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How to Earn Money on TikTok (Insights From Top Creators)

How to Earn Money on TikTok (Insights From Top Creators)

Discover how you can earn money from TikTok with these tips. Monetize your content and start earning on this popular social platform today!

TikTok is a hugely popular platform where people share short videos. It’s not just for fun; lots of young people use it to find out what’s cool in culture, fashion, politics, and more. 

TikTok made over $700 million from its users worldwide in just three months last year! If you’re good at making videos and have great ideas, you could make money too. There are lots of users on TikTok, so you have a big audience to reach. Learn from us as we share the best ways to make money on TikTok. We’ll give you tips and tricks to help you succeed in this exciting online world.

How to Earn Money On TikTok: 10 Easy Ways

Understanding who you’re making videos for and what you’re good at on TikTok can make it easier to earn money. Instead of just depending on one way, having different ways to make money can help you earn more. Here are ten good ways to make money on TikTok:

1. Apply for the TikTok Creator Fund

Introduced in July 2020, the TikTok Creator Fund isn’t just about getting money; it shows TikTok cares about its users’ creativity. This $1 billion project does more than give cash. It wants to build a community where creators can turn what they love doing into a job.

Here’s how the TikTok Creator Fund can help you earn money:

  • Steady Income: Once you qualify, you can start making money regularly based on how much people like your videos. The better your videos do, the more money you can make.
  • Encourages Better Videos: The fund rewards creators who make awesome content. Wanting money pushes creators to make better videos that more people enjoy watching and following.
  • More Credibility and Fans: Being part of the Creator Fund makes you more credible in the TikTok community. It helps you get more followers and opens chances to work with brands.
  • Supports Long-Term Goals: Many creators see TikTok as more than just a place for fame now—it’s a way to build a career. The Creator Fund helps those who want to make content creation their job.

Eligibility Requirements:

To access this opportunity, you must be at least 18 years old, reside in specific countries such as the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, or Italy, and boast a robust follower base—specifically, at least 10,000 followers and 100,000 video views over the last 30 days.

This fund isn’t just about money; it’s about supporting creators like you to make great content and build a career doing what you love.

2. Sponsored Posts and Brand Partnerships

Collaborating with brands to make sponsored posts on TikTok can be a great way to earn money. TikTok has a lot of users, more than a billion every month! The Creator Marketplace helps connect companies with creators who have big followings and lots of views on their videos.

Making these partnerships work well depends a lot on being genuine. Many young people on TikTok, like Gen-Z, really value real content and real connections, which is why brands like working with them. How much money you can make from these partnerships can vary a lot. 

Some influencers might earn between $500 to $1,000 for one sponsored post. But top influencers can make up to $90,000 for just one partnership! It all depends on how many people like their content and how good it is.

For instance, Alex Ojeda, who posts fun videos from waterparks, charges $20,000 for each sponsored post he does. This shows how much money you can make if you do brand partnerships right on TikTok!

Sponsored Posts and Brand Partnerships

Image Source

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way for TikTok influencers to earn money by sharing products or services with their followers. Even brand now use influencers to power up affiliate marketing

 Here’s how they do it:

  1. Include Links in Your Bio: You can put special links in your TikTok profile bio. When your followers click on these links and buy something, you get a commission.
  2. Natural Promotion: When you talk about products in your videos, make sure it feels natural. Connect the product to what you’re talking about so your followers find it interesting.
  3. Use Affiliate Tools: Tools can help you make your bio links look good and keep track of how many people click on them.
  4. Know Your Audience: It’s important to share products that your followers care about. When you promote things they like and need, more of them might buy it.
Know Your Audience

Source – TikTok

By using these strategies, TikTok influencers can turn their popularity into earnings through affiliate marketing.

4. Sell Merch To Your Followers

Imagine turning your TikTok fame into something you can wear or use! Your followers really love what you post—so why not offer them clothes or cool accessories that show off your style? Making and selling your stuff, like custom hoodies, t-shirts, or fun gadgets, is a great way to make the most of your popularity.

Look at how Julia Roblin did it. She’s a TikTok creator and artist. At first, she sold stickers with her drawings on them. People liked them so much that she started selling clothes too. This not only made her more money but also made her fans into walking advertisements.

When you make your own merchandise, you’re not just making money. You’re also building a strong bond with your fans. When they wear your stuff, they’re not just wearing clothes—they’re showing off your brand and your cool ideas to everyone. So, get creative, make awesome designs, and see how proud your fans are to support you!

5. Offering Consulting or Coaching Services

If you know a lot about something, TikTok can be a great place to share your knowledge and help others. People are often happy to pay for advice and guidance that is tailored just for them. 

For example, Jen Ruiz uses TikTok to give tips about working from home. Her helpful videos have made a big difference to her followers. Now, she makes money by offering private sessions where she can give personalized advice. By showing what you know, you can get followers who appreciate your expertise and want to learn from you too.

