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Using Simplified’s AI To Create AIDA Framework For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Using Simplified’s AI To Create AIDA Framework For Your Next Marketing Campaign

The AIDA Framework helps marketers understand what goes on in a potential customer’s mind. From the initial stage of being aware of a product to its final purchase, the AIDA model can lay out the consumer’s journey in different stages. Let’s look into what these AIDA phases are and why they are useful to marketers. In the end, we’ll discuss handy tips on how to use the AIDA formula to your benefit.

What is AIDA Framework?

As you now know, the AIDA model highlights the cognitive processes that a person goes through while purchasing a product or service. AIDA is a purchasing funnel in which consumers move from one step to the next in order to continue qualifying them until they are ready to make a purchase.

Aida illustration - strategy to client to shop
AIDA formula aims at converting potential target audience into customers. Entrepreneur

The 4 components of the AIDA Formula are:

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

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How does the AIDA Formula work?

Let’s compare the 4 stages of AIDA with Ariana Grande’s song, 7 Rings, which, coincidentally aligns with the AIDA concept!


The chart-topping song by Ariana has the following refrain: “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.” This is how the AIDA Framework primarily works.

The AIDA model - Simplified
AIDA Framework – Designed using Simplified

1. Awareness (I see it)

As a brand, you must create deep engagement and promote yourself in the market. Introduce your business to the market and get the attention of your potential consumers.

2. Interest (I like it)

Your consumer is now aware of what your product or service is. So, this is the opportunity to entice them with a one-of-a-kind advantage that addresses your customer’s problem, or raise their interest in the product.

3. Desire (I want it)

You should focus on why they should buy from you to keep the process running smoothly. Tools to use are testimonials, social proof, and highlighting the benefits of using your product. The more information you provide, the higher the desire your audience will have for your product.

4. Action (I got it)

In this step, your target customer has made the decision to purchase. This is where you should make sure you have a clear CTA (call-to-action). Make it as easy as possible for them to complete the purchase. Any friction within the purchasing process could cause you to lose the sale.

Also, use persuasive, active words such as “buy”, “join”, “order” and “free.” Such as, “Click here to use Simplified’s AIDA copywriting tool for FREE!”

There you have it! Now you will never forget the AIDA Framework again, thanks to this catchy lyric sung by Ariana Grande.


How to apply the AIDA Formula to your next marketing campaign?

According to, AIDA marketing has been used famously by companies such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple. Moreover, using the AIDA model, these companies have perfected the art of defining their consumer base and aiming their efforts directly at their target audiences.

Tailoring the AIDA formula in line with your brand’s goals and target audience is a long but fruitful process. In the next section, we’ll show you exactly how to use AIDA copywriting for your business. However, before we show you how, we want to prove how effective the AIDA framework is. So, we present to you a case study of how Francesco Group, an award-winning hairdressing brand, used the AIDA concept to launch a new salon.

Francesco group-aida framework-marketing
Francesco Group used the AIDA formula, which contributed to their successful marketing campaign. Salonspy UK

  1. Awareness: Started their AIDA journey with a PR campaign four months before launch. Promoted awards, stylists, and qualifications to attract attention.
  2. Interest: A direct mail campaign offered a free consultation or hair cut and finish to captivate locals. Formulating an irresistible strategy to pique people’s interest acts as the second phase of the AIDA framework. They used research to prove that this would succeed, as customers prove loyal when appealing offers deliver exceptional value.
  3. Desire: Held and publicized exclusive local launch events around the inauguration of the new salon. This sparked interest among ‘those who want an invite’ and transformed them into potential customers eager to see the new salon.
  4. Action: Clear CTAs were placed on Facebook (calls to make reservations), the website (calls to book appointments), and local advertising (call ins for discounts). This is the final and crucial step in the AIDA formula.

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How to Use Simplified’s (Free) AIDA AI Copywriting Tool

Simplified’s AI Assistant creates AIDA formats for copywriting and guarantees standing out among competitors.

Looking to increase buyer demand for your services? Work with Simplified’s AI Assistant to understand what your buyers want, like, and purchase.

For example, let’s work on the AIDA framework for a bakery shop called Cream & Cookie. Here’s what the Simplified AIDA copywriting tool generated:

Free AIDA AI copywriting generator tool on Simplified.

AIDA copywriting tool in action!

Try to combine multiple responses generated by the AIDA copywriter to create truly catchy content!


Simplified’s human touch in its copy AI is a game-changer. In fact, you can use it to spread your AIDA copy on multiple social media channels. Moreover, use it for emails, newsletters, blogs, ads, and more to see how your customer base responds.

Check out the video below to get a clear understanding of how Simplified’s AIDA copywriting tool works before creating one for your brand. Moreover, seamlessly learn how to use all our copy AI & design features on Simplified Academy.

To Sum Up

The AIDA framework acts as a base for marketers to understand their customers. Moreover, the AIDA formula also helps gather insights and directs business owners toward an action plan to enhance customer experience. This model helps brands channel their efforts while optimizing marketing strategies. And we can help you do just that!

Simplified also provides the AIDA framework to deliver more targeted prospects and customers through content. The best part is that the AIDA copywriting tool is free!

With Design + Copy AI, we are an all-in-one platform. To scale your brand, check out the other free tools on our website and start the Simplified journey today.

With Design + Copy AI, we are an all-in-one platform to scale your brand

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