The Best LinkedIn Marketing Handbook for Enterprises

The Best LinkedIn Marketing Handbook for Enterprises

LinkedIn Marketing has grown and developed massively over the years, but a lot of companies still lack the knowledge to fully utilize the platform. So, we at Simplified have created a short guide to get you started with LinkedIn Marketing.

Why Should You Think About LinkedIn Marketing?

Owing to the 660M+ DAUs on LinkedIn, the answer to this question is pretty simple. Indeed, LinkedIn is THE place for professionals and enterprises to connect with their audiences. With over 46M B2B decision-makers and 10M C-level execs scrolling LinkedIn every day, companies truly have the chance to add value and build relationships with their ideal buyers. Another key point to remember is, unlike other social media platforms, users on LinkedIn have a different mindset towards content. The platform is used by professionals to grow their skills and knowledge.

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This is the very reason LinkedIn has become the go-to platform for marketers to publish content on. 82% of B2B Marketers use LinkedIn for their Content Marketing purposes. Hence, LinkedIn Marketing is the most sought-after way for enterprises to forge meaningful relationships with their target audiences.

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Step 1: Optimize Your Profile for Maximum Exposure and Engagement

LinkedIn’s algorithm provides the most relevant results based on:

  • Your professional identity
  • Your network
  • How the people in your network engage with content.

So, before starting with enterprise marketing, you should be sure to optimize your own profile. Actually, this will also boost the visibility of your company in search results.

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Tips to spruce up your LinkedIn profile:

  1. Write a memorable profile headline.
  2. Then, create a profile summary that clearly states your objectives. Think of it as your personal elevator pitch.
  3. Add media, e.g. presentations, blogs, videos, web pages, that you helped create.
  4. Publish content on LinkedIn.
  5. Lastly, take advantage of LinkedIn’s recommendations and endorsements section.

Step 2: LinkedIn Marketing for Your Company

In fact, over the years, LinkedIn has really optimized its platform for enterprise marketing. Subsequently, they have altered their algorithm to help you achieve results throughout the buyer’s journey lifecycle.

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(Source: Original) How the LinkedIn platform delivers value to your marketing.

Additionally, with LinkedIn marketing, you can target your campaigns based on:

  • Demographics: Job Function, Seniority, Geo, Company Name, Industry
  • Interests: Skills, Group Memberships, Field of Study
  • Persona: Job Searchers, Opinion Leaders, Mass Affluent, Business Travelers
  • Your Own Audience Data: Account Lists, External Data Integrations

Another key point to remember is, marketers can reap the benefits of organic content and paid advertising on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Marketing: Building an Organic Presence

Organic LinkedIn marketing is a great way to connect with your audience and teach them about your business, your employees, and your brands.

Your LinkedIn Page: Your LinkedIn page is key in driving your enterprise marketing. Therefore, you should regularly post relevant and interesting brand content, such as infographics, webinars, blog posts, videos, case studies, and eBooks.

Showcase Pages: These pages provide a distinct platform for each aspect of your business. So use these pages to showcase dedicated content targeted towards the more prominent products and initiatives in your company.

LinkedIn Marketing: Boost Your Reach with Paid Adverts

While your organic presence helps you increase your authenticity, paid advertisements can help you to reach the right audience on a larger scale. Moreover, you can use the data you have at your disposal to build targeted campaigns on LinkedIn. The commonly used advertising solutions provided by LinkedIn are:

Sponsored Content: Delivers your content directly to your audience’s LinkedIn feed. Also, it can help you increase awareness, consideration, and conversions.

linkedIn sponsored ad example
Source: LinkedIn

Dynamic Ads: These work best when used to redirect traffic to your websites. Additionally, these ads allow you to accurately target decision-makers using dynamically generated images from each member’s profile.

dynamic ads examples LinkedIn
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Other advertising solutions by LinkedIn are:

  1. Message Ads
  2. Display Ads
  3. Account-Based Marketing
  4. Lead Gen Forms
  5. Matched Audience Targeting
  6. Audience Network
  7. LinkedIn Elevate

Tips to engage your audience through your LinkedIn Marketing:

  1. Optimize your LinkedIn Page with a header image, description, and links.
  2. Create a simple content calendar that includes images, videos, PDFs, and post regularly.
  3. Include relevant visuals and links with each post.
  4. Improve your reach with mentions and hashtags.
  5. Ask 3-5 subject experts and people within your company to share the posts regularly.
  6. Ask your employees to craft their own content that you can share on the company page.

We hope these tips were useful and will help you get started with LinkedIn Marketing. So, remember to continuously track how your content is performing and stay authentic!

We hope these tips were useful and will help you get started with LinkedIn Marketing

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