8 AI Presentation Makers That Will Help You Win Over Your Audience in 2024

Are you looking for ways to make your presentations more engaging and impactful? If so, you’re in luck! Thanks to advances in technology, there are now presentation makers powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that can help you take your presentations to the next level.

An AI presentation maker uses artificial intelligence to design and generate presentations that are tailored to your specific audience. This means that you can create a truly unique presentation that will resonate with your audience.

If you want to make your presentations more engaging, effective, and memorable, then you should definitely consider using an AI presentation maker. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using an AI presentation maker for your next presentation!

8 AI Presentation Makers to Make Your Presentation Shine

One way to guarantee a killer presentation is to use an AI presentation maker. The tool can help you create a custom-made presentation that’s sure to impress your audience. Plus, there are a ton of different AI presentation makers to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of the best AI presentation makers on the market. Let’s start!

1. Simplified

via Simplified website

Simplified is an all-in-one AI-powered marketing tool equipped with an AI presentation maker that can create presentations in an instant. All you have to do is choose the language, type the title or a short description of your presentation, click ‘Generate’, and you’re done!

Key Features:

  • Offers five different levels of creativity to choose from.
  • Has more than 30 languages and 10+ tones of voice available.
  • Can generate six results in one go.
  • Equipped with one-click design tools: color palette generator, image converter, background remover, eraser tool, and more.
  • Easily collaborate with your team members or multiple clients within the workspace with real-time comments, member roles, folders, and unlimited workspaces.
  • Thousands of ready-made templates and fonts are available. It’s also possible to upload your own fonts.
  • Has a massive asset library (stock photos, videos, audio).
  • Includes a free AI design assistant and AI writing assistant to generate or rewrite written content.
  • Built-in Grammarly integration and plagiarism checker for written content.
  • Generate original images from text with Simplified AI’s Text to Image tool.

Pricing: Simplified has a Free Forever plan for those on a tight budget. For the paid plans, there are three options: Small Team ($30/month), Business ($50/month), and Growth ($125/month). Enterprises or Agencies can get their own quote for Simplified by contacting sales.

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2. CopyMatic

via CopyMatic website

When it comes to making presentations, written content is necessary, and CopyMatic can help with that. It’s an AI-powered tool for writing and creating images. The tool can produce your presentation’s written content or the speech itself. It can help with your social media copies as well.

Key Features:

  • Checks grammar and can rewrite your content.
  • Has over 50 AI writing tools.
  • The AI Text Completer can generate complete sentences from the information you give it.

Pricing: CopyMatic’s pricing depends on the number of words per month, so their prices range from $9 (15,000 words) to $799 ($3,200,000 words) per month.

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3. Presentations AI

via Presentations AI website

From an elevator pitch to a UX design proposal, Presentations AI can create AI-generated presentations for you. With templates, easy editing, data integrations, and collaboration features, the tool can save you from hours of working on a presentation.

Key Features:

  • Has templates and can create unlimited presentations.
  • Team collaboration is possible.
  • Export options and custom fonts and colors are only available for Pro plan users.

Pricing: They have a free Starter plan, but it’s only available until March 2023. Their Pro plan costs $399/year until March 2023, then $1,200/year onwards. For the Gold plan, you’d have to talk to sales.

4. Linguix

via Linguix website

Linguix is another AI writing assistant that can help create the written content of your presentations. The tool has a text rewriter, a free grammar and spellchecker, and an AI editor that generates content for you. However, the collaborative features are only available for Pro plan users.

Key Features:

  • Can create a client style guide to set your client’s writing preferences and brand voice.
  • Shows Content Quality Score to monitor your content in terms of engagement, readability, and client style.
  • Checks the writing technicalities of your content.

Pricing: Has a free plan with limited features. The Pro plan costs $10/month and a one-time payment of $170 for a lifetime.

5. Kroma AI

via Kroma AI website

Kroma AI works on three aspects: data visualization, creative assets, and expert decks. The tool’s data visualization creates graphs and charts for you with access to stock images and videos. However, they’re still working on users being able to upload their own fonts and logos.

Key Features:

  • Produces charts, graphs, and other visual elements for you.
  • Has ready-made templates and a media library of stock images and videos.

Pricing: Has a free plan. The Premium plan starts at $39.99 and the Enterprise plan costs $1699 per year.

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6. Slidebean

via Slidebean website

Another AI presentation maker is Slidebean which has automated slide design technology that can create presentations for you. But they do focus on pitch decks, so if you’re looking for a tool to create a different kind of presentation, this may not be for you.

Key Features:

  • Only has templates for pitch decks, business presentations, and financial models.
  • Can show the Presentation Insights to track viewer activity on each of your slides.
  • Offers various presentation services where their team does the work for you at a higher price.

Pricing: Their Basic plan is free. The All-Access plan costs $99 every 3 months and $171 per year.

7. Beautiful AI

via Beautiful AI website

Beautiful AI boasts its built-in designer powered by AI. Basically, you just have to add your content and the tool will create the presentation for you. Although, some users reported that the tool can be slow when your internet connection is slow and that copy-pasting from other platforms is quite difficult.

Key Features:

  • Has 60+ smart templates with built-in layouts and customizable themes.
  • Can create charts, diagrams, and graphs.
  • Can add audio or narration to each slide presentation and automatic animations.
  • Viewer analytics for presentations are viewable.
  • Collaborative features are available but only for the Team Plan.

Pricing: The Pro plan costs $12/month and for teams, the prices are $40/user/month (annual plan) and $50/user/month.

8. Pitch

via Pitch website

From its name, Pitch is built for making presentations complete with customizable templates, collaboration features, editing tools, and app integrations. They also have a free plan with limited features (uploaded images are limited to 5MB and presentations exported PDFs have a watermark).

Key Features:

  • Has professional templates for any presentation (pitch and sales decks and meetings).
  • Can work with teams in real-time with the live video collaboration feature.
  • Integrated with Vimeo, Loom, YouTube, Giphy, and Unsplash.
  • Has a video and image library, but is only available for Pro plan users.

Pricing: The Starter plan is free, while the Pro plan is $8 per member per month.

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Time to Create Your Own AI-Generated Presentations

Presenting to a group can be nerve-wracking, especially when you’re not sure how to use PowerPoint. But with these AI presentation makers, you can relax a little bit, knowing that your presentation will be in good hands.

Slides are important but don’t forget to engage with your audience. Here are a few extra tips to remember:

  • Try to make eye contact as much as possible.
  • Answer questions honestly.

You can’t go wrong if you remember those two things. And if you’re still worried, use Simplified. The all-around AI presentation maker tool can help you create your presentation, draft what you need to say, and easily collaborate with your clients or team members. And you can do all of these in just one workspace. No need to switch to multiple tabs!

With Simplified, managing your social media and creating content for your business is made simple. This includes creating presentations for you using AI. Sign up today and start creating!

High-quality images, textual content, and presentations are perfectly made for you in an instant. Try out Simplified today.

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