How to Make Alex Hormozi Style Captions & Subtitles [Tips & Tools]

How to Make Alex Hormozi Style Captions & Subtitles [Tips & Tools]

Every brand wants its Instagram Reels to rake in shares, likes, buzz, and revenue. One way to do that? Alex Hormizi-style captions and subtitles. Nothing’s worse than subtitles that lag behind a voice or appear too small to read, and let’s face it: your audience doesn’t bring their reading glasses to quick social media breaks.  

Entrepreneur and business influencer Alex Hormozi knew this all too well. That’s why we love his high-quality Instagram captions that stand out and follow his audio seamlessly. 

Guess what: you can create Alex-Hormozi-style reels for your brand as well. Here at Simplified, we offer a suite of AI tools like graphic templates, social media managers, and AI writers to help you streamline your content creation tasks. Ready to check more tasks off your social media calendar?

Keep reading for the lowdown on Alex Hormozi subtitles, why you need them, and how you can use Simplified as an Alex Hormozi subtitle generator.

What are Alex Hormozi-style Captions?

Alex Hormozi-style captions refer to the Instagram subtitles that appear on famed entrepreneur Alex Hormozi’s social media content. His videos stand out for their attention-grabbing style, bold fonts, and animated written copy. 

The value? Just look at how many people use Instagram Reels. Just this past year, Reel usage increased by nearly 60%, identifying the video medium as a top tool for social media engagement and conversions. 

Who is Alex Hormozi?

Alex Hormozi


Alex Hormozi is an entrepreneur who has reached a net worth of over $100 million after founding and scaling multiple businesses. Some of his well-known business dealings include Gym Launch,, and his social media business coaching content. 

He currently has over 2 million followers on Instagram.

Hormozi’s Background

A first-generation Iranian-American, Alex Hormozi grew up in the US and studied at Vanderbilt University. He graduated with a BS in Human & Organizational Development and went on to work in management consulting for two years post-grad. 

Shortly after, he started his first business: Gym Launch, a licensing model and software that supported gym owners to expand customer acquisition. Simultaneously, he founded three other companies in the SaaS and e-commerce spaces and scaled them to $120M in sales overall. 

He sold Gym Launch in 2021 for over $46 million and his primary business now is, a platform that helps businesses launch and scale. Additionally, he provides coaching and mentoring services for aspiring entrepreneurs and is well-known on social media for his instructional videos, snappy Reels, and business courses. 

Characteristics of Alex Hormozi’s Subtitles & Captions

Why does Alex Hormozi’s Instagram Reels grab so much attention? The subtitles and captions pack a persuasive punch and command views and engagement. Here’s how: 

Alex Hormozi Font 

Alex Hormozi’s content has a consistent capitalized, bold, block-letter font. Internet sources reveal that the font is called, “The Bold Font.” 

He switches up the colors but usually uses red, black, and white, like this example below:

Alex Hormozi Font 

Source: Instagram

Caption/Subtitles Design

Subtitles on Alex Hormozi’s videos are simple yet striking, using a bolded block-letter font. His Instagram captions on the sidebar use the social channel’s default font, though he adds his own flair with suspenseful sentence structure and an assertive tone of voice. 

How to Make Alex Hormozi Style Captions 

Ready to create Alex Hormozi-style subtitles on your own? Walk with us through this step-by-step guide on how to do so with Simplified’s AI Short Repurpose tool

Choose a Social Media Editor 

Style Captions 


Instagram’s basic features allow for subtitles, but you can’t accommodate many font or style preferences on the platform. That’s where a social media editor like our Repurpose AI tool comes in.

This software includes a video editor where you can drag and drop your existing video content into the platform. You’ll have options to retrieve your video from your Google Drive, YouTube, mobile QR code, or device storage. 

Then, you can select a custom size that best fits your video aesthetic. Rambled a little too long? No worries; you can also trim your video to meet your desired length. 

Ready to get started with Simplified? Pick one of our affordable pricing subscriptions and sign up using nothing but your email address. 

Next stop? Add the text. 

Generate or Upload Captions 

Upload Captions


Tired of brainstorming? Good thing Repurpose AI has you covered on that front. The tool will automatically generate captions that link to your audio. On top of that, our editor will rank your new shorts based on virality potential. 

