All About Pastel Colors For 2023: What They Are + How To Use Them

All About Pastel Colors For 2023: What They Are + How To Use Them

What colors come to mind when you envision things or events such as Easter eggs, a birthday card, and/or a gender reveal party? More importantly, how do those colors make you feel? The most common adjectives to describe the feeling pastel colors give off include: dreamy, playful, cute, soft, and everything soothing. 

Additionally, if you’re known for your Instagram themes, or maybe you’re in the events planning industry, pastel colors show up literally everywhere! Photographers, designers, painters, and even bakers are no strangers either to the innocent energy that they bring.

But the question remains: what exactly are pastel colors?

In this blog, we’ll take you through the world of pastels with a Simplified definition, give you ideas about pastel color palettes and show how you can use them in your own designs. So let’s go!

What is a Pastel Color?

The easiest way to see pastels is through the sky, right before sunrise and sunset. Like the picture above!

Pastel colors are typically light or muted versions of the color wheel’s primary and secondary color hues. They’re named as such because they have a “pastel” quality to them, which makes them seem soft, delicate, and even dreamy. 

Basically, making a pastel color happen is by giving any color a high hue point (lightness) and some desaturation. Having a pastel color in your color palette is ideal if you want to give off a soft vibe.

Simply put, they’re the paler version of any color by replacing the dense concentration with white. The result? A softer and more toned-down color without losing its colorful personality for the design!

Popular examples of pastel colors include mint, baby pink or blue, peach, and mauve.

Making a color scheme using pastel colors

Stick to pastel color palettes (like the photos above) and build consistent themes with your brand. With Simplified’s Brand Kit, you can create your brand’s theme and consistently use them on your content. You can even upload custom fonts, logos, and images too!

Owing to the serene emotional response these tones evoke, pastel colors are most often related to themes of springtime and newness. Moreover, these “washed-out” colors are actually quite sophisticated and friendly when in action!

For instance, designers can add an emotional quotient to their work just by including appropriate color schemes and pastel color palettes.

Want to know how to make pastel colors? Here are some examples of palettes you can try in your designs:

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1. Baby’s colors

baby colors
source: Color Hex

More commonly used for baby showers, gender reveals, and baby birthdays, these pastel colors scream ‘soft baby’.

2. Sunset colors

These colors are both yellow and a bit of peach, just like what a sunset looks like.

3. Sunrise colors

Since there’s a palette for the sunset, we also looked for colors that match the sunrise.

4. Ice Cream Soda

Pink can be included in many color palettes and this is just one of them. It’s a mix of light pink and tangerine, similar to sunset colors but with a dash of pink.

5. Green and Pink

A green and pink pastel color palette looks just like the typical tulip.

6. Purple

These pastel colors are an assortment of muted shades of purple with a bit of brown.

7. Peaches

This color palette is similar to a peach and it has both shades of yellow and pink.