Top 17 Illustrators On Instagram You Should Be Following Right Now

Who doesn’t want a daily dose of illustration inspiration on their social media feed? Or maybe, it’s just stunning artwork you need to light up your day.

However, discovering the best talent on this platform may not be the most straightforward task. So, that’s why in this blog, we have explored the depths of the internet and gathered a list of 17 brilliant illustrators on Instagram you need to follow.

From graphic illustrations to digital comic illustrations, fashion illustrations to 3D illustrations, these Instagram artists have it all. So fasten your design seatbelts, and let’s start our creative journey with color and digital designs!

Top Graphic Illustrators on Instagram

1. Alicia Souza (@aliciasouza)

Source: Instagram

Alicia Souza is a digital illustrator currently based in Bangalore, India. As one of the most popular illustrators on Instagram, she is renowned for her heartfelt and lovable designs. Additionally, her soft color palette and watercolor-like brushstrokes bring out the innocence of her feed, giving it an almost nighttime storybook aesthetic. Check out some adorable art supplies, home décor, accessories, t-shirts, and so much more on her new online store!

2. María Luque (@maria.j.luque)

Source: Instagram

Maria Luque’s illustrations possess a captivating blend of simplicity and intricate detail, drawing viewers into a world where emotions and stories come to life on the page. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to compare María’s colorful artwork to a contemporary Frida Kahlo gone digital! Moreover, her unique Latin American style, immaculate detailing, and stunning character designs easily make her one of the best illustrators on Instagram.

3. Carlotta Notaro (@carlotta_notaro)

Source: Instagram

For anyone truly passionate about digital art, Calotta’s magical portfolio is pretty hard to miss. An illustrator and animator from Italy, her commissioned posts are no less than Oscar-worthy animated short films, and as such, we think she’s one of the top illustrators to follow on Instagram. Certainly, feel free to check out her shop or maybe even order a custom portrait on her website.

4. Jarom Vogel (@jaromvogel)

Jarom’s digital illustration Instagram account is quite a character-driven story. His impressive blend of 3D effects in 2D graphic designs has led to him working with several famous clients like – Apple, Disney, Facebook, Spotify, Pepsi, and Adobe, to name a few. Furthermore, you can learn to create your very own illustrations through his online courses on Skillshare!

5. Carla Llanos (@carlallanosillustrations)

Source: Instagram

A Chilean artist based in the UK, Carla is one of the most talented illustrators on Instagram if you’re looking for a soothing experience. Her artwork features a neutral color palette that resonates with fans of the boho aesthetic. Likewise, her characters are comforting, positive, and, most importantly, diverse. Like her Instagram feed? You can purchase her illustration prints, phone cases, apparel, and so much more on her website!

6. Jordan Sondler (@jordansondler)

Source: Instagram

Jordan Sondler is one of the best illustrators on Instagram, living in New York City with her Pomeranian, Ramona Singer. She designs many things, including murals, television sets, 90s nostalgia diaries, and beyond. Her clients include Google, Nickelodeon, Urban Outfitters, Hallmark, and more.

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7. Bodil Jane (@bodiljane)

Source: Instagram

Bodil Jane, an illustrator hailing from Amsterdam, is proudly represented by Folio Art Agency. Her vibrant and playful style shines through her Instagram feed, filling us with positive inspiration as we browse. Additionally, Bodil Jane utilizes Instagram as her working journal, leveraging the platform to connect with new opportunities and collaborations. According to her, Instagram is the ideal social media platform for illustrators.

8. Chantal Horeis (@chantalhoreis)

Source: Instagram

Chantal Horeis, a talented Swedish illustrator, showcases a breathtaking Instagram page. With a remarkable consistency in style and color palette, her feed evokes the serene beauty of a setting sun. Chantal’s portraits combine technically stunning drawings with intricate patterns that captivate the eye, inviting us to get lost in their intricate details.

Top Digital Comic Illustrators on Instagram

9. Adam Ellis (@adamtots)

Source: Instagram

A former Buzzfeed employee-turned independent digital comic artist on Instagram, Adam Ellis is no stranger to success. His sense of humor, paired with his graphic design talent and the expressive characters he creates, indeed make him one of the best entertainers and illustrators on Instagram.

10. Fran Meneses (@frannerd)

Source: Instagram

If you’re a fan of the Sarah Anderson comics and would like to add some color to your life, Fran Meneses is the illustrator to follow on Instagram! Fran is a New York and Chile-based graphic designer and digital artist, better known by her Instagram handle @Frannerd. In fact, you can enjoy her comics on her profile, check out her books and magazines on her website, and watch her videos on YouTube!

11. Dre (@randomninjakitty)

Source: Instagram

Dre’s comic illustrations encompass a range of visual and thematic concepts, all delivering comedic brilliance. Whether engaging in amusing dialogues with her occasionally unhelpful brain, featuring a relatable possum, or showcasing her stunning digital artwork, her images are certain to inject vibrant colors into your feed. For exclusive access, you can explore the possibility of commissioning a custom piece.

Top Fashion Illustrators on Instagram

12. Megan Hess (@meganhess_official)

Source: Instagram

After just a minute of scrolling through Megan Hess’s Instagram feed, you’re bound to feel the energy of Project Runway take over! Consequently, her graphic design background has helped her partner with well-known clients, including some of the biggest names in the fashion industry- Prada, Cartier, Dior, and Louis Vuitton. Certainly check out her books, art prints, and bags at her online shop.

13. Kerrie Hess (@kerriehessillustration)

Source: Instagram

Next up on our list of fashion illustrators on Instagram we have none other than Megan’s talented sister, Kerrie. Her gorgeous art prints, illustration designs, and eye for quality watercolor strokes are what draw her audience to her social media portfolio. Additionally, you can also learn some creative tips and tricks by taking one of her online art courses– from premium couture designing to character illustrations!

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14. Malika Favre (@malikafavre)

Source: Instagram

For art history students, the subject of Pop Art has always been eccentric, bold, and considerably underground. It is this style of art that Malika, a Barcelona-based French artist, has taken and put her own spin on. Furthermore, her playful color combinations switch from loud tones of blue and black, always staying relevant to her audience. You can check out her work and also her print shop on her website!

Top 3D Illustrators on Instagram

15. Roman Bratschi (@romanbratschi)

Source: Instagram

Roman Bratschi is a talented 3D illustrator and animator. He finds inspiration in natural shapes and patterns. He pays great attention to using complementary colors in his designs. With over 15 years of experience in 3D art, Roman has become one of the most famous graphic designers globally. His unique aesthetic style makes him a top choice for branding projects for major companies like Samsung and Apple.

16. Nicole Wu (@nicolemadethat)

Source: Instagram

Nicole Wu’s Instagram feed is filled with surreal landscapes infused with outer space elements. Her 3D compositions have a captivating ability to transport your mind to new dimensions. Through her artistry, she brings the concept of “escapism” to life, immersing you in soft and ethereal artworks that showcase her unique metaphysical perspectives.

17. Leticia Reinaldo (@leticiagillettart)

Source: Instagram

Leticia Reinaldo, originally from Brazil and now residing in Los Angeles, is a skilled artist specializing in creating 3D cartoon characters. As a modeling and texturing artist, she continuously strives to enhance her abilities by taking on various projects. Currently, Leticia is actively involved in the gaming industry and has contributed to the creation of numerous characters for Blizzard Entertainment’s game, Overwatch.

Wrapping Up

So, here are the top 17 illustrators on Instagram in 2023, showcasing their incredible talent and unique styles. 

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