9 New Year Resolutions For Graphic Designers In 2023

9 New Year Resolutions For Graphic Designers In 2023

Been there. Done that. Never again. Is this how you feel about New Year’s resolutions?

Whatever your take, the New Year rolls in like clockwork! Focus less on what you want to do, and more on who you want to be at the end of 2023. You may want to take some personal time and reflect on how you spent the year 2022. And as the world of graphic designers keeps getting more exciting, you will find a couple of things that you would like to do next year. So, why not add them to your New Year’s resolutions and see how they help you get better!

We’ve put together a list of New Year’s resolutions for graphic designers that are bound to help you get better. Whether you are starting out a career in design or have graphic designers on your team, these suggestions are bound to bring value to your career.

Top 9 New Year’s Resolutions for New Age Graphic Designers

1. Begin with cleaning your space

a clean workspace
A Clean Workspace

For many of us, physical clutter can lead to a lot of chaos in our professional life as well. You may often feel too lazy to clean up or just have too many other things to do- but it’s not so difficult to see how cleaning can help improve productivity. That’s why we are keeping this on top of your New Year’s resolutions for graphic designers .

  • As you enter 2023, schedule a day for cleaning.
  • Organize your files, and folders, and keep away things that have not been touched for a while.
  • Bring out journals and objects that you have been meaning to use for getting lost in the clutter.
  • Organize your digital space . Delete old work and images that serve no purpose for you. Clear out space for new projects that you will undertake in the new year.

2. Fuel your creativity

an art gallery
Visit an art gallery

Creator’s block bites us all once in a while. But you can choose how you respond to it. Don’t just resign yourself to the rut! Actively feed your creativity instead, surrounding yourself with sparks that can rekindle your fire.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Take a walk outdoors
  • Change your screensaver to something that inspires you
  • Go to an art gallery
  • Look through your favorite past work. Reconnect with your design beginnings. Your drawing style, a favorite color combination, a forgotten medium.
  • Try Simplified’s graphic design tool if you are struggling to find fresh and innovative words.

3. Become a ninja graphic designer

woman drawing on ipad
Learn something new

The world of design is constantly evolving with cutting-edge tech and social media trends. New programs and features enter the fray. Audiences favor a different style this month than they did last month.

Maximize these shifts by venturing into new territory, or developing a coveted skill. So if you’ve only ever done illustration, try your hand at typography. Or sign up for that UI/UX course you’ve been putting off for later .

Don’t allow your long-term goals to suffer in the constant rush to meet deadlines. Of course, you’ll have weeks that are exceptionally hectic, and you’ll have to prioritize the work at hand. But always try to make time for your own personal development too.

4. Establish new rhythms of life and work

person taking notes
Organize your day

Creative people are usually associated with chaos. In fact, much has been said about the connection between a messy desk and creativity. However, there is value in routine, discipline, and focus. A method to the madness or organized chaos, if you will.

The goal of organizing is to stay aware of the bigger picture while making space for spontaneity. Know what your commitments are and how much time they require. Track your deadlines and follow through on time.

Make a start by planning your schedule around the times when you’re at your best. Experiment with the Pomodoro technique, working in short spurts with regular breaks. Eliminate distractions using the Focus or Do Not Disturb mode on your devices. Always try to get good sleep.

5. Say no to say yes

“Learn to say ‘no’ to the good so you can say ‘yes’ to the best.” – John C. Maxwell

It’s important to ensure that your goals are realistic and manageable. Don’t bite off more than you can chew by over-committing. This a lesson for every graphic designer to learn!

Move from defense to offense by proactively defining your professional boundaries this year. Identify the areas you want to focus on, and more importantly, identify why. Then, filter opportunities and projects according to whether they fit that focus. Don’t hesitate to turn down requests if they detract from your vision.

Shouldn’t this one be on every list of New Year’s resolutions for graphic designers? We think 100% percent.

6. There’s only one you, so take care

man meditating
Spend more time in nature in 2023

You’ve heard it so many times, you can recite this mantra yourself. Rest well, maintain a healthy diet, and stay physically active. You’ve seen it bear fruit for celebrities like Adele, Jonah Hill, and many others.

Yet, it can seem difficult to consistently do these things ourselves. Why do we start down a healthier path, only to stop at the first sign of resistance? And when did consuming 17 cups of coffee a day become normal?

Our bodies are incredible. They will carry us farther and faster if we respect the way they function best.

This year,

  • Step away from your desk for a few minutes at regular intervals. This gets your blood circulating and gives your eyes a much-needed break.
  • Switch to ergonomically designed furniture that’s good for your posture.
  • Work hard. Sleep well. And consume coffee in moderation!

7. Connect with people

woman in cafe
Meet more people

Whether you’re an illustrator, graphic designer, or marketing professional, your work connects with people. They are your audience, your clients, your client’s customers, your co-creators, your encouragers, and your critics.

Take time this year to connect with people as people. Understand what makes them tick, what makes them think and behave and consume the way they do. As a designer, empathy allows you to consider others in the design process.

Does this mean you should be a people-pleaser ? No! But understanding why some people are drawn to your designs and others are not can help the process. You can stop comparing yourself to others and lean fully into what you have to offer. You might even win some folks over!

8. Design for good

Graphic design has an unquestionable impact on people. This means you have the ability and responsibility to influence.

There are social ventures that need the boost that comes with great graphics. But some can’t afford it right now. You could consider offering your skill and expertise to charities or non-profit organizations.

There is deep satisfaction in working not just for yourself but for the good of others in need. You could close out 2023 having made a real difference.

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9. Don’t hesitate to have fun !

child wearing mask
Have fun with art

The world of design is an ever-evolving field and there is so much to learn and create. And while you will achieve plenty of milestones, after working off the clock- don’t forget to have fun!

As a creative field, design is all about expressing ideas in unique ways. You will plenty of opportunities to be ambitious but you must retain the element of fun and humor in design. Create a meme page or even a TikTok page that lets you be free in your expression. Or you can go back to the sketchbook and create live sketches like before.

Simplify Your Design Process in 2023 !

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