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Scale Your Brand With Simplified’s Brand Kit

Scale Your Brand With Simplified’s Brand Kit

Are you looking to scale your brand but don’t know where to start? Good design is the hallmark of any successful brand – don’t miss out! With Simplified, you can start building your very own brand kit. Additionally, you can access all your brand’s assets through our platform and deliver your audience a consistent experience.

We know that each brand is unique and has its own marketing collateral that is easily recognizable by its customers. Simplified’s brand kit will streamline your behind-the-scenes marketing! Moreover, keep all your logos, marketing assets, and other videos saved on Simplified to deliver what your brand promises consistently across all platforms.

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What Is a Brand Kit?

It is a resource that goes through all the details of your brand identity. Simply put, a brand kit is like your personal rulebook for maintaining identity.

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What Does a Brand Kit Template Include?

Simplified provides users with templates, which is a rundown of the basic assets that every brand needs to succeed. The following is a list of what you’ll need to put together to get started:

  • Logo
  • Font(s)/Typography
  • Branded Images
  • Color Schemes
  • Sub Logo (Optional)

Why Do I Need Simplified’s Brand Kit to Scale My Brand?

While you can get by just fine without personalization, wouldn’t it be nice to have all your assets in one place when you need them?

  • Error-Free Communication: You can give your teammates access to your brand kit on Simplified to make sure everyone uses the same marketing collateral.
  • Consistency: When your teammates can access the elements of your brand identity in one resource no matter where they are, this ensures that the message you’re trying convey through visual assets stays consistent.
  • Time Managament: All you have to do is share the Simplified link with your team, and this will save the hassle of downloading each visual asset one by one!

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How Do I Use Simplified to Build My Brand Kit?

Now that you know what a brand kit is, it’s time to learn how to use Simplified to put one together.

Follow these simple steps to scale up using Simplified’s templates.

Accessing Your Brand Kit

1: Once you are logged into your account, click on “Settings” from the left sidebar and choose “Brandkit” from the drop-down menu.

brand building step one

2: Click on “Add Brand Kit”.

brand building step 2

3: Here you have the option to upload your brand logo(s) and brand fonts from your computer.

brand building step 3

Upload Your Brand Elements to the Brand Kit Template

Step 1: Edit the name to personalize your project.

TIP: You can edit the name of your brand kit any time through your Simplified account!

updating brand kit one

Step 2: Add your brand logos by uploading or dragging and dropping media.

updating brand kit two

Step 3: You now have the option to upload fonts that are essential to your brand identity.

updating brand kit three

TIP: To upload your custom fonts, the files must be saved in the TTF or OFT format.

Step 4: Next, choose and set a background color, as well as other colors that are important to your brand identity.

updating brand kit four

NOTE: In this step, you have the option to edit each color name according to where you want to use it!

That’s all! You’re now ready to use and share it with your teammates. Scale your brand by managing your brand identity elements all on Simplified.

updating brand kit five

Watch this short video to understand the importance of building your very own brand kit:

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