payouts really balance things out.

Our experience with ShareASale

Being part of Awin, Shareasale ensures a professional experience for its clients and is quick to assist with any issues one might encounter. With a wide range of merchants across various niches, I was able to find plenty of opportunities. The data feed integration is particularly appealing; it’s more streamlined and generates fewer errors compared to others.

User reviews:

G2 – “What I like best about Shareasale is the the large pool of affiliates in the program. Also, you can customize commissions in a variety of ways to fit each affiliate or business model.” 

Trustpilot – “I use quite a few affiliate networks but SaS really stands out when it comes to transparency. No other network I’ve been on shows you when a merchant’s account is running low on funds (which means you may not get paid) and if a merchant has a high chargeback rate (something some unscrupulous merchants do to get free sales).” 


ShareASale helps in finding many affiliate programs and partner links. You can discover many well-known brands in their marketplace. 


Price: Thirsty Affiliates plans start from $99.60 per year. 


✅ Link fixer

✅ Built-in affiliate link shortener

✅ Smart uncloaking and safe redirects


❌ Limited stats feature

❌ Serious affiliate marketers need the Pro version

Main features:

  • Autolink keywords: Inserts affiliate links to keywords on your site automatically
  • Geolocation links: Directs international clicks to specific destinations based on country
  • Smart uncloaking: Allows affiliate links to be visible (to comply with Amazon’s terms of service)
  • Proactive link fixer: Keeps affiliate links functional
  • Automatic 404 checker: Regularly scans for broken affiliate links
  • CSV import/export: Organizes affiliate links through CSV files
  • Advanced statistics reports: Offers insights on performance by category, 24-hour trends, and location
  • Product displays: Creates engaging displays for affiliate links to boost clicks

Interface and ease of use:

ThirstyAffiliates makes it super simple to manage your affiliate links right from your WordPress site. It’s got an easy-to-use interface and doesn’t need any coding skills. You can effortlessly track clicks and conversions without needing a developer.

Our experience with ThirstyAffiliates

This affiliate marketing tool helped me cloak affiliate links, making them look cleaner and more trustworthy while also protecting them from being hijacked. Plus, it allows makes it easier to track the performance of each link, so you can see which products or pages are generating the most revenue.

User reviews:

Hubspot – “ThirstyAffiliates is a WordPress plugin that can help you advance your affiliate marketing strategy to promote products and services that are tailored to the needs and wants of your audience.”


If you take affiliate marketing seriously, ThirstyAffiliates is a must-have feature. Managing and organizing all of your affiliate links in one place is going to be a game-changer for your marketing campaigns.

7. Email Marketing

Imagine having a direct line to your audience’s inbox, where you can share killer deals and valuable content. Affiliate marketing tools for emails can make it a breeze to create eye-catching emails, manage your subscriber lists, and track performance. From welcome emails to targeted campaigns, these tools ensure you’re always connected with your audience, driving clicks and conversions like a pro. We recommend you try these to email marketing tools for your affiliate marketing campaigns –

Email marketing remains a powerhouse in affiliate marketing, providing one of the best returns on investment among digital marketing tactics. Tools designed for email marketing help affiliates distribute personalized, relevant, and engaging content to subscriber lists, thereby driving traffic and boosting sales.

MailerLite: To create and manage email marketing campaigns (Free)


Price: In addition to the free plan, MailerLite also offers paid plans, starting from $9 per month. 


✅ Easy to use

✅ Advanced segmentation

✅ Forever free plan


❌ Complicated new account verification

Main features:

  • Email campaign builders: Choose between the drag-and-drop editor with interactive content blocks, rich text effort for better personalization, and HTML editor for custom campaigns.
  • AI email generator: Use AI to come up with professional-looking emails with compelling subject lines, all the while ensuring brand consistency.
  • Paid newsletters: Earn revenue from your newsletter by offering subscriptions on MailerLite landing pages via Stripe.
  • Automated workflows: Set up triggers to send emails automatically or update custom fields.
  • Targeted email campaigns: With segmentation, tagging, and personalization features, you can deliver relevant content tailored to interests, geography, behavior, and more.

Interface and ease of use:

The interface is intuitive, making it easier to understand what needs to be done and how automation and subscriber lists work together. Even if you’re not familiar with automation and emails, it’s incredibly easy to figure it out. 

Our experience with MailerLite

I found MailerLite to be incredibly easy to use. For those just launching their affiliate marketing business, its affordability stands out—no extra monthly costs for up to 1,000 contacts. The support team is amazing, ensuring you’re never left in the dark. Emails consistently have excellent deliverability, and connecting to the web via API is quite simple. 

User reviews:

G2 – “It is very easy to use. It’s cheap when you’re just starting up your business, so you don’t have to worry about additional monthly costs up to 1000 contacts. That’s one of the things I appreciate a lot. I am very happy to be able to use it.” 

Capterra – “Overall my experience with Mailerlite has been great, it’d helped me grow my business, learn more about email marketing, and I’ve used almost all of their tools in some aspect or another to help my subscriber base grow and my sales along with it.” 

