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Connect a Facebook Group to the Social Calendar

To connect a Facebook group to your Simplified content calendar first is click on the little arrow button to open up your connected accounts panel. There you’re going to click the little plus sign to be able to add a new account, next select Facebook to connect to a Facebook group. It’ll automatically populate with all of the Facebook groups that you are an admin for.

So before you try to select it, go over to your Facebook group and in the right-hand corner, scroll down to settings, and then scroll all the way to the bottom until you find apps and hit the little pencil to edit. Then click on the big blue add apps button, and here in the search bar on the left, type in simplified. Click it to add and now your app has been connected to your group.

Now you’re ready to connect it to your content calendar. Back in your Simplified content calendar, click continue with your group selected and there you go. It’s added right to your calendar. Now select all of your different accounts or you can toggle the switch off and choose which specific account you would like to show the calendar for. And now you’re ready to start scheduling posts!

Simplified is the first AI-powered design platform built by people who want to make marketing accessible and easy. Create your monthly content calendar in 5 minutes. Write blogs, Facebook ads, website copy and more in seconds. Powered by AI. All for free.

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