You’ll increase engagement and generate more traffic to your social media channel. 

Select “Captions” in the Editor 

Captions in the Editor 

You can edit to your heart’s content with our AI Repurpose editor. You’ll see options to edit video length, size, speaker spotlight, languages, and more. 

If you want to turn your default captions into Alex-Hormozi-style captions, select Captions in the Editor. 

Choose Caption Style & Font

Caption Style & Font


Add captions or subtitles in ready-to-use styles, or customize it to your brand’s style.

Here’s where you can customize your captions to your heart’s desire. Select from various fonts and styles (including the Alex Hormozi style). Play around with colors, background, block versus narrow lettering, and more. The best part? You can customize your captions in thousands of different ways to reflect your brand’s unique personality and vibe. 

Of course, the magic of Simplified’s Repurpose AI tool doesn’t stop at Alex-Hormozi-style Reels. You can use our wide array of AI tools to level up your TikTok captions or give your social content a creative edge with animation!

More About Alex Hormozi Style Captions

Keep reading for more insights on Alex Hormozi style captioning and how you can use them in your social media marketing strategy. 

Is there an Alex Hormozi subtitle generator?

Yes! You can use Simplified’s Repurpose AI tool as an Alex Hormozi subtitle generator to create engaging subtitles for your content. It’s the opposite of text-to-speech. The automatic generator captures the speech from the video and converts it to text. This feature doesn’t just save time but also ranks your shorts based on their virality potential. 

To achieve subtitles in the style of Alex Hormozi, specifically, select the “Subtitles” option in the editor. Then, customize your subtitles to match your desired style.

You can, of course, hardcode subtitles into your video as well. Hardcoding subtitles involves manually adding text directly into a video file. This is commonly done to enhance accessibility for viewers with hearing difficulties or those unfamiliar with the video’s language. The text becomes a permanent part of the video, displayed on-screen during playback. Hardcoding ensures the subtitles are seamlessly integrated, unalterable by viewers, and closely synchronized with the audio.

subtitle generator


Easily generate subtitles at the click of a button.

Bonus: The 5 Best Automatic Subtitle Generators

Can you make Alex Hormozi style captions with AI? 

Yes, you can make Alex Hormozi-style captions with Simplified’s AI software. Our AI Caption tool can automatically generate captions that link seamlessly with your audio. 

Customize your captions to match your desired style. Pick from various fonts and styles, including the bold, block-letter font characteristic of Alex Hormozi’s captions. Experiment with colors, backgrounds, and lettering styles to create a unique visual identity for your brand. 

By combining the power of AI-driven caption generation with user-friendly customization options, Simplified’s AI Caption tool enables you to effortlessly create engaging and visually appealing captions for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms.

What caption does Alex Hormozi use? 

Alex Hormozi uses captions in a bold, capitalized, block-letter font called, “The Bold Font.” 

However, it isn’t the font that makes the impact. The real magic lies in the phrasing of the captions. He doesn’t simply transcribe the speech word-for-word but presents the key phrases that convey the essence of the video. 

It’s truly a less is more situation, and the maneuver works to amplify the key messages and sentiments of the piece. 

Start Creating Your Alex Hormozi Style Captions

Bottom line? Instagram Reels, TikToks, and video content in general aren’t going anywhere. With over 66% of consumers relying on video content to learn more about a brand’s products and offerings, it’s paramount to include videos in your strategy. And Alex Hormozi captions give your content that attention-grabbing touch you need to really reel in your audiences. 

Unfortunately, many brands are behind on the video content train. Why? A lack of time is a barrier for over a third of them. But that’s why we’re here. Simplified’s AI tools help you speed up content creation with automated subtitles and subtitle translators, lightning-speed video editing, and engaging, customizable graphics for any audience. 

And that’s not all! Simplified offers tools to simplify the entire creative process. From social media posting directly from the platform, brand kit access to maintain brand consistency across all content, audio enhancement tools like advanced noise removal, and more. 

Simplified’s holistic approach positions it as an all-in-one solution, streamlining the content creation process for busy teams and individuals. It’s time to elevate your social media content.

It’s time to elevate your social media content.

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