Trustpilot – “I have used the MailerLite email marketing services for the past two years for my WordPress website. The customer service was exceptional whenever I had a problem I could not figure out.” 


MailerLite makes it easy to create email campaigns with its intuitive drag-and-drop tool or a variety of customizable templates. The platform is user-friendly and includes everything you need to run a successful affiliate email marketing campaign.

Brevo: To send marketing emails and newsletters (Free)


Price: Brevo (formerly SendinBlue) offers a forever free plan, besides paid plans that start from $25 per month. 


✅ Large email template library

✅ Powerful automations

✅ Personalization 


❌ Limited reports 

❌ Some features locked behind higher plans

Main features:

  • Email design tools: Large template gallery, image editing tools, and a drag-and-drop edtior to personalize your email design.
  • Segmentation: Target contacts by segmenting your contact list according to behavior and interests.
  • Unlimited contact storage
  • Performance tracking: Keep track of how each email performs to discover what works best with your audience.

Interface and ease of use:

Brevo email marketing platform is quite user-friendly with lots of helpful pop-ups and suggestions to guide you. The interface is speedy and virtually bug-free. You’ll find all the key features conveniently located on the left side of the dashboard.

Our experience with Brevo

After trying out this affiliate marketing tool for email campaigns, I loved the ease of use it offers. Super user-friendly! I can easily create campaigns and add the contact lists I need. Plus, there are tons of customizable templates that make my emails look professional and sharp.

User reviews:

G2 – “As a freelancer, with a small audience, it’s great to have an email marketing tool that allows segmentation and lists. Other tools have it, but for a cost. When you’re just starting out, you can’t afford a lot of tools. It’s easy to use, customer support is crazy responsive and helpful. I’ve totally enjoyed using this tool on the free plan and would recommend.” 

Capterra – “Brevo makes email marketing easy and handles all our CRM needs.” 

Trustpilot – “I like Brevo because it gives everything on one place and the price is really reasonable, especially when you compare it with others. It is very intuitive and everyone can work on it. The most important thing is that they have great support, and you can reach them very fast, and that means a lot when you have to solve some situation. Support is the greatest!” 


Brevo can prove to be a real time-saver for your email marketing tasks. Sending out emails is a cinch, and even the free plan has all the features you need to run your affiliate marketing campaigns successfully. This means you can spend less time on email campaigns and have more time to focus on other important aspects of your affiliate marketing efforts.

8. Social Media Promotion

Social media marketing makes it easier for you to connect directly with your audience, build relationships, and promote products in a non-intrusive way. Plus, promoting your affiliate links on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can skyrocket your reach and conversions. Here’s an affiliate marketing tool for social that will make sure your social media game is on point, attracting clicks and boosting your affiliate earnings.

Simplified social-media-scheduler: To plan and schedule social media posts (Free)

Simplified social-media-scheduler

Price: Simplified’s Social Media AI tool comes with a free social media scheduler, that lets you schedule out 10 posts in advance. If you want to line up more posts in queue, you can try out the paid plans, which start from $24 per month. 


✅ Supports social media scheduling for multiple platforms

✅ Fantastic customer support

Main features:

  • AI writer: Write captions for social media posts in more than 24 languages before scheduling them out for publishing
  • Multi-platform support: Schedule out social posts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest by connecting your social media accounts.
  • Social media planner: Simplified offers multiple calendar views, customization options, and automatic publishing to all your social networks, helping you save time and boost engagement.
  • Bulk scheduling: Deliver your content to your audience when they are most active

Interface and ease of use:

Scheduling social media posts with Simplified is easy. Just upload your content spreadsheet, edit and customize your posts, set the posting times, and activate automation for smooth publishing.

Our experience with Simplified social media schedule

The Simplified social media scheduler really delivers on its promise of ease of use. Its intuitive interface makes scheduling social media posts super simple. Scheduling is quick and easy, allowing you to plan and post content across multiple platforms simultaneously. The app offers a range of customization options for scheduling posts, making it easy to choose the time, date, and frequency. Plus, you can add captions, media files, hashtags to make your posts more engaging. 

User reviews:

G2 – “This has been the only social media scheduler that I haven’t ran into a million problems with. I appreciate that I can create content, upload and schedule it and not have to worry about whether or not it’s going to actually post. I have the annual subscription and I think it’s fairly priced. I enjoy how easy it is to use and set up each of my social media accounts. Customer support is quick to respond and I use this every single day.” 


Juggling numerous social media campaigns can be a hassle without the right affiliate marketing tools. With Simplified social media scheduler, you can effortlessly schedule posts and oversee all your accounts from one convenient dashboard. It saves time and offers insightful analytics on how your posts are performing.


Using the right mix of tools can massively elevate your affiliate marketing game. From tracking your affiliate links to optimizing your content for search engines, each tool has the potential to turn strategic inputs into profitable outcomes. Whether it’s through automating mundane tasks, enhancing your site’s speed, or refining your social media campaigns, the tools we’ve discussed will help streamline your processes and boost your marketing efforts. Ready to up your marketing with AI? Dive in and start exploring these tools. 

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