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Simplified video editor, edit videos like Pro.

Simplified video editor, edit videos like Pro.

 🙌 Video editor, You asked we delivered!

This week is all about video 🎥 ! Not only do we have lots of new video templates, but we also have a simplified video editing and trimming experience and a faster template search. You can now also create videos with a longer duration and loop through any animation!

Log into your Simplified account and… 🎬 ACTION 📣 !

Simplified Video Editing And Trimming

Video editing Simplified

We Simplified your video editing experience. Now open your project, and you can trim the video, use presets, and even add content written by our AI Assistant just by clicking on the buttons on the editing bar!

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Loop Through Any Animation

Longer video duration

With our new video features, you can loop through any animation to make your video designs exactly your way. Just click on Motion to select a layer to add or edit motion, and toggle the loop button. As easy as it should be!

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Longer duration videos

mobile experience

Don’t let your inspiration get cut short! Now you can create longer videos with Simplified. Add several artboards, or extend your video duration, and let your imagination fly!

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