7 Tips For Better Selling On Gumroad

7 Tips For Better Selling On Gumroad

If you’re trying to sell a digital product or a physical product, there are several marketplaces online that can help you increase your sales. You might already be selling on platforms like Amazon and Etsy, but if you are looking to tap into new, less saturated markets, you can try selling on Gumroad. 

Gumroad has recently gained popularity amongst creators with its easy user interface and seamless sales procedure. In this blog, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about selling your products on Gumroad. 

What is Gumroad?

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Gumroad, like Etsy, is an e-commerce platform where buyers and sellers can exchange goods or services. The platform is used by several creators and entrepreneurs to set up their own landing pages and sell their products by converting leads into their customers. 

What can one sell on Gumroad?

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The platform was created to help creators and businesses sell anything, from digital to physical products.

The platform is so popular amongst new-age creators because of the fluidity it offers when it comes to experimenting with ideas.

Digital product selling on Gumroad: 

Digital products are always a low-effort and low-risk way to try your hand at entrepreneurship and gain income. A few product ideas that you can sell on Gumroad are: 

1. Digital Art: 

Photographers, artists, and illustrators can sell digital copies of their art, photos, and graphics to brands or other individuals looking to buy them. 

2. Printables: 

You can sell worksheets, projects, art, calendars, stickers and more as digital copies. 

3. E-books: 

If you are a poet or a writer, you can self-publish and design your book and sell it as e-books on Gumroad to people who might be interested in reading them. 

4. Music: 

Artists can also launch and sell their albums and singles online. 

5. Online Courses and Videos: 

If you are a course creator, you can sell your online classes, webinars, tutorials and video lessons by selling them access to these classes. 

6. Templates: 

You can create templates of resumes, SOPs, PPTs, reports and more and sell them to people online. You can also sell design templates for posters. 

7. Monthly subscriptions: 

As a creator, you can sell memberships and give exclusive content to your audience who buy the membership. 

Source: Gumroad

Physical product selling on Gumroad: 

You can sell any type of physical good, but here are a few physical merch ideas

1. Fitness equipment:

Custom-made yoga pants, resistance bands, sports t-shirts, etc. 

2. Print books: 

Writers can sell physical copies of their books to people online. Artists can also sell their art books like mandala books. 

3. Clothing:

You can sell custom-made clothes, graphic tees, or clothes designed by you. 

4. Physical artwork:

Artists can sell sketches and paintings that they made based on custom orders or otherwise. 

5. Jewellery:

You can sell jewellery like clay earrings, pearls, metal art jewellery, and so on that you make. 

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7 Tips for Selling on Gumroad

If this is your first time selling on Gumroad, we have curated a list of tips that you can use to optimize your sales on Gumroad. 

1. Create an amazing store 

If you want people to buy your product, you need to sell it well. You need a store that makes it easier for your customers to pay for and receive their products. 

If you have a website, then you can directly embed a store into it using Gumroad’s widgets! So you can literally have a store without redoing your website design. There are 2 aspects to keep in mind while creating your website store:

  • Website Copy

Make sure the content on your website is interesting enough for your readers to buy your product. You can use Simplified’s AI Copywriting tool to write cool product descriptions, CTAs and other website content in minutes. All you need to do is feed in the information, choose the tone of voice, and let the tool do its magic! 

  • Website Design 

PS: If you are looking for cool designs and photos for your website, you can create them using Simplified’s AI Design tool. With thousands of royalty-free stock images and easy-to-use templates, you can create aesthetic designs for your website in minutes. 

2. Strong Value Propositions & Headlines

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Most of your consumers never have the time to read. They just scan or scroll. They will only read the headlines and the value propositions. Make sure they are well written so that it grabs their attention and attracts them to the product. 

If you aren’t sure how to write a strong value proposition, you can try using Simplified’s AI Copywriting tool for the same!

3. Promote on Social Media 

The best way to sell your products these days is to promote them on social channels. Simplified provides thousands of design and video templates that you can use to create Instagram reels, TikToks, YouTube shorts, and posts to drive awareness about your products. 

From royalty-free assets like music, video clips, and images, you can design all your posts on Simplified in minutes. The platform also has one-click transitions, filters, animations, and voiceovers that you can explore to make your content more interactive. 

Other than your regular posting, you should also run ads on these social channels. You write engaging ad copies, captions, and descriptions with Simplified’s Copywriting tool in a few clicks. 

4. Email Marketing 

Another way to bring more consumers to your Gumroad store is through email marketing. Write compelling copies with Simplified and create eye-catching designs that stand out from usual emailers. 

Email marketing also lets you tap on existing or interested consumers and inform them about discounts, sales, offers and more. 

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5. Offers & Freebies

Who doesn’t like freebies and sales? Make sure you have discounts and offers and throw in a few free goodies for customers who shop above a certain price. This way, you can generate more sales and also ensure the retention of customers. 

Also, provide a guarantee and warranty of your products along with post-delivery customer service. This ensures brand loyalty and customer trust. 

6. Affiliate Marketing 

A super cool feature of Gumroad is that it lets you use affiliates like creators or influencers who can promote your products on their blogs or social channels in exchange for a small percentage of the sale. 

This will help you get consumers that you can’t access otherwise and help your drive traffic and sales. The affiliates on Gumroad are pre-vetted so you can trust them. You can also promote other products on Gumroad on your blogs and channels, just don’t promote your competitors. 

7. Leverage Gumroad Features 

You can also use Gumroad’s features to help your consumers find your product by making them more visible. 

Gumroad Discover:

The Discover feature will add your product to the “recommended” for customers who bought something.


Gumroad also lets you use tags that buyers can use to filter their search results. You can use tags that are related to your product niche for more exposure and visibility amongst potential customers. 

Simplify Selling On Gumroad

Now that you know everything you need to know about selling on Gumroad, start creating your store on the platform and promoting your products. 

For any content and design support and social media marketing help, you can always turn to Simplified and make your life easier for FREE. With AI-powered tools, the platform makes your marketing on Gumroad super easy.

Write website copies and product descriptions, and design and schedule your social media posts in minutes. So what are you waiting for? 

Get started on your e-comm store with Simplified for FREE! 

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