How To Kickstart Your College Clubs On Campus

How To Kickstart Your College Clubs On Campus

Student organizations may seem all fun and games until you actually have to start one yourself. However, finding like-minded people, dividing work among members and planning events, while keeping it all entertaining requires skills and team effort.

Moreover, a group is unlikely to become a fully-fledged club unless you spread the word well! Word-of-mouth marketing works only so much if you don’t have an offline and online promotion strategy.

We at Simplified understand the stress of running a successful college club. And, we’re here to make it easier for you to let fellow passionate students find your wonderful community.

Here’s your perfect guide to kickstart your brand new, or perhaps spread the word about your existing student club, on campus!

Take your club online!

(Source: GIPHY) Using online platforms for your club can help you reach a wider audience

Creating social media pages

Your club members may be your classmates, but it’s important to remember that your club exists outside the classroom too. When you share your club event photos online, tagging the club’s official page can help people gai more information- visually.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are commonly used by university students for sharing their updates. Getting tagged in their photos by an official page gives them a sense of community and belonging in campus life.

  • Information about the club
  • Notifications about upcoming meetings
  • Posts of past events
  • Source to find existing members to connect with.

The presence of a social media page gives your club a life outside the walls and confines of the campus itself, thus, evolving into something bigger.

Simplified Tip: Try using our story templates to make professional stories for your university club events!

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On-Campus Marketing Ideas!

Make your official merch!

(Source: Raygun) Making your student club merch is a big part of swag-building!

When you have an official logo for your college club, your promotional visibility increases and makes it easy to spot on campus. Wearing the merch proudly around helps in striking conversations and is great for on-campus marketing!

T-Shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, and so much more! Your logo can be available in any color and for any season’s clothing for the members to wear.

And, since most dorm residents are too lazy to shop, the club merch will be their go-to for most occasions!

Designing flyers
(Source: GIPHY)

Playing with Colors and Type can help you design an attractive invite

With our school bulletins flooded with boring notices, an event invite or flier has always been hard to miss. Plus, who doesn’t like an invite to an exciting event ?

Your flyers will be not just something to put up on display, but something people will carry around the campus. Getting something designed in print can make your club events seem more exclusive.

Plus, it’s the age-long tradition of handing out colorful pieces of paper about things happening around the campus!

Simplified Tip: To make your job easier, try making your flyer using the ‘Post’ format on our website!

Collaborate with campus celebrities!
(Credit: Laurent Batel)

Popular people from the university can be very helpful in promoting your student club!

Every university has popular crowds who know where the best gigs are happening around town. In a lot of cases, they are **the talk of the town! Taking help from these well-appreciated folks can bring your campus clubs the attention it needs.

  • Social Media Influencers to drive traffic to your online pages
  • Fellow campus clubs to help you grow through mutual support
  • Local performers to bring the spotlight on your events
  • Students in sports and music to encourage more people in their groups to participate
  • Popular professors to create buzz inside classrooms for interested students

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Final words…

clubs in college
(Credit: Meredith Jensen)

Make the most of your university experience through your campus clubs!

University clubs and cultural clubs by students are places that help in building community. The club meetings, popular events, and social media connections can expand your perspective of the world.

You don’t just get to meet new people for fun, but you form deeper relationships with a diverse body of fellow students. These club members also become your friends outside the campus and even after you graduate.

So, what are you waiting for?

Design a fun poster for your next college club meeting, now!

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