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9 Best Instagram Reels Editing Apps For Viral Content

According to a Feb 2023 article by Yahoo!, the 12 most popular reels on Instagram were viewed between 289 million times and 128 million times. Instagram reels have done a lot to boost the engagement of Instagram accounts. Hootsuite reported that Gen Zers are keen on dancing and other challenges that often come up in reels, while older generations are hooked to video content. So it looks like it’s safe to say that Insta reels are important to your strategy.

The Reels feature of the Instagram app permits users to upload and watch short video clips that can be used to create engaging and viral content for both business and personal branding.

Interestingly, both individuals and businesses now prefer to use Instagram reels to get people’s attention, grow their viewership, widen their audience, boost engagement, and promote their business.

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In this blog, we’ve rounded up the best Instagram Reels editing apps that will make your content go viral. Let’s get started!

9 Best Video Editing Apps to Make Your Instagram Reels Go Viral

1. Simplified [Best & Free Instagram Reel Editing App for iPhone]

Simplified is the best Instagram reel editor with cutting-edge editing features. The numerous filters and special effects make it an excellent tool for editing Instagram reels on your iPhone.

With Simplified, you get access to free templates, a Premium video library, premium stock music, a color Palette generator, unlimited brand kits, a gif maker, a background Remover, a magic resizer, an AI Image generator, etc.

When you combine all these features, you will have no other choice than to create reels that will become viral in no time. The most exciting news is that you can start using the Simplified video editing app to create amazing Instagram reels today if you Download the App for Free now!

Basic features

  1. No-code design editor
  2. Vast stock library of videos, images, animations & sound
  3. Magic Resizer
  4. Gif Maker
  5. Animations
  6. Stunning templates
  7. AI writer
  8. AI Art Generator
  9. Multiple brand kits
  10. Unlimited workspaces
  11. In-app publishing
  12. Free Forever plan for users on a budget
Create Viral Instagram Reels in Minutes

2. WeVideo

Wevideo is yet another impressive editing app that makes Instagram reels easy to edit. It works on any device when used online. In addition to creating Instagram reels and uploading them to cloud storage, you can edit your reels anytime and anywhere as long as you are linked to your device. You can easily make captivating Instagram reels that will enrich your profile with this powerful Instagram reel editor. The video editor is free and it is compatible with devices such as Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android.

Basic features

  • Cloud storage
  • Green screen effect
  • Stock images, videos, and music
  • Motion titles
  • Supports 4K resolution

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3. InShot

Reel features on the Instagram app perform work the best with vertical videos. So, if you have horizontal videos to upload, InShot can help you edit and resize your videos. InShot also lets you add transitions, titles, and filters, and generate captions to help make your reels attractive and engaging.

Basic features

  • Join different clips
  • Speed up clips
  • Apply filters
  • Background music

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4. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is a handy Instagram reel video editing app for producing interesting and appealing content. With this video editing app for Instagram reels, you can create reels that stand out using a variety of beautiful elements.

Videos can be rapidly improved using the auto-reframe option or give an expert touch by applying a pan or zoom effect. Additionally, you can create captivating Instagram reels using color presets and lovely designs. The video editing tool is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS.

Basic features

  • Motion pictures
  • Editable titles
  • Distinct inner templates
  • Ducking audio and voiceovers
  • Color rectification
  • Animated titles and video transitions

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5. Canva’s Video Editor

Did you know that Canva also introduced a video editor? While several experts and content creators are familiar with Canva’s tools for photo editing and graphic creation. Just a handful of people know that Canva can be used to create high-quality Instagram Reels that will grab your target group’s attention.

Basic features

  • Countless themes that you can modify to fit all of your ideas.
  • Free pictures and graphics are available for your videos.
  • social media scheduler that allows you to publish videos automatically.
  • Team communication and collaboration features.

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6. Instagram App

The Instagram app itself is a great way to create Instagram reels without the need to download or install video editing software on your device. Even though they are minimal, the number of tools in the app to edit Instagram reels is substantial and effective.

The Instagram reel editor makes sharing your reels simple and quick. Additionally, the Align tab allows for the segmented recording of reels by combining many clips into one reel. This tool makes it simple to create exceptionally captivating reels. The app is free, and it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Basic features

  • Eye-catching video templates
  • In-built recorder plus editor
  • Multiple video themes
  • Animated titles
  • Green screen effect

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7. Splice

The cinematic effects offered by Splice, like changing the background, are the most popular among creators. This editing software is also well-known for its charismatic transitions, fun filters, and highly functional speech-to-text features. It is designed to offer creators an intuitive experience.

Basic features

  • Speech to text
  • Wide range of transition options
  • Filters
  • Background editor
  • Expansive music library
  • Speed ramp – to increase or slow down video speed

8. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo makes advanced editing options accessible to all. It offers a wide range of features right there on your mobile device. Available as a free download, it supports a range of formats from

MPEG-2, 4, and Apple ProRes to even native camera file formats such as Canon. With auto-beat syncing, a range of preset templates, and a huge stock library, you can edit together a video in minutes. It’s ideal for beginners.

Basic features

  • Offers mobile video editing
  • Auto-sync tools
  • Green screen options
  • AI features include smart cut out, stretch, reframe and de-noise
  • Stock library of 10 billion

9. LumaFusion

LumaFusion is an excellent editing app that has even been named the ‘Apple App of the Year.’ Its platform is designed for touch, offering a superior user experience. It has been optimized for both Android and iOS platforms, so you can use it on either with ease. Not only do you enjoy a comprehensive and sophisticated range of editing tools, but this platform is integrated with leading apps in the industry to make sharing and storing your videos that much easier. Core Melt, DropboxReplay, and Storyblocks are just a few of their integrated apps.

Basic features

  • Timeline feature for storytelling ease
  • Designed for touch-based editing
  • Multi-track editing ability
  • Integrated with other leading apps in the market
  • Offers beginners a number of tutorials

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Free Reel Templates from Simplified

If you’re looking for an all-in-one video editing and marketing app, Simplified is the one you must try. It not only lets you create and edit Reels but also takes your content marketing strategy to the next level. From the AI writer and the AI Art generator to design, video, scheduling, and even publishing- you can do it all on Simplified.

The best part? Simplified is free forever!

Here’s a taste of the templates available in Simplified’s vast reel library –

1. Light & pleasing to the eye

2. Animated and humorous

3. Neat, functional & effective

Create reels in minutes with Simplified’s reels feature!

Get Started For Free
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