Offering Consulting or Coaching Services

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6. Live Streaming and Receiving Virtual Gifts

Streaming live on TikTok can help you make extra money and get more people to notice you. When you go live on TikTok, your fans can send you virtual gifts. You can then exchange these gifts for Diamonds, which TikTok turns into real money.

Look at Jakey Boehm, a famous TikTok star. He even streams live while he sleeps (yes, you heard that right!). He made about $34,000 from TikTok Live in just one month! This proves that if you make fun and interesting videos, you can earn a lot of money by streaming live on TikTok. Whether you’re chatting with your followers or just showing what you do during the day, live streaming gives you many ways to make money on TikTok.

Receiving Virtual Gifts

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7. Offer Premium Paid Content

Have you ever thought about making your content even better? Your followers might be excited to pay for special, top-quality content. How can you do it? You can explore specific topics in detail, offer advanced tutorials, or show behind-the-scenes stuff that your regular audience doesn’t get to see. 

By creating a subscription or a way for people to pay once, you can make money from this special content. And you know what? This not only helps you earn more but also makes your connection with your biggest fans even stronger. So, why not give it a try?

8. Use TikTok Ads to Generate Traffic

TikTok isn’t just about fun videos anymore—it’s also a great place for companies to show off their products. If you use TikTok ads, more people can discover your website, online store, or social media pages. TikTok lets you aim your ads at exactly the right audience, which means more people who might want to buy your stuff will see it.

For example, Levi’s, a famous clothing brand, used TikTok Ads and got a lot more people looking at their products. They used a “Shop Now” button that made it easy for viewers to check out what Levi’s had to offer. Because of this, Levi’s saw twice as many people checking out each item they showed. This shows how powerful TikTok ads can be when they’re aimed at the right people.

When your ads are made well and fit in with the kind of videos people like to watch on TikTok, they won’t feel like annoying promotions. Instead, they’ll feel like a natural part of the fun stuff people already enjoy. This can lead to more people liking your ads and better results for your advertising campaigns.

Use TikTok Ads

Image Source

9. Send Followers to a Patreon Account

TikTok is a great way to get noticed, but making money from that attention can work even better on platforms like Patreon. On Patreon, creators can give special content to their biggest fans in exchange for a monthly subscription. This method gives them a steady income instead of the money they might get from ads on TikTok, which can go up and down.

Take Christine McConnell, for example. She’s famous for her vintage goth style, baking, and crafts. By using Patreon, she’s built a big group of fans and makes between $17,000 to $127,000 every month.

Patreon Account

Image Source

When you tell your TikTok followers about your Patreon page, you can offer them extra stuff like behind-the-scenes peeks, special lessons, or Q&A sessions that only they can join. This way, you not only make money from your content but also make your bond with your fans stronger. 

They’ll stop just watching and start supporting you regularly. By sharing unique and top-notch content on Patreon, you can build a solid financial base while giving your followers a more special experience.

10. Create UGC Content for Brands

These days, creating your own content (UGC) is really popular. Brands love finding real content that connects with their audience. When you work with brands to make UGC, you’re giving your honest opinion about their products or services. This makes their promotions feel more like something real people would actually use.

Creating this content doesn’t just earn you money; it also helps you build a better relationship with brands. This could lead to more chances to work together in the future. It’s a win-win situation!


TikTok is a potent platform for creators to develop a personal brand and generate income. With its vast user base, constantly evolving features, and diverse monetization options, it has become a top choice for content creators. To succeed on TikTok, start by choosing a niche, creating engaging videos, interacting with your viewers, collaborating with other creators, and utilizing the platform’s monetization tools. Building a successful presence on TikTok requires time, consistency, and a willingness to experiment. 

Plan your videos in advance and schedule them for optimal performance. Keep learning, adapt to trends, and maintain active engagement with your audience. Embrace TikTok’s potential and start building your personal brand today to transform your passion into a thriving career.


Q. Can I make money on TikTok?

Yes, you can make money on TikTok through affiliate programs, referrals, the TikTok Creator Fund, live streaming, and brand sponsorships.

Q. How do creators make money on TikTok?

A. Creators can earn through various methods like affiliate marketing, brand partnerships, live streams, sponsored posts, selling products/services, and offering coaching/consulting services, depending on their follower count and engagement.

Q. Can TikTok pay money?

A. TikTok doesn’t directly pay creators but offers programs like TikTok Rewards, TikTok Coins, and the TikTok Creator Fund to support monetization.

Q. How much money does TikTok pay for 1,000 followers?

A. With 1,000 followers, you can conduct live streams, allowing followers to send virtual gifts, which can be converted into Diamonds and then cashed out.

Q. How to make money on TikTok views?

A. TikTok doesn’t follow a pay-per-view model. However, you can join the TikTok Creator Fund if you have at least 10,000 followers and 100,000 video views in the last 30 days.

Q. What are some tips for increasing earnings on TikTok

A. To increase earnings, focus on creating engaging content, growing your follower base, collaborating with other creators, and utilizing multiple monetization strategies like affiliate marketing and brand sponsorships.

Earn Money on TikTok

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