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10 Best LinkedIn Carousel Generators to Boost Your Profile Engagement

10 Best LinkedIn Carousel Generators to Boost Your Profile Engagement

LinkedIn has become a powerful platform to showcase your expertise, connect with like-minded professionals, and build a strong online presence. Creating visually appealing and engaging content is essential to stand out on LinkedIn. Create LinkedIn carousels that are a popular format for sharing information and driving engagement.

LinkedIn Carousel Generators

Source: Freepik

LinkedIn carousel generators help you create visually stunning carousels in no time. However, to help you choose the best, we’ve curated a list of the 10 best LinkedIn carousel generators available.

1. Simplified

Simplified Linkedin Carousel Maker

Source: Simplified

Simplified is an AI-driven platform that goes beyond the conventional carousel creation. Simplified stands out for its user-friendly interface and powerful AI design tools. It is the go-to choice for professionals looking to enhance their LinkedIn profiles effortlessly.

Simplified’s AI capabilities and comprehensive features make your LinkedIn profile truly pop. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding content creator, Simplified streamlines the process, making it easier, faster, and more creative.


  • Simplified’s AI design tools make it easy to create visually stunning carousels that align with your brand.
  • It has an AI LinkedIn carousel generator that allows you to generate a complete carousel with just a few words, streamlining the content creation process.
  • Input your brand colors, fonts, and logo, and Simplified ensures every carousel reflects your unique identity.
  • Simplified has a range of built-in templates. It makes your carousel design process a breeze.
  • Beyond carousels, Simplified assists in creating various types of content, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing online presence.
  • You can schedule posts across multiple platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.
  • If you prefer hands-on control, Simplified offers a graphic design editor, providing creative freedom.
  • You can also analyze the performance of your posts by tracking metrics.

Pricing: Simplified offers a Free Forever plan with almost all the features and a free LinkedIn carousel generator. However, the Pro plan starts at $9 per month.

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2. Taplio


Source: Taplio

Taplio is an AI tool for individuals and teams looking for AI-powered assistance with content creation, engagement, and analytics specifically for LinkedIn. You input a topic in Taplio, and the AI LinkedIn carousel generator does the rest. You can customize the content as per your needs by playing with different themes and elements.


  • You can generate post ideas, optimize text, and personalize outreach messages with AI assistance.
  • Schedule posts across multiple platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • It has engagement features like Auto-like and comments on relevant posts, sends bulk DMs, and engages with specific people’s posts.
  • You can get inspiration from proven successful content with access to a 3M+ viral post library.
  • Track key metrics like reach, engagement, and top-performing posts to measure your impact.

Pricing: The Starter Plan of Taplio starts at $49 per month.

3. Venngage


Source: Venngage

Venngage is a visual storytelling tool that allows users to create engaging and narrative-driven carousels. Venngage offers features for professionals looking to tell a compelling story through visuals.

It is the best LinkedIn Carousel Generator if you prioritize pre-designed templates, data visualization, and accessibility. 


  • It has thousands of pre-designed infographics and carousel templates categorized by industry, topic, and style.
  • You can customize templates easily with text, images, charts, and icons.
  • It aids you in uploading your brand colors, fonts, and logos for consistent brand identity.
  • You can download designs in various formats like PNG, PDF, and PowerPoint.

Pricing: Venngage has a free plan with limited access to templates and designs. The Premium plan starts at $10 per month.

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4. Contentdrips


Source: Contentdrips

Another great LinkedIn Carousel generator is Contentdrips. It is known for its AI-powered features. If you value AI assistance, branding tools, and diverse customization options, Contentdrips is worth exploring. 


  • You can generate unique images based on the context of your text, eliminating the need for image searches.
  • It offers an AI LinkedIn carousel generator to craft engaging carousel content for LinkedIn.
  • You can easily condense, rewrite, and enhance your text.
  • You can access unique templates exclusively available on Contentdrips. It ensures your designs stand out.

Pricing: The Started Plan of Contentdrips starts at $14 per month.

5. Visme


Source: Visme

Visme is a multi-faceted creative platform, including robust features for generating visually engaging LinkedIn carousels. It is a versatile and feature-rich platform ideal for individuals and teams who need to create diverse content. It has a free LinkedIn carousel Generator as well.


