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7 Best AI Task Manager Tools for 2024 [Free & Paid]

7 Best AI Task Manager Tools for 2024 [Free & Paid]

Managing your own workload can be overwhelming, let alone coordinating the activities, workflows, and calendars of your teammates. Instead of being put through the wringer, AI task manager tools can help streamline your task management.

The best project management tool provides the necessary structure for scheduling and organizing tasks, streamlining workflows, managing resources, and communicating within an organization, allowing team members to stay on the same page.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 7 AI task management tools for effective collaborations on projects. We’ll also walk you through how your organization can become more productive with our own tool, the Simplified Project Management software.

Note: We developed the Simplified AI-powered management tool for organizations looking for flexibility while also scaling their business. You can take advantage of the free trial to explore our software in its full capabilities.

Let’s get started.

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1. Simplified (Free Forever & Paid Plans)

Simplified (Free Forever & Paid Plans)

Source: Simplified

Simplified is the #1 all-in-one AI task manager and productivity tool used by millions of professionals and teams around the world. It is built to help businesses of all sizes automate tasks so that teams can focus on other important business aspects.

From Simplified’s complete AI-powered design suite to its AI copywriting tool, the comprehensive project management software comprises all the tools you need to create tasks, assign team members, collaborate with them, and maximize efficiency, all from one dashboard.

Getting started is pretty simple. Navigate to the tool’s interface to create your first project. Then divide the project into sub-tasks for easy management and maximum productivity. You can also track the progress of each task to ensure that all team members are making progress.

Key Features

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Available across all devices
  • Free customizable templates for every use case
  • Categorize tasks based on their priority
  • Facilitates team collaboration
  • Integrates with all popular and new software tools
  • Reliable customer support
  • Track processes


  • Free forever
  • Paid plans start at $7/user/month

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2. ClickUp (Free & Paid)

ClickUp (Free & Paid)

Source: ClickUp

When your team needs customizable project management software to boost productivity, ClickUp is your best ally. Its simple and fun interface allows you to create custom projects that your team can brainstorm upon and complete within the software.

While users like ClickUp’s ability to simplify and track processes, exploring a pool of training resources to get a hang of it can be overwhelming.

Key Features

  • Cross-platform application
  • Integrates with 1,000+ applications
  • Robust collaboration features for streamlining teamwork


  • Free forever
  • Paid plans start at $7/user/month

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3. Notion (Free & Paid)


Source: Notion

Another tool on the list is Notion — a robust AI project management tool used by thousands of organizations and teams around the world. It helps connect tasks, notes, and wiki in one place to facilitate collaboration.

The best part of Notion is the ability to build fully customizable databases without forcing you into a pre-built template. However, building these databases takes a pretty long time, which is the biggest drawback for most users.

Key Features

  • Speeds drafts with AI writer
  • Breaks down tasks by category and level of urgency
  • Builds fully customizable databases
  • Offers pre-built AI templates
  • Keeps teams organized and informed


  • Free plan
  • Paid plans start at $8/seat/month

4. Asana (Free & Paid)

Asana (Free & Paid)

Source: Asana

One of the best AI project management tools that lets project managers keep the whole team on the same page is Asana. As a cloud-based software, Asana’s flexibility, customizable features, and vast capabilities help teams become more productive daily.

Asana nailed it in terms of workflow automation, integrations, flexibility, and customization. Despite these powerful features, users complain that navigating and managing the admin page is complicated.

Key Features

  • Project planning and scheduling tool
  • Integrates with many other software tools
  • Offers templates to simplify work and maintain consistency
  • Portfolios: lets you share project status updates


  • Free plan
  • Paid plans start at $10.99/user/month (billed annually)

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5. Wrike (Free & Paid)


Source: Wrike

Wrike is an exceptional AI project management app that lets you manage projects, boost collaboration, drive strategic initiatives, and achieve goals with ease. It streamlines work processes, ensuring that all departments drive maximum efficiency every day.

New users appreciate Wrike’s exceptionality in terms of workflows, possibilities, roles, integration, and more. While the app’s basics are easy to understand, comprehending advanced features requires a long training time.

Key Features

  • Project visualization in up to seven ways (depending on plan tier)
  • Pre-purposed spaces and templates
  • Several built-in tools to automate workflows
  • Powerful security protocols and automatic backups


  • Free plan
  • Paid plans start at $9.80/user/month

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6. Taskade (Free & Paid)


Source: Taskade

Want to work less and achieve more with an AI-powered productivity tool? Look no further than Taskade. Taskade lets you create your own AI virtual team members, train them, and set them to automate tasks and elevate your productivity to the maximum.

Among all features, teams admire Taskade’s AI functionality for simplifying teams’ efforts in task creation. They also like its ability to share tasks and invite team members to various roles. Nevertheless, users dislike its limited integration capability and unclear AI credit pricing.

Key Features

  • Simple and clean user interface
  • Flexible and customizable features to meet every need
  • Offers real-time collaboration
  • AI-powered features simplify task prioritization


  • Free plan
  • Paid plans start at $8/user/month (billed annually)

7. Todoist (Free & Paid)


Source: Todoist

Todoist is an easy-to-use to-do list and task manager app that lets you quickly get tasks out of your head for the mental clarity you need daily. Its free version helps you get started with amazing features such as collaboration, due dates, and prioritization.

For most users, Todoist’s ability to set deadlines and reminders motivates teams’ capacity to efficiently fulfill deadlines. However, some users felt the need for statistics and reports within the app.

Key Features

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Sync across all devices
  • Great for task prioritization
  • Perfect for resource allocation
  • Efficient with file sharing


  • Free plan
  • Paid plans start at $4/month (billed annually)

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Leverage the Simplified AI Task Manager for Higher Efficiency

AI Task Manager for Higher Efficiency

Source: Simplified

Simplified allows you to start a new project with its AI feature or by choosing from its pre-made templates. You can also start and automate a new project from scratch.

 AI feature

Source: Simplified

The Simplified AI task management tool spans across all industries. It offers templates such as digital marketing campaigns, real estate development, web design and development, agile project management, wedding planning, social media marketing, team goal setting, and non-profit project management.

AI task management tool

Source: Simplified

No matter your industry, you’ll always find a template that suits your needs. The best part is that all the templates are customizable, allowing you to use your brand color, add your logo, set your fonts, and more.

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The comprehensive list above reveals the best AI task manager tools available out there. While all tools have their strengths and weaknesses, choosing the Simplified project management software allows you to take advantage of all its premium features to simplify processes for free — and no other tool does that.

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