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51 Instagram Story Ideas (With Ready-to-Use Templates) For Better Engagement

51 Instagram Story Ideas (With Ready-to-Use Templates) For Better Engagement

Instagram Stories have become a cornerstone for engaging with audiences. With over a billion monthly active users, mastering the art of Instagram Stories can significantly impact your brand’s visibility, engagement, and overall success on the platform.

Maintaining a consistent and captivating presence on Instagram Stories is crucial. However, brainstorming fresh ideas for stories on Instagram and designing eye-catching content is a daunting task. That’s where this guide helps you.

This comprehensive guide has 51 creative Instagram Story ideas with several templates. Whether you’re looking to showcase behind-the-scenes glimpses, conduct interactive Q&As, or host themed content days, we’ve got you covered.

So, let’s dive in and explore the ideas for stories on Instagram.

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Behind-the-Scenes Story

1. Workspace Tour

Take your audience behind the scenes and show them where the magic happens.

Use Template

2. Daily Routine

Share snippets of your daily routine to give followers a glimpse into your life.

Daily Routine
Use Template

3. Product Development

Highlight the process of creating a new product or service.

Product Development
Use Template

Interactive Content

4. Polls

Engage your audience by asking for their opinions on various topics.

Interactive Content
Use Template

5. Quiz Time

Test your followers’ knowledge with fun quizzes related to your niche.

Quiz Time
Use Template

6. This or That

Encourage participation by presenting followers with a choice between two options.

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Q&A Sessions

7. Ask Me Anything

Invite your audience to ask you anything and respond with a video or text.

Ask Me Anything
Use Template

8. Expert Advice

Share your expertise by answering common questions related to your industry.

9. Rapid Fire Round

Answer quick-fire questions from your audience for a fast-paced Q&A session.

Creative Challenges

10. Photo Challenge

Encourage followers to participate in a themed photo challenge and share their creations. You can add multiple photos to a one-story Instagram.

Creative Challenges
Use Template

11. DIY Tutorial

Provide step-by-step tutorials for DIY projects relevant to your brand.

DIY Tutorial
Use Template

12. Caption This

Post a funny or intriguing image and ask your audience to come up with creative captions.

Theme Days

13. Throwback Thursday

Share nostalgic moments or milestones from your journey.

Throwback Thursday
Use Template

14. Motivation Monday

Start the week off right by sharing motivational quotes or stories.

15. Foodie Friday

Showcase delicious recipes or favorite food spots.

Foodie Friday
Use Template

Influencer Collaborations

16. Takeover Tuesday

Let an influencer or team member take over your account for the day.

17. Collaborative Story

Collaborate with another influencer or brand to create a joint story.

Collaborative Story
Use Template

18. Guest Q&A

Host a live Q&A session with a guest influencer or industry expert.

User-Generated Content

19. Fan Features

Share posts from your followers and showcase their content.

20. Testimonials

Highlight positive feedback or testimonials from satisfied customers.

Use Template

21. Repost Requests

Encourage followers to tag you in their posts for a chance to be featured.

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Trending Challenges

22. Dance Challenge

Participate in popular dance challenges and share your moves.

Dance Challenge
Use Template

23. Meme Review

React to trending memes or create your own humorous content.

24.#TBT Challenges

Join in on Throwback Thursday challenges and share nostalgic moments.

Seasonal Content

25. Holiday Countdown

Build excitement for upcoming holidays with daily countdowns.

Use Template

26. Seasonal Recipes

Share seasonal recipes or festive food ideas.

27. Winter Wonderland

Embrace the winter season with snowy landscapes and cozy vibes.

Winter Wonderland
Use Template

Educational Content

28. Quick Tips

Provide bite-sized tips or tricks related to your niche.

Quick Tips
Use Template

29. Did You Know?

Share interesting facts or insights relevant to your industry.

30. Book Recommendations

Recommend books or resources that have influenced you.

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Product Promotion

31. Product Showcase

Highlight your latest products or services in action.

32. Flash Sale Alert

Create urgency by announcing limited-time offers or flash sales.

Flash Sale Alert
Use Template

33. Sneak Peek

Tease upcoming releases or projects to generate excitement.

Inspirational Content

34. Quote of the Day

Share inspiring quotes to uplift your audience.

35. Success Stories

Feature success stories from your clients or community members.

Success Stories
Use Template

36. Gratitude Journal

Express gratitude and appreciation for your followers’ support.

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Fan Engagement

37. Fan Shoutouts

Recognize loyal followers by giving them a shoutout in your stories.

38. Live Q&A

Host a live Q&A session to connect with your audience in real time.

39. Instagram Challenges

Create unique challenges and encourage followers to participate.

Instagram Challenges
Use Template

Community Building

40. Meet the Team

Introduce your team members and share their roles within your organization.

Meet the Team
Use Template

41. Customer Spotlights

Showcase satisfied customers and their experiences with your brand.

42. Community Events

Promote local events or community initiatives relevant to your brand.

Personal Branding

43. Day in the Life

Document a typical day in your life to connect with your audience on a personal level.

Personal Branding
Use Template

44. Story Highlights

Curate story highlights to showcase your best content and key moments.

45. Mood Board

Share your inspiration and creative process through a mood board.

Mood Board
Use Template

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Engaging Visuals

46. Animated GIFs

Add movement and personality to your stories with animated GIFs.

47. Color Palette Inspiration

Share beautiful color palettes and their meanings.

Engaging Visuals
Use Template

48. Texture Showcase

Highlight textures and patterns that inspire your brand’s aesthetic.

Interactive Challenges

49.30-Day Challenge

Start a 30-day challenge and invite followers to join you on the journey.

50. Caption Contest

Host a caption contest and choose the most creative entry as the winner.

51. Emoji Story

Create a story using only emojis and let your audience guess the message.

Emoji Story
Use Template

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Additional Ideas for Stories on Instagram

In addition to the above Instagram Story ideas, let’s explore a few more commonly used ideas for stories on Instagram.

  • Use the “New Post” sticker while sharing a reel or post in the story.
Stories on Instagram
Use Template
  • You can also hide a new post with a sticker to evoke curiosity.
  • Share User-generated content with a sticker.
  • Say Thank You to your followers by adding a “Thank You” sticker.
  • You can share a coupon code or link in your story.
  • You can even post your out-of-office message.

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Simplified- Your Only Needed Tool For Instagram Stories

Instagram Story templates

Source: Simplified

Simplified is your secret weapon for creating show-stopping Instagram Stories. It is an AI-driven platform that provides solutions to all your content needs. Simplified offers an intuitive, user-friendly platform packed with a massive library of Instagram Story templates specifically designed to boost engagement. These templates are not just visually stunning; they’re optimized to spark interaction and responses from your viewers.

Here’s what makes Simplified the Ultimate Instagram Story companion:

  • Simplified helps you to personalize every aspect of your chosen template – from colors and fonts to photos and text.
  • Spice up your stories with various design elements, including stickers, icons, and illustrations.
  • Stay ahead with Simplified’s ever-expanding template library that reflects the latest Instagram trends.

That’s not all. Simplified provides a 360-degree solution in your content journey. You can write, edit videos, design, manage multiple accounts, schedule posts, view analytics, and much more. It also suggests Instagram Story ideas based on your requirements. And the best part is, all this for free.

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Instagram Stories are your secret weapon for connecting with your audience on a personal level and keeping them coming back for more. These 51 Instagram Story ideas give you a head start to attract your audience. 

Crafting captivating stories is just half the battle. You need a design partner that simplifies the process and helps you to create stories that truly stand out. That’s where Simplified comes in! With Simplified easy-to-use templates, connect with your audience deeply and increase engagement.

Create Engaging Instagram Stories Effortlessly With Simplified

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