Tips To Build A Promotion Strategy For Your School Event

Tips To Build A Promotion Strategy For Your School Event

School events are no joke for anyone on the promotion strategy or planning committee. We’ve all seen how competitive it makes moms involved in PTA meetings.

Once you have your perfect event ideas arranged, the only thing left is figuring out how to get massive student attendance. If your promotion strategy is weak to begin with, Incentives, bribes, or asking a popular senior doesn’t always work to your advantage.

So, we’re here to give you our Simplified tips to build the right promotion strategy for your next school event!

Am I invited?‘ or ‘Sorry, raincheck.

Think of all the major events that occur each school year. Which ones do you look forward to getting an invite to and which ones do you dread?

Senior prom: the most memorable invite for any high school student

  • Pep Rally
  • Prom
  • Theatre club performances
  • Sports events
  • End-of-year celebrations
  • Fundraisers (Bake Sales and Carwashes)

and so many more! Every school has their fancy, sophisticated well-funded events that are open for anyone to attend. Alternatively, there are also the more small-scale events that require intentional budgeting and active promotions.

What stands out in both types of events is the question of who’s attending and who’s not. Your job as someone developing the promotion strategy is to make sure the word gets out to the right groups.

If you’re hosting or planning a sports event, you must be prepared for attendees. Therefore, securing the best housing using a tournament housing platform can make all the difference to the success of an event–and its monetization potential.

Simplified Design Tip: Keep the event aesthetic in mind while designing your invites, especially considering graphic design. For example, no sports game should end up having a sparkly invite. The ‘vibe’ you want is what should reflect!

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Making themed-posters

Find your target audience

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(Source: IE Rising Stars) Want to make it to the team? A tryout poster is important to keep an eye out for!

Having a clear idea of the type of event is the first step of designing your graphics. Is your poster for freshmen basketball tryouts, the annual homecoming, or another occasion? Understanding the audience and purpose helps tailor the message. Then, explore different design templates to capture the essence of the event and communicate effectively with your audience.

Given that these are two starkly different events aimed at different types of people, the energy you invite through your posters will determine the success of your school promotion strategy!

3 important things to include:

Tips To Build A Promotion Strategy For Your School Event
Source: MPCA

The right combination of design and a promotion strategy will ensure your word spreads loud and clear!

  • Right colors

A poster can easily get lost in the flux of information on the notice board. To avoid this, make sure you use contrasting colors with good readability. Make sure your posters stand out against the color of your lockers, especially if your school have some vibrant ones like

Simplified Design Tip: Try using the school or mascot colors for official events like a football match. As for your student club meetings, use the club logo colors!

  • Relevant Information

No one likes to take out time to read through the small boxes in a flyer or infographic. A poster is no different- the details you choose to include should be relevant and important. The right font and type size goes a long way.

Simplified Design Tip: Too much Type can make your poster come off as spammy! Stick to the key points and include Location, Date, and Contact Details.

  • Appropriate Images

Finding the right graphics to go on your poster can be a crucial decision. You don’t want to give off the wrong message nor do you want to ruin the aesthetic.

Simplified Design Tip: You can find thousands of copyright-free images and graphics to include in your poster under the ‘Images’ tab on your workspace!

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Take it online!

Share your posters and invites via text and social media. Saves paper and time!

Asking for permission from the school office to put up your posters on the notice board can be a headache and honestly, quite time-consuming.

Social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook are where students can be found more than the campus itself! So, to bridge the gap between the two, make use of this space in your promotion strategy and share the event details online:

  • Group chats via iMessages or WhatsApp
  • Official pages on Facebook and Instagram
  • School Website
  • Email Newsletters
event and promotions
Source: Unsplash

Final Simplified Tip: Collaborate with other members from the promotion strategy and planning committee using your workspace, and ‘Export’ your design as .jpg or .png to share easily

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