Nonprofit Graphic Design: How To Make an Impact

With the power of social media, nonprofits from every corner of the globe have a platform and an opportunity to stir change. From calls-to-action, infographics, and fundraisers, to resources for people to reach out to those in need, anything is possible with the power of empathy-invoking design creatives. But how do you ensure your content reflects your passion and engages communities in your initiative? One way is through the magic of powerful graphic design for nonprofits!

That said, we understand how difficult it is to establish an online presence in the time of paid influencers, big brands, and celebrities. Also, only having a small group of volunteer designers and an overstretched budget available doesn’t make driving action any easier.

So, in this blog, we’ll show you 20 of the most stunning examples of graphic design for nonprofits, featuring posters and websites. With these, we hope to inspire you to create the change you wish to see in the world! (And yes, that’s a Gandhi quote.)

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14 Examples of Powerful Graphic & Nonprofit Web Design

7 examples of posters in graphic design for nonprofits

1. Goonj

(Source: Goonj)

Imaginative illustrations mixed with photographs can convey powerful messages. Also, here are some popular options to consider: doodle art, patterns, or stickers.

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2. Save the Children

(Source: Save the Children)

With a few Photoshop edits on simple photographs, you can create effective and thought-provoking graphic designs for nonprofits on social issues.

3. United Way

(Source: United Way)

Reflecting real change: step ahead of stock imagery to include real testimonials in actual handwritten type.

4. Take 3 For the Sea

(Source: Take 3 For the Sea)

Indeed, any graphic design for nonprofits is incomplete without a call-to-action. You can also choose one that would make a trendy hashtag. Social Media and Social Change!

5. Amnesty International

(Source: Amnesty International)

Infographic Readability Tip: Stick to a limited color palette for your background and its opposite color for your typeface.

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6. Live Laugh Love Foundation

Simple and minimalistic, this poster gets its message across by recognizing a mental illness survivor in just a few words.

7. Feminists For Life

A powerful quote with a compelling tagline and strong visuals is simple but extremely effective!

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7 examples of nonprofit web design

1. Gates Foundation

(Source: Gates Foundation)

Minimal, yet efficient: make use of negative/white space on your nonprofit web design to let your elements breathe.

2. Memphis Zoo

(Source: Memphis Zoo)

How can you make your nonprofit web design appeal to younger audiences? Through bright colors, large typography, and, of course, cute animals!

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3. Convoy of Hope

(Source: Convoy of Hope)

Nonprofit Website Design Tip: Instead of over-saturating your viewers with just text, place uppercase headings over a full-size gallery carousel.

4. Fridays For Future

(Source: Friday For Future)

Power words in powerful web design: any movement can falter in its momentum without the use of effective typography and power words that call for change.

5. Oxfam America

(Source: Oxfam America)

Stay consistent with your vision and nonprofit identity with appropriate graphics, such as iconography in your logo colors.

6. Unicef

Match the website colors to the logo, and keep the headline crisp and gripping to attract more views.

7. ALS Association

Keep it minimal by citing a hard-hitting fact with a simple CTA to compel visitors to want to know more.

Simplified Marketing Tip!

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