How to Create an Engaging Video Script [+Free Generator]

How to Create an Engaging Video Script [+Free Generator]

We’ve all seen videos that are so engaging, that we just can’t look away.

But what makes them so good? If you want to know how to write a script for a video and make your own videos that captivate and engage your audience, then you’re in the right place.

In this blog, we’ll go over the steps to creating an engaging script for video—and we’ve also added a free AI script generator at the end to get you started!

What is a Video Script?

A video script or Youtube video outline is the written story of a video. It’s far from the usual long-form content or writing a blog post. It’s the narrative that will be told through a series of images and sounds. A script is created by the writer or producer, and it might be influenced by the director, an actor, or other people involved in creating the video.

A good Youtube script example has all the elements of a good story: a beginning, middle, and end; characters with goals and motivations; conflict between characters; rising action; climax; falling action; resolution. Each scene should have one main idea that drives it forward.

If a scene doesn’t move the story along in some way—if it doesn’t add something new to what we already know about the characters or their situation then it shouldn’t be included in your video script.

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Tips for Writing an Engaging Video Script

When writing a script for a video, it’s important to consider what kind of video you want to make. In general, there are three kinds of videos: informational, persuasive, and entertaining.

If you’re trying to inform people about something, then you’ll want your script to be as clear and concise as possible. You should only include facts in the script and avoid opinion or speculation. The goal is for people who watch the video to walk away with an understanding of what they just watched. If they don’t understand what they just watched, then they won’t get anything out of it.

The best way to do this is through storytelling—people like stories because they are easy for us as humans to understand and remember! The more engaging our story is, the better chance we have at persuading our audience members into thinking about things differently than before watching our video.

How to Write a Youtube Script?

A YouTube video script differs slightly from that of other videos. This is because YouTube videos are more focused on the demands of their audience. Keyword research is one of the most important things to do before beginning to create a YouTube video.

Essentially, you’re attempting to figure out what your audience is seeking and how your YouTube video can help them solve their problem.


When crafting your script, leveraging an AI script generator can streamline the process by offering insights and suggestions tailored to your target audience.

After you’ve decided on a theme for your YouTube video based on your keyword research, you can begin composing your video script. A YouTube script is basically separated into three parts: the hook, the content, and the call-to-action.

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1. Hook

The hook of the video is what draws the audience’s attention – it is a promise to solve their problem. You should write your hook so that it is concise and to the point.

A Youtube Script example with a good hook is something that entices the viewer to click on your video. This can sound clickbaity, but that’s the goal—to encourage casual scrollers to watch your videos.

This combined with powerful media can stop the scrolling and urge your audience to play your video. This screenshot of Nina Ubhi’s makeup tutorial includes the hook and the solution in the title itself.

Source: NinaUbhi

2. Content

The content is the body of your entire script. Depending on your filming style you may want a loose or tight script. Let’s take a quick look at their differences:

  • “Loose script” – a loose script contains an organized list of your ideas and talking points. This gives you more freedom to talk freely while you film and essentially “wing it”. However, if you’re not too keen on thinking of what to say on the fly, you may want something more solid. Like most Fun and light makeup and skincare tutorials.
  • “Tight script” – a tight script is a detailed documentation of your talking points. Think of it as a walkthrough or a cheat sheet that contains everything you need to say. This way, there’s very little opportunity to deviate from your original ideas. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to keep their video within strict time constraints since you have a better idea of how to pace your content as you film it. Like most short films, documentaries, and informative how-to videos on youtube.

3. Call to Action

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The call-to-action is the point at which you ask your audience to do something, such as subscribe to your newsletter, buy your product, or register for your class.

Your call to action should be engaging, and interesting, and invite the viewer to keep interacting with your content. It can be as simple as asking them a question or telling them to leave a comment. 

Just enter some basic information about what you need, and then click “Generate” to pick your favorite script from many script options.

Simplified can help you write a full video script in seconds!

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