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8 Best Midjourney Alternatives To Help You Create AI Art

Midjourney is an AI art generator that enables you to produce creative visuals that are very dreamy and slightly psychedelic. Each photograph is unique and it is almost impossible to guess what result will be generated when you use this tool.

However, if you’re looking for an AI art generator, Midjourney isn’t the only option you have. Here is a compilation of the best Midjourney alternative tools currently available in the market today that you must totally try!

The Best Midjourney Alternative Tools

The Best Midjourney alternatives are backed by different deep learning & programming language models, but they all generate art from text prompts. 

1. Simplified [Free AI Image Generator]

Source: Simplified

Prompt: A fear of the unknown investigator Cybernetic Portrait No Filter Cybernetic Portrait No Filter | Created using Simplified AI Art Generator

Source: Simplified

Prompt: Incredible renaissance baroque colorful portrait paiting of a happy labrador retriever canva magnum opus | Created using Simplified AI Art Generator

The best alternative to Midjourney is Simplified as it lets you generate images out of text prompts. The tool offers both Stable diffusion and Dalle-E 2 to help you create artistic and hyper-realistic images and AI art.

In addition, you can add specific details to your prompts, from color to the style of images like post-apocalyptic. biopunk and many more resulting in art that’s unique and awe-inspiring.

It also lets you generate numerous variations of a single image to see what happens when you change the prompts. So if you are looking for a tool that lets you create highly detailed, surreal images using only text prompts, Simplified is perfect.

2. Craiyon/DALL-E Mini

Source: Craiyon

DALL-E mini is not just a meme machine. Instead, it is a big step forward in machine learning. DALL-E mini’s AI model makes images by drawing on statistical patterns it learned to find connections between words and pixels. 

The software recently changed its name to Craiyon to avoid altercations with Open AI’s DALL-E and DALL-E 2.

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3. Dall-E

Source: Dall-E

Another great Midjourney alternative is DALL-E. It can perform various tasks, including text rendering, modifications to existing images, anthropomorphized representations of animals and other objects, and convincingly merging seemingly unrelated ideas that you can turn into a viral meme design.

Dall-E generates textured and colored images that contain objects, animals, and people. You can also use it to modify existing images, by adding text or changing the color palette.

4. GauGAN2

Image Source: Nvidia

GauGAN2 generates photorealistic pictures using segmentation maps annotated as drawings that reflect a scenery’s arrangement. It can transform any string of text into realistic works of art.

It’s a handy tool for those who want to create a wide variety of art. For example, you can use it to create images based on text instructions, and you can also use the software to modify existing images in ways that are difficult or impossible with other programs.

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5. DiffusionBee

Source: Diffusionbee

DiffusionBee is a generator that focuses on creating images that look like they were made by humans by converting text to images. It can create a wide range of scenes, from rural to urban.

It’s handy for those who want to create an image that looks like it has been hand-drawn by an artist. It’s an excellent Midjourney alternative if you’re looking for a tool that costs next to nothing.

6. NeuroGen

Source: Neurogenbb

Using NeuroGen, you can generate visual content for your website, social media pages, or campaigns by specifying what you want to see. The piece above is just one example of the eye-catching artwork it can generate.

Simply inputting a few phrases, you may generate an endless variety of art, which you can quickly edit using various filters and cropping tools. There is no need to download anything or use any code!

7. NeuralBlender

Source: Neuralblender

NeuralBlender provides its users with a collection of tools that they may use to create their works of neural art. 

You may use it to create unique pictures, and you can also choose an art style for the neural network to work with before you use it. You can establish your very own art gallery using this program and then show it off to other people.

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8. Deep AI

Source: Deep AI

Deep AI Image Generator is a tool that lets you input text and uses an artificial neural network to convert it into an image. It’s similar to Pixray in that both can accept textual information as input and produce visual output, but the results are often quite different: Deep AI tends toward more abstract images than Pixray.

In fact, it’s very easy to get lost in the surreal, psychedelic world of Deep AI—sometimes literally! You may find yourself wandering through fields of flowers or crawling through caves filled with bones and skulls. But just when you think you’ve seen everything there is to see, something new will appear on your screen.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Deep AI art; there are no limits to what you can create with this tool. Just remember: no matter how bizarre the results may seem at first, they’re always worth exploring!

How to Choose the Best AI Art Generator

The best AI art generator produces the highest quality looking images and allows you to use your imagination to create something truly remarkable. In addition, it’s easy for anyone to use, even if they don’t have any experience with creating digital art. 

You can use this software as a simple drawing program that lets you create vector images or even print out the images so that they look like actual paintings on canvas. Find software or generator that has:

  • Flexibility: when your generator is flexible, it can adapt itself to more generations and styles that you can choose from.
  • Affordability: most software is expensive and difficult to navigate. Find software that you can easily work with.
  • Range: generating more variations from one idea is amazing as you can choose which one you would prefer.

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