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6 AI Chatbot Solutions Tailored for E-commerce Success in 2024

6 AI Chatbot Solutions Tailored for E-commerce Success in 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly reshaping the e-commerce sector, particularly in the form of chatbots.

By offering a wide range of functionalities—such as 24/7 customer support and personalized assistance—these intelligent virtual assistants are quickly becoming a crucial component of modern e-commerce strategies.

And, thanks to advancements in machine learning, natural language processing, and conversational AI, the capabilities of AI chatbots have expanded significantly.

These technologies enable chatbots to understand and respond to customer queries with remarkable accuracy and human-like interaction. The result? Enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced operational costs, and increased conversion rates for businesses like yours!

In this blog post, we’ll explore six of the best e-commerce AI chatbots in 2024 by providing their key features, benefits, and pricing structures.

Let’s get started!

6 Top AI Chatbots for E-commerce Businesses in 2024

Here’s our list of six best e-commerce AI chatbots:

  1. Simplified
  2. Tidio
  3. Chatfuel
  4. Smartsupp
  5. Ada
  6. Intercom
  7. Netomi

1. Simplified

Simplified AI Chatbot

Source: Simplified

First on our list is Simplified, an all-in-one platform that e-commerce businesses can use to create designs, manage their social media channels, craft compelling content, and more.

This tool also allows you to build AI chatbots for ecommerce that enhance customer experiences through intelligent and precise interactions!

These chatbots are designed to integrate seamlessly with your e-commerce platform to ensure that your customers receive immediate, accurate, and helpful support, day in and day out.

Key features

  • Allows you to train your chatbot with up to 250 sources to ensure it provides up-to-date, accurate answers that reflect your latest products and policies.
  • Chatbots are available round-the-clock to assist customers with complex needs in real time.
  • Lets you “Auto Retrain” your chatbots to quickly adapt to business shifts.
  • Chatbots can offer support in 80+ languages.
  • Allows you to easily deploy chatbots on websites or social channels like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
  • Supports real-time handover; you can smoothly hand off the conversation from the chatbot to a live agent with just one click.
  • Chatbots can effortlessly capture leads and provide you with their data.
  • Provides a unified inbox where you can track all customer conversations from various platforms in one place.


  • Free forever
  • Pro: $19/month ($13/month billed annually)
  • Enterprise: Custom

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2. Tidio


Source: Tidio

Tidio is an AI-powered customer service platform that offers Lyro—a conversational AI chatbot that can talk to your customers and answer their questions using only your support content.

By automating routine inquiries and tasks, this chatbot allows teams to concentrate on more strategic aspects of business growth.

Key features

  • Operates across various live communication channels and in multiple languages.
  • Can respond to inquiries in under 6 seconds.
  • Evolves with your business; you can assign more tasks to Lyro as your company grows.
  • Easily integrates with your existing website and social media platforms.
  • Allows you to monitor the chatbot’s performance and improve its responses with additional knowledge.
  • Notifies your agents when customers want to talk to a real person.


  • Free
  • Lyro AI: $39/month ($32.50/month billed annually)
  • Tidio+: Starts at $749/month

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3. Chatfuel


Source: Chatfuel

Chatfuel also offers an AI chatbot, Fuely, that can streamline customer service and engagement for ecommerce businesses operating on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Working 24/7 without burnout, Fuely efficiently handles tasks such as booking appointments, answering FAQs, lead qualification, and product recommendations.

Key features

  • Connects with popular services like Stripe, Calendly, Shopify, Zapier, Google Sheets, and HubSpot to streamline operations.
  • Uses ChatGPT to engage with customers in a human-like manner.
  • Can segment your audience based on their behavior and preferences.
  • Allows you to easily track and analyze your messaging metrics in real time.
  • Lets you test different message variations and analyze their performance to determine which messages resonate best with your audience.


Facebook & Instagram

  • Business: Starts from $14.99
  • Enterprise: Starts from $300


  • Business: Starts from $34.49
  • Enterprise: Starts from $300

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4. Smartsupp


Source: Smartsupp

With Smartsupp’s AI chatbot for ecommerce businesses can automate customer interactions and enhance their operations.

With every interaction, the chatbot learns and adapts, making it a valuable asset for tailoring customer service experiences that can drive business growth.

Key features

  • Quickly responds to customer inquiries with accurate information and maintains your brand’s tone.
  • Engages customers with customized offers and targeted suggestions.
  • Guides customers through their shopping journey by providing expert advice and personalized product recommendations.
  • Automatically identifies potential leads, connects with them, and nurtures these opportunities to drive sales.
  • Can manage multiple customer interactions simultaneously.
  • Available around the clock.


  • Free
  • Standard: Starts from $28/month (Starts from $19.5/month billed annually)
  • Pro: Starts from $60/month (Starts from $48/month billed annually)
  • Ultimate: Custom

A 14-day free trial is available for the Standard and Pro plans.

5. Ada


Source: Ada

This next tool allows businesses to build AI chatbots for ecommerce that can deliver superior customer experiences quickly and cost-effectively.

These bots can consider past actions and conversation contexts to determine how to best resolve inquiries and deliver truly personalized resolutions.

Key features

  • Allows you to customize the bot’s identity, tone, personality, and voice to guide the content it creates.
  • Supports over 50 languages.
  • Enables you to test how different content variants perform and impact your objectives.
  • Can be deployed in voice, social, and SMS channels & embedded in websites and mobile apps.
  • Can transfer conversations to agents via chat and email.
  • Integrates with tools like Shopify, Marketo, Clearbit, and more.
  • Allows you to track valuable actions & conversions your customers complete during and after their conversation with the bot.



6. Netomi


Source: Netomi

By leveraging sanctioned generative AI, Netomi enables proactive, automated customer care that empowers both customers and agents.

This AI chatbot seamlessly integrates into existing customer experience stacks, allowing e-commerce brands to respond to inquiries across multiple channels with minimal effort.

It excels in understanding customer intent, historical context, and current sentiment to provide highly accurate and personalized responses.

Key features

  • Uses user context, history, location data, and more to provide personalized interactions.
  • Allows you to monitor the bot’s performance and optimize it in real time.
  • Operates across email, chat, voice, and social platforms.
  • Supports 100+ languages to provide multilingual experiences.
  • Integrates with back-end systems, like CRM, OMS, and more.
  • Uses an advanced Natural Language Understanding system for human-like conversations.


You’ll need to request a demo first.

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The Takeaway

In conclusion, each tool we’ve discussed offers unique benefits that e-commerce businesses can leverage to offer exceptional customer service, manage workflows, and drive sales.

From boosting engagement through personalized interactions to reducing operational costs by automating routine tasks, the benefits of these AI chatbots are manifold.

And since most of these tools offer free versions and trials, you can give them a try to see what works best for your business.

If you’re not sure which tool to start with, we highly recommend Simplified! It’ll allow you to effortlessly train and build chatbots that can keep your customers happy 24/7!

Ensure Better Customer Experiences With Simplified

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