  • You can create presentations, infographics, videos, documents, social media graphics, mockups, and more, including compelling LinkedIn carousels.
  • Access hundreds of professionally designed templates.
  • Add interactivity to your carousels with animations, pop-ups, quizzes, and hotspots, boosting engagement.
  • Add life to your carousels with animations and even create short video clips directly within Visme.

Pricing: The Starter plan of Visme comes with $12.25 per month.

6. aiCarousels


Source: aiCarousels

aiCarousels is a solid choice for beginners or individuals seeking a simple, AI-assisted solution for creating visually appealing LinkedIn carousels. It is one of the best free LinkedIn carousel generators.

aiCarousels has an intuitive interface, basic AI assistance, and a free plan option.


  • Generate carousel content based on a topic or by inputting existing content, streamlining the ideation and writing process.
  • Save time with automatic resizing of fonts and positioning to guarantee optimal appearance across platforms.
  • Create and store personalized templates to ensure brand consistency and streamline future carousel designs.
  • It has optimized formats and features that specifically cater to LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Pricing: The Pro plan starts at $14.95/month and includes access to all features.

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7. Canva


Source: Canva

Canva has long been a favorite free LinkedIn carousel generator among designers and content creators. With a vast library of templates and design elements, Canva allows you to craft visually stunning carousels effortlessly.


  • You can access thousands of pre-designed carousel templates categorized by industry, topic, and style, eliminating the need to start from scratch.
  • Easily customize templates with text, images, icons, shapes, and charts using the user-friendly editor.
  • Explore millions of free and premium photos, videos, illustrations, and audio clips to enhance your carousels.
  • Download your designs in various formats like PNG, PDF, JPG, and MP4, suitable for different purposes.

Pricing: The Pro plan of Canva starts at $12.99 per month.

8. VistaCreate


Source: Vistacreate

VistaCreate is another AI LinkedIn carousel generator for creating visually engaging LinkedIn carousels. It offers user-friendly features to create visually compelling content.


  • It offers an extensive template library tailored to a specific industry.
  • Establish and maintain a consistent brand identity across all your designs by uploading your brand colors, fonts, and logo.
  • You can work with team members on designs in real time for streamlined content creation.
  • You can easily remove image backgrounds for cleaner and more professional-looking visuals.

Pricing: VistaCreate offers a free plan with limited access to templates. However, the Pro plan starts at $5 per month.

9. Supergrow


Source: Supergrow

Supergrow is a compelling option if you prioritize AI-powered content creation, engagement automation, and team collaboration for your LinkedIn growth strategy. You can explore various backgrounds, modify text, and replicate slides effortlessly. 


  • Access a library of curated articles, quotes, and trending topics to spark your content creation.
  • Generate personalized post ideas, LinkedIn post drafts, and carousels based on your role and industry.
  • Schedule your posts in advance and track key metrics like reach, engagement, and top-performing content for data-driven optimization.

Pricing: The Starter plan at $19 per month. The Pro plan at $29 per month. However, you can access the AI LinkedIn Carousel Generator in the Pro plan.

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10. StoryChief


Source: StoryChief

StoryChief is a powerful platform to streamline the content creation process, manage teams effectively, and gain valuable insights into content performance. It is also one of the best AI LinkedIn carousel generators. It helps you design stunning carousels in minutes.


  • Design your content flow with a visual storyboard layout for better planning and understanding.
  • Leverage AI to receive suggestions for title optimization, keywords, and related content.
  • Create a variety of content types, including blog posts, articles, landing pages, ebooks, and more.
  • Track different versions of your content and easily revert to previous drafts.

Pricing: The beginner plan starts at $40 per month.


LinkedIn carousel generator tool helps you make stunning carousels effortlessly. When you make cool and interactive carousel posts, people notice, and they engage more with what you share.

Whether you want to show off different things you offer, tell a cool story, or just make your posts look better, an AI LinkedIn carousel generator gives you the tools to do it.

Simplified is more than a LinkedIn Carousel Generator. It’s your content ally, packed with features that make any content creation a breeze. You can plan, write, design posts, edit videos, schedule, manage multiple accounts from a single platform, publish content, track metrics with social media analytics, and much more. Simplified also has 1000s of built-in graphic design templates that help in your job. And the best part is all this is for